The Replication Component (Guglielmi)

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Paolo Guglielmi, INFO-RAC Presentation on the replication strategy of the Mediterranean SP given at the 6th Regional Nutrient Reduction Conference in the Black Sea - Danube Basin in Ankara, Turkey.

Transcript of The Replication Component (Guglielmi)

  • 1. The Replication Component INFO/RAC-MAP 6 Regional Conference on Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control in the Danube Black Sea Basin 23-25 October 2007 Hilton Ankara

2. Replication Strategy Outline Why a Replication Strategy? Mediterranean has negative track record in replication initiatives; Strong need for a tool to maximize the chances of regional transfer of demonstration and pilot projects; Not all projects can be implemented in every eligible country; A choice of countries and sites has to be made for each activity; Need of innovative approach for enhancing the potential for the replication of successful demonstrations; Not addressing replicability as a separate element but conceive it as an integral part of the project; Complexity and wide spectrum of component activities suggested and design of a number of different phases: 3. Replication Strategy Outline Project Replication Team (PRT) Main functions: every demonstration and pilot project has a valid replication component (or strategy) from the initial stage of concept design; facilitate, coordinate and guide the replication process in all stages; monitor progress, risk assessment and expected benefits and impacts; apply feedback and project adjustments as needed 4. Replication Strategy Outline Developing an ICT Platform PRT develops methodology following IW-LEARN principles, collate, record and manage information on a common web based platform (web portal); ICT platform includes info on project management, nature, type, geographical area and size, overall design and structure, financing and support mechanisms, sustainability strategy, actors/stakeholders and sectors involved, management approach and governance structure; ICT platform linked to project and sub-project websites and managed in a shared Intranet Website/Web Portal environment; Serve as permanent forum for sharing opinions and ideas, and strengthen the project monitoring and evaluation process. 5. Replication Strategy Outline Info analysis, selection of PMAs & dissemination Information extracted from local context and placed in a macro- scale Mediterranean arena to identify potentially matching areas (PMAs); Identification of Potentially Matching Areas (PMAs), including physical, geographical, environmental and socio-economical characteristics; Identification and outline of Potential Replication Projects (PRPs); 6. Replication Strategy Outline Dissemination mechanisms & partnerships 2 Replication Meetings (RMs) held in conjunction with Project Steering Committee meetings; Permanent reference Mediterranean network including MoE, institutes, associations and environmental communication in Med. countries; Select & adapt key content of project activities making them appealing, and understandable to selected audiences; User-friendly access of the public to all unrestricted info, data and products prepared within the framework of the project; Identification of existing successful media/public information campaigns and implementation of strategies to introduce key SP project messages. 7. Replication Strategy Outline Replication Scoring System Methodology to be developed by PRT to objectively evaluate and score potential replicability; Scoring system to provide overall evaluation of the likelihood of successful replication in alternative sites and context; A complete list of scored PRPs to be compiled by PRT; Scoring systems adapted to simplify and communicate complex environmental information to the general public. . 8. Replication Strategy Outline Initial facilitation of on-site project development Promoting the establishment of Local/National Project Replication Groups (LPRGs) to act as interfaces and focal points; Exchange of experiences with community-based interest groups involved in PRPs; Working partnerships and cooperation among key stakeholders and interested groups for PRPs implementation; Communication/awareness building strategies for promoting public support for projects at local, national and regional levels. 9. Info & Comms Strategy Outline Main Planned Activities Design & preparation of an IC campaign, information material (brochure, leaflets, etc); Design, production and updating of on line Med SP LME magazine; Participation to selected national/internatonal events; Planning of an "ad hoc" audiovisual campaign for wide media dissemination. 10. Replicating the Nutrients Reduction Danube/BS Project Successful Principles and Approaches Clear and measurable goals and objectives Partnership and Participatory Approach Inter-ministerial partnership/cooperation Community based approach Tangible, visible and quick results Local administration and NGOs involvement Villagers/stakeholders commitment National investments with Transboundary benefits Leverage of loans, private sector/national funds 11. Dr. Paolo Guglielmi Deputy Director INFO/RAC-MAP Barcelona Convention Via Cagliari, 40 - 00198 Rome - Italy Tel.+39.06.85305147, fax +39.06.8542475