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The Rocking Horse Winner DH Lawrence

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  • 1. The Rocking Horse Winner DH Lawrence

2. Questions Why was the mother dissatisfied? How did Paul get obsessed about having luck? Why were Paul's sisters uneasy in his presence? Describe the boys behaviour at the Lincoln races where his uncle took him? Who was bassett? Why was the boy so particular about his mother not knowing about his luck? 3. What birthday present did the mother get? what was her response? Why was Paul so frantic about the Derby? What was Pauls secret of secrets? What was the last prediction the boy made? What was the attitude of Pauls mother to her children? How did the children and the people feel about it? What does the voice in Pauls house signify? 4. What was the unspoken phrase that haunted the house? Why was Pauls family full of anxiety? Why did Pauls mother consider herself unlucky? What is the ironical ending of the story? What is the message of the story? How does Bassett try to save the boys life? What is the theme of the story? 5. Characters Paul: A young boy who notices that his mother doesnt love him and his sisters, even though she adores them. When he receives a rocking horse for Christmas, he rides it often and comes to find that he can predict what horse is going to win the next big horse race. 6. Hester: Paul's mother. She becomes dissatisfied with her marriage when she finds that her husband is not lucky and doesn't make enough money. 7. Bassett: The family gardener and friend. He gets Paul into horse racing, and later becomes betting partners. 8. Oscar Creswell: Paul's uncle and his mother's brother. Provided the money that Paul used to make his first win at the horse race. Signed the lawyer papers in order for Paul's mother to receive one thousand pounds at a time, on the mother's birthday, for the next five years. Oscar becomes partners with Paul and Bassett. 9. Pauls Father: Man who works in town and has promising prospects that never seem to materialize because, as his wife says, he is unlucky 10. Miss Wilmot: The family nurse Pauls Siblings: Two younger sisters, one named Joan and the other unidentified by name. Chief Artist: Woman who sketches drawings for newspaper advertisements placed by drapers. Hester works for her to make extra money. 11. Paul lives in a family that is poor. The mother is always complaining about money. Paul loves to ride his rocking horse and fantasizes about the horse races. Later his Uncle Oscar takes him to the races. Paul tells him what horses to bet on. He tells his Uncle that he and his friend Bassett bet all the time and have lots of money. Uncle Oscar doesnt believe him (because he is just a young kid). 12. Then they go to the races and Paul picks the winners and he, Bassett and his uncle become rich. Paul wants to give the money to his mom, but doesnt want her to know that it is from him. So Uncle Oscar deposits it into the family bank account as a birthday gift and says it is from a distant relative. Uncle Oscar set it up so she would receive 1000 pounds ($2,000 roughly) every year for 5 years. 13. But when Pauls mom finds out about it, she asks for it all because she is in debt. Throughout this whole thing Paul hears voices coming from the house. The voices yell about how the family needs more money (the kid is a little psycho). 14. Paul goes to boarding school and in the summer he returns. Then he goes a bit nuts. His mom wants to send him to the beach, but Paul doesnt want to go to the beach until after the Derby (big horse race). Paul still rides his rocking horse (even though hes a bit too old for it). He has to ride it to pick a winner in the Derby. 15. Then Paul gets sick (mentally and physically). Pauls mom worries about him. One day at a party she feels like something is wrong back home (motherly instinct). She goes home and catches Paul riding the rocking horse in the dark. Then he shouts out the name of the horse he will bet on (Malabar). 16. He, Bassett and Uncle Oscar put tons of money on Malabar. Malabar wins the race and Paul is a rich dude. He then goes absolutely nuts and starts yelling about how he needed his rocking horse to pick the winner. He also babbles on about luck and money. Unfortunately, he dies in the end. 17. Themes Neglect In her preoccupation with material things, Hester neglects to provide Paul the love he needs to develop into a normal, mentally stable child 18. Obsession Lust for material objects, stylish living, and money so obsesses Paul's mother Paul then "inherits" her obsession. But he wants to win money for his mother, not for himself, in order to prove that he has the luck that his father lacks. When he discovers that the five thousand pounds he sets aside for her is not enough to achieve his goals, he becomes obsessed with winning more. 19. Opportunism Oscar Creswell acknowledges that Paul's wagering makes him nervous. But rather than take steps to stop Paul, he encourages him and asks for tips on winning horses. When Paul lies deathly ill muttering the name of his pick for the Derby, Oscar runs off and places a bet on the horse 20. Deceit In the first paragraph of the story, the narrator says Hester does not love her children Yet, outwardly she pretends to love them, and people say, "She is a good mother. She adores her children."