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Transcript of The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 13

  • 1. 12th January 2008 Welcome back to The Science of a Legacy! Chapter Thirteen makes me think I've come a long way but looking at it, about a third of this Legacy has just been about Generation Four! But don't you just love 'em? We last left the four kids; Meloti, Arvicanthis, Allozyme and Menidia as they left for La Fiesta Tech leaving behind parents Saeva and Sean. It had been suspected that the Legacy Orbs had been broken by Allozyme, but this was at the back of everyone's minds as University began in earnest. Click the arrow, danke.
  • 2. "YES MUM! Meloti and I are fine.. No, no - no one's died! Pfft, you worry too much.. Yeah, Trout House is everything you said it would be, and that totally un-shrew trout thing is still on the wall.. YES MUM! It's all clean for when Allozyme and Menidia get here.. YES MUM! Look, um.. MELOTI'S BEING ABUDUCTED AGAIN gottagobyeloveyou" *click*
  • 3. "She worries far too much, Meloti.. Ee! What's on this thing? Not more fish? What is it with this place and fish!" "I have no idea Arvicanthis, no idea.. And give Mum a break, you know what happened while she was here. I'd be much happier without a repeat of it!" "I know, I know."
  • 4. Eager to get on with all those many many dream dates he's after before his younger siblings arrived, it didn't take long for Arvicanthis to call up his old friend the matchmaker. "Ok, I need a real Shrew-ette, you got that? Blonde and beautiful with a tail of gold! Her ears must reflect the moonlight in such a way that has never been seen before.. Her eyes must sparkle with the light of a thousand acorns!"
  • 5. He was promptly presented with Mallory Turner. "But.. but you're not a shrew at all! You're a maid.. I didn't ask for a maid. .. Where's your tail of gold?" "What? No, I'm no shrew lovie. I'm Mallory!" "Oooh, now I see! You're like Maid Mallory from those Bobin Pud stories Dad used to tell!" "Erm.. Sure, whatever. Pillow fight?"
  • 6. Bobin Pud or not, it didn't take long for Arvi to decide that he was quite a fan of the dates with Maid Mallory. Do the smiley green faces ever lie? "Maid Mallory, you are indeed not a shrew like I - but you go give the most wonderful dances! I'm sure I can teach you the Shrew Trot in no time, but there is something I need to do first.."
  • 7. "MmmmffIloveyoumm.." Aww, my little Shrew's in love! Ain't it sweet? Needless to say, a dream date was had by all!
  • 8. Menidia and Allozyme arrived a semester after their older brothers, and so what do I do to celebrate this event? I got them a karaoke machine! I've never had one before, or even used the ones downtown so I wanted to know what it was all about. And I frickin LOVE this thing! "Like a cold day in August, I was not prepared for this, You think that nobody noticed the way you still care about it? But all the people we need to love and hate, Everyone makes the same mistakes. Divided by these walls, together we are lost.."
  • 9. "But we are the SAME BLOOD! All of us, we ARE! We are. While half of us are lost, the other half forgot.. THAT WE ARE THE SAME BLOOD!" Sang my house of sibs.
  • 10. "I'm bringing Shrew-ing back! Them other boys sure have some tail lack.. You need something special now behind your back, So turn around baby, check that fact.. TAKE IT TO THE NEST!"
  • 11. Though he was his sibling's biggest critic. A Review of Meloti's Rendition of 'Chemicals React', by Arvicanthis Tegenaria aged 20 That was rubbish. No shrews were involved and I don't like Chemistry. Maybe if some bubble blowers and pillow fights were included it may have been improved. 10 creativity points count for nothing these days. Meloti can't sing. I'm going on a date.
  • 12. "MAID MALLORY! Dream date now please?" "Sure sugar, but oof! You haven't been eating more trout have you? Is that what shrews eat?" "Certainly not, m'lady."
  • 13. I do like Mallory. Look! She brings us presents. No one's ever done that before, but then again I'm not the best at dating.. Sorry most of the pictures are from behind her though, but come on - wouldn't you rather see our little Shrew Boy?
  • 14. In fact, I liked Mallory enough so let Arvi have the little freaky purple hearts with no eyes that he wanted so much! "Mm.. That was good Shrew-hoo Maid Mallory. I do like all these dream dates.."
  • 15. Quite eager to get away from her brothers singing day and night, Menidia has taken to strolling around campus - desert air is well known for clearing one's headaches. However, she often ran into other Sims on campus, whether she wanted to or not.. "Ah.. I know your face! I've seen it before." "Er, you have? Sorry, but I don't kno-" "In my dreams baby, in my dreams. The name's Matthew. Matthew Hart."
  • 16. "But you can call me 'your man'. Say sugar, what's your name?" "M- M- Menidia.." she replied in a quiet voice. "Well Menidia, or Dia, can I call you Dia? A young girl as pretty as yourself shouldn't be wandering 'round campus all on your lonesome. Who knows what could happen! And I wouldn't want anything to happen to that lovely face.. or body.. of yours."
  • 17. "Oh.. Oh my. I don't really know what to say! No one's said something like that to me be- or well, at least for a long time. You really think I'm pretty, Matthew?"
  • 18. "Oh course I do sweet lips! Why don't you come up to my room and I can show you just how pretty you are.." "N-No! What kind of girl do you think I am? A-and beside! I have someone. Back home, his name is Oce-" "Home's a long way from where you are now, baby. Let me just have a little taste.." And with that, Menidia turned tail and ran back to Trout House as fast as her shaking legs could carry her. The frat boy had made her feel guilty about leaving Ocean, the first boy to ever care for her, behind in Strangetown.
  • 19. Not that her home was actually there anymore. Trout House exploded in a fiery ball of glitches, and crashed the game and errored in an annoyed fashion whenever I tried to load it. But luckily I was able to still move the kids out unharmed and deposit them in the sparkly new - Shrimp Shack! I built it myself and am really pleased with it, so you get a quick tour. And I mean quick. Look! Do you like the Patio of Pleasure?
  • 20. Upstairs is fairly dull, but I'm so pleased with how the downstairs turned out. My building skills finally are improving, hurray! I've never had a partitioned kitchen before, and I love it! I just think the layouts funky and it's great to play in - so there you have it. Shrimp Shack - the new Tegenaria Greek House.
  • 21. Everyone settled in quickly, and the move seems to have had to affect on the daily routine, whatsoever. "Why exactly do we all have to sit here and study for HOURS? This is so boring.." "Arvicanthis. Date. Garden."
  • 22. It's blonde pet lady who delivered the almighty Parsimony! Or, otherwise known as Elle. Her and Arvi spoke a lot of the phone whilst he was a teen, so I had him invite her over for a date. You know, just to see how they got on.. As an Animal Officer, I figured she'd get the little Shrew quite well. "I should be so Shrew-y! Shrew-y Shrew-y Shrew-y! I should be so Shrew-y in looooove!" "Sing it my little Shrew, frick yeah!"
  • 23. Ah, looks like they do get on rather well then. "Well what do you expect? I catch shrews in the morning and date them for breakfast!" "Will there be more Shrew-hoo now?"
  • 24. "No! Sorry! This isn't a Greek House. I think you've very wrong. You should leave. NOW! Buh bye." "Vo gerbits?" It seems Allozyme has discovered a novel way of keeping the cheerleaders out - well done boy!
  • 25. Troubled by how guilty Matthew Hart had made her feel, Menidia invited Saeva to the new Shrimp Shack to discuss the situation over with her.