The Role of Faith For A Better Future of Ecology: The Risale-i Nur Perspective Ali Nureddin

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Transcript of The Role of Faith For A Better Future of Ecology: The Risale-i Nur Perspective Ali Nureddin

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The Role of Faith For A Better Future of Ecology: The Risale-i Nur Perspective Ali Nureddin Slide 2 Hundreds of thousands of species inhabit on the earth and each species consists of hundreds of thousands of members. The existence of every single inhabitant of the world, regardless of their species, has vitally important reasons. Ecology Slide 3 It is impossible to be unimpressed and not astonished by the solidarity and cooperation among the living beings. It is such a creation that there are no missing or reduntant blocks.. Everything is just in perfect and impeccable order. If any part of the ecosystem is disrupted or removed from the system, the system can not work efficiently, becomes distorted in time and can not do the previous mission. Relationships Among Creatures Slide 4 Fine Tuning Phenomenon The known fine tuning phenomenon on internal structure of creatures and external communication should be assumed as intended and planned creation. This endless universe is a reflection of Ar-Rahman (The Most Merciful), Ar-Rahim (All-Compassionate), Al- Hayy (The Ever-Living), Al- Qayyum (The Self-Subsistent), and Al-Hakim (The Wise) names of Allah on creatures. Our earth this small celestial body- is equated with the great universe in Holy Quran due to exhibiting life and existence of human an excellent living creature-, and it is expressed together with sky as Earth and Sky. Slide 5 Houseflies The scholar Bediuzzaman (the wonder of the age) Said Nursi, writer of Quranic commentary, have given great importance to houseflies that most of people regard as filthy and germ-spreader and asserted very original opinions. In his work named as The Flashes, he said that flies like other animals were cleaning employees and giving us cleaning lessons through cleaning their hands and faces. Slide 6 Also, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi likens this small creature to a conversion machine, and expressed that they eat whatever unpleasant or unclean, and they transformed in their body and extracted in this way. In other words, our spoilt and rotten wastes must be disinfected by someone in order to provide a healthy environment. Houseflies Slide 7 Quddus (Divine Name of Most Holy and Pure) The universe is a vast, constantly working factory and the globe of the earth a hostel and guest-house which is continually filled and emptied. Generally, factories, hostels and guest- houses which are thus used become much dirtied and soiled with filth, debris and rubbish, and putrid matter accumulates in all parts of them. Unless they are kept with care and cleaned and swept, they cannot be occupied; human beings are overwhelmed by the dirt. The factory of the universe and guest-house of the earth, however, are totally pure, clean and spotless, and completely unsoiled, untainted and fresh; there is nothing unnecessary, nothing without benefit, not a random piece of dirt to be found. Even if there is apparently, it is quickly thrown into a transformation machine and cleaned. Slide 8 This means that the One Who looks after this factory does so very well. And its Owner is such that He sweeps and cleans and orders the vast factory and extensive palace as though they were small rooms. In relation to the size of the huge factory, there is no dirt or rubbish remaining from its filth and debris. Indeed, considering its size, its cleanness and tidiness are remarkable. Quddus (Divine Name of Most Holy and Pure) Slide 9 That is to say, this palace of the world and factory of the universe display a greatest manifestation of the Divine Name of Most Holy whereby it is not only the carniverous cleaners of the seas and the eagles of the land which obey the commands proceeding from that sacred cleansing, but also its cleansing officials which gather up corpses, like worms and ants. Quddus (Divine Name of Most Holy and Pure) Slide 10 Like the red and white blood-corpuscles flowing in the body obey those sacred commands and do the cleaning in the bodys cells, so does breathing purify and clean the blood. Quddus (Divine Name of Most Holy and Pure) Slide 11 And as eyelids obey the command to clean the eye and flies to brush their wings, so the extensive atmosphere and the clouds obey it. The air blows upon the pieces of dust and soil settled on the surface and face of the earth and cleans it. The sponges of the clouds sprinkle water on the garden of the earth and becalm the dust and soil. Then, in order not to dirty the sky, the air quickly collects the earths rubbish and withdraws and hides itself with perfect orderliness. It displays the beautiful face and eye of the skies as swept and polished, all sparkling and shining. Quddus (Divine Name of Most Holy and Pure) Slide 12 Animals according to Islam Qur`an-i Karim expresses that animals are the communities (ummah) like humans and they are not disregarded in the Qur`an: There is not an animal (that lives) on the earth, nor a being that flies on its wings, but (forms part of) communities like you. Nothing have We omitted from the Book, and they (all) shall be gathered to their Lord in the end. (The Cattle -Al-Anam, 39th verse) Slide 13 The Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) called attention to animal rights and protection. He also prohibited killing creatures which have souls, except the ones which damage both humans and other animals such as crow, kite, scorpion, mouse, predaceous animals, and snake. Animals according to Islam Slide 14 Ethical Pollution In the world, there are many kinds of pollutions like air, water, noise, radioactive, thermal, soil etc. Basically, one of them is the most dangerous one: The Ethical Pollution Slide 15 The Humanity has been losing the values like respect, honesty, honour, sensitivity, kindness, justice and faith ! As a result, self-seeking and recklessness are rising and the world is getting worse and worse. Ethical Pollution Slide 16 The humanity must take care of living things through the Verses of Allah, and be always respectful to the rights of other people and creatures by having the Qur`an Ethics. Hulukuhul Qur`an Slide 17 In order to have a pure planet and a clean life, We have to observe the Book of Universe in terms of the Verses of Qur`an-i Karim ! 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