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Device Concept. User associates item with a RFID tag RFID Locator is carried by the individual User selects item to locate Devices communicates with selected item via RFID RFID Locator. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 415/ECE 416 SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • The RFID Locator Team Members: Anh-Vu Huynh, Timothy Levernoch Samuel Patterson, Christopher Ramonetti Faculty Advisor: Prof. Paul SiqueiraBackground

    In a society shifting towards the idea that smaller is better, many of our everyday objects have been transformed into a miniature, more portable form. While our world and we stay the same, these smaller objects can become lost in our chaotic universe and thus making them harder to locate. Already we use organizers such as PDAs to keep track of our appointments, addresses, phone numbers, shopping lists, and other aspects of our everyday lives. It would be convenient if we could also use these organizers to keep track of our valuables belongings and the items that always seem to vanish out of thin air. Abstract

    Using the RFID technologies in combination with already existing handheld devices, we plan to create a multipurpose RFID scanner. The scanner will be compact with a small antenna that will interface with a visual display. The user will be able to store multiple RFID tags identification numbers corresponding to specific objects that the user chooses. Using these identification numbers, the user will be able to actively search for these objects and locate their position. The TeamPrototype of RFID LocatorInternalExternalAcknowledgments

    This work has been funded by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.Anh-Vu Huynh, Timothy Levernoch, Christopher Ramonetti, Samuel PattersonSystem Block Diagram High Frequency RF Network Implementation Communication with user interface Portability Light weight Small Power Sensor has a long battery life Limit amount of transmission and size Transmission Collisions Cost Under-cut current SolutionsDesign ChallengesCorresponding LED lights upLocator placed inside field of tagPower ButtonTag Selection ButtonsRF AntennaRFID ReaderBatteryMicrocontroller