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Transcript of The Sacred Symbols - · PDF fileThe Sacred Symbols deck features 44 powerful ... carrying the...

  • The Sacred Symbols

    Oracle Cards

    Instruction booklet and guide to the

    significance of the 44 cards by


    2010 Mannadia

  • The Sacred Symbols

    Symbols have power. They can act as a kind of visual shorthand to convey meaning on a conscious but also subconscious level. They pre-date the written word. The renowned psychologist C G Jung believed in the existence of an inherited collective unconscious, as part of a group psyche, belonging to a whole species rather than the learnt behaviour of any one individual. Which might go some way to explain why certain symbols have appeared independently in seemingly disparate cultures offering either similar or decidedly different interpretations.

    Most of the symbols, that comprise The Sacred Symbols Oracle Cards are very old indeed. Some are so ancient that their original meanings have been lost to the mists of time, leaving archaeologists to speculate about their origins; who might have created them and why? Secret societies and sects have often included symbols as part of their initiation rites to provide specific meanings known to a select few. Symbols have the power to unify and create a sense of belonging or identity. This emblem, stands for who we are and what we are about. Depending on their perception and usage, they have the ability to provoke fear or to inspire.

  • The Sacred Symbols deck features 44 powerful and evocative designs. The number 44 has its own significance as a master number in numerology. Representing a higher octave of 8, it stands for abundance or the attraction of all things good. At the base of each card, you will notice an attributed meaning for that particular symbol. Be aware that this is intended as a pointer or prompt, to aid the reader but is in no way exclusive. The meanings behind a symbol are often numerous and complex. Some have been recorded in this leaflet, more can be uncovered elsewhere. In time, as you become familiar with the designs you will start to develop your own unique relationship with your cards. As your confidence grows in your own ability to provide readings for others, you may find yourself talking freely and accurately about specific aspects of your querants life, that you could not possibly have known. I hope they can prompt you to rely more on the power of your own intuition and clairvoyance. Whenever you attempt a reading, do so from a place of love and compassion. If you feel the need to say something specific, do so with sensitivity. The cards were created to inspire and to offer hope and direction, as and when needed. Enjoy and look after them and they will in turn look after you.

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    Working with symbols:

    On a personal levelAs already indicated, it is important to always use the cards with a positive intent and for the highest good. They are to protect and inspire and should never be used to focus negative energy.

    Before attempting any kind of reading, take time to familiarise yourself with each of the symbols. Choose an occasion when you are able to relax and be completely free from external distractions. Preparation of your environment can enhance your experience. Some like to create a sense of harmony and stillness by lighting a few candles or burning some fragrant oils. Make yourself comfortable. Concentrate on your breathing and become aware of the gentle rhythm of your breath as it enters, then leaves your bodyto return once more. Keep your attention there, allowing all extraneous thoughts to subside.

    Now, with pack in hand, concentrate on each card in turn and be aware of your intuitive response. You will feel a greater attraction to some than to others. Be aware of the symbols that appeal to you the most and those that you respond to the least. This is a good place to start, before you know anything concrete about their meanings. You may find yourself drawn

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    by a combination of factors; the symbol, the way it is portrayed, the colour or by some less tangible reason. All are valid and unique to you. The designs can communicate directly with your subconscious to facilitate healing at a profound level. Enjoy these moments of quiet contemplation and do not underestimate their value. You are starting to gain a personal connection with the symbols.

    If you are familiar with meditation or visualisation, you may select a card randomly from the deck and use that as your symbol of focus, closing your eyes and holding the image of the symbol in your minds eye as part of your inward journey. Go with the experience allowing your mind to drift wherever it will and know that you are completely protected and loved.

    At other times, you may feel there is something lacking in your life that you wish to attract. At these moments simply select the symbol that represents your need and leave it on display in your environment. Its presence will serve as a visual reminder of your desire, helping to create the focus necessary to attract and to manifest.

    Or, you may simply like to draw a single symbol from the pack, to serve as a message for your day. Some like to do this before setting off to their place of work,

  • carrying the image of the symbol and its inspiration to help throughout their day.

    As you gain more of a rapport with your symbols, doubtless you will invent your own unique ways to incorporate them into your life.

    For othersThe symbols are very useful as a form of focus and as a conduit to channel your positive intent and energy. They are ideal for absent healing. If there is someone you care about who is experiencing some personal challenge in their life, try selecting a symbol you feel could help and using the power of positive intent, gently offer that symbol to work for harmony in their life. Envision the symbol manifesting before them, surrounding them in its unique light and dispersing all negativity.

    Use the cards for others in the same way that you would for yourself. Invite the querant to shuffle the pack and then once returned, fan the deck in front of them, facedown. Ask them to randomly select a card with their left hand (it is said that the right side of the brain, dealing with non-verbal, spatial awareness and intuition, governs the left side of the body, even if you are left-handed). Tune-in and express whatever comes to mind, try not to cloud the issue with your

  • own prejudices or opinions. Remember, when giving a reading it is NEVER about you. Inspired, mediumistic readings are all about standing aside to allow a higher consciousness or awareness to channel through. Go with the flow, always from a point of trust, love and compassion.

    If you are already familiar with using cards, such as tarot or gypsy, then you will find that the symbol cards easily lend themselves to spreads you already know. Try adapting the cards to suit your own particular style of working, whilst allowing for the flexibility to change at any given moment. Experiment and observe! The cards have been designed to help in the development of your intuitive awareness.

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    Sample spreads

    Three cards can be used to answer any particular question or just in general for:



    ...and so on, invent your own!

    past present future

    the energy I am

    currently using to achieve my goal

    the energy that is

    blocking me from

    achieving my goal

    the energy best suited for me to achieve my goal

    my attitude at this

    moment in time

    the attitude of others

    around me

    the attitude I should in

    fact adopt

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    You may consider a card spread to highlight key areas of you life, such as:

    (Here the numbers indicate the sequential order of the cards drawn).








    where I am at present


    those close to

    me, family and friends


    my work


    action to take, the way forward

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    A four card spread might be useful when looking at relationship issues:

    Any number of cards can be used for identifying key areas in the days, weeks, months or years ahead. For example, I wish to know what will be the significant theme in my life over the next three months:


    what lies behind the relationship


    a likely outcome


    guidance or help in this


    blockages or what is


    from now, one month


    two months ahead

    three months ahead

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    Practise reading the cards in sentences, for instance three cards are selected:

    This could be read as: What you perceive as success turns out to be an illusion that could affect your well-being.

    On the other hand, it might equally be interpreted as: You have the ability to act as a shining example to others, bringing clarity to a confused situation thereby contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

    Or even: Today you have a clear understanding of what you want, tomorrow you take a bit of a wrong turn, the day after you learn from your mistake.

    Now, bear in mind that in many ancient cultures the life-giving, sun was regarded as an important male deity. So, it might be that: A charismatic and powerful man or authority figure may seem to be well-disposed towards you but in reality has his own self-interests at heart.

    Be guided by your intuition.




  • Caduceus - HealingSpiritual: Perfect holistic balance; the reconciliation of opposites; finding the antidote. Coiled as a snake, the kundalini energy begins to rise. Physical: This is a time for healing. Get to the cause and the symptoms will heal themselve