The Quid Novi (QD) - Society for Creative Quid Novi (QD) Volume 37, Issue 01 ... Court Dance in the...

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Transcript of The Quid Novi (QD) - Society for Creative Quid Novi (QD) Volume 37, Issue 01 ... Court Dance in the...

  • Newsletter for the Barony of Caer MearNewsletter for the Barony of Caer MearNewsletter for the Barony of Caer Mear

    The Quid Novi (QD)The Quid Novi (QD)The Quid Novi (QD)

    Volume 37, Issue 01 January 2015 Volume 37, Issue 01 January 2015 Volume 37, Issue 01 January 2015

    Blackfox Awards A.S. 48 Winner BEST SPECIAL INTEREST

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    Taking a [Dance]

    Step Back in Time By Linda MacDonald

    The program opens to

    the pulsating strains of

    ABBAs The Dancing

    Queen. The audience

    members smile at the

    juxtaposition of modern

    music and Elizabethan

    era-garbed dancers. But

    then the Renaissance

    takes over, as the Rich-

    mond Renaissance

    Dancers present The Dancing Queen: Court Dance in the Age of Eliza-

    beth, a multimedia extravaganza of history and art, as seen through the

    prism of court dance in the late 16th century. Through interesting snippets

    of history and vignettes of court life, as well as demonstrations of period

    dances from England, France, and Italy, the program evokes the Golden

    Age of Elizabeth.

    The Richmond Renaissance Dancers are dedicated to the preservation and

    promotion of late Renaissance court dance. Since its formation in 2003, the

    group has been meeting twice a month to learn, practice, and perfect French

    branles from Arbeau, English country dances and dances from the Inns of

    Court, and Italian balli and cascarde from dance masters Caroso and Negri.

    Using original sources from the period, including Arbeaus

    Orchesographie, Playfords The English Dancing Master, and Italian

    dance manuals Il Ballarino and Le Gratie dAmore, the groups goal is

    to present dances as they would have been danced in Elizabeths court.

    Many of the dances are simple and require only walking steps or very basic

    step combinations. English country dances, for example, rely on patterns

    and figures for their interest, rather than complex steps. Queen Elizabeth

    introduced these charming social dances at court after seeing them danced

    while she was on progress one summer.

    French branles (from the French verb branler, meaning to sway back and

    forth) are usually done in a circle formation. Mimed branles involve the

    Photo by James Giles

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    dancers imitating something or someone, such as Washwomans Branle

    and Horses Branle. Branles involve a variety of steps, typically including

    kicks and hops.

    Italian court dances are the most challenging, with many of the dances in-

    volving a variety of dance steps. Many of the Italian dances are for individ-

    ual couples, but others are done by groups of three people or even for three

    couples dancing together. The variety of dance styles is extensive, and the

    music is wonderful.

    Everyone is welcome at our practice sessions, regardless of a wish to per-

    form. The beautiful music, good exercise, and joy in dancing the same

    dances that the Queen and her court would have enjoyed are reason enough

    to attend. The excitement of being a part of the spectacle of a performance

    such as The Dancing Queen only adds to the pleasure.

    The Richmond Renaissance Dancers meet for dance practice on the 2nd and

    4th Mondays in the ballroom at Deep Run Recreation Center, 9910

    Ridgefield Parkway, Henrico, VA, 23233, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. (changing

    to 7:00 to 9:00 in January). The cost is only $1.00 per person per night, with

    $10.00 annual dues. Call Linda Macdonald at 804-651-9468 for more


    His Excellency Baron William is once again putting out the call and posting

    notice regarding Caritas. In January, Battery Park Church will be hosting

    starting on Jan 24- 31. The barony has helped the church with this effort over

    the past years as a way if giving back in appreciation for allowing us to use

    church facilities for the many activities we hold there. For those who are new to the Bar-

    ony what happens throughout the year local churches take turns housing approx. 35-40

    homeless individuals. This year they will be hosting a group of women. During that time,

    they provide them with shelter, transportation and meals for a week. What we have done

    in the past has been to come in and set up the fellowship hall with cots, chairs and tables

    on Saturday. Then on Tuesday night when we would have normally had gather/practice

    instead we provide a meal for supper. They have a new computer system now, so we

    know cot setup will be on Sat Jan 24th with the delivery to be at 12:15. This usually does

    not take too long, the plan is to get there around 11:30 and will start getting tables and

    chairs set up before cots arrive. Reminders will be posted as time gets closer. No commit-

    ment to the meal since we need someone to head up the cooking. If you are interested

    please contact William and he can give you more detail. If we do end up providing a

    meal, our goal is to collect at least $150 dollars. If there is any money left over after pay-

    ing for the food this will go to the church to help with their expenses related to Caritas. If

    you have any question or are able to help with cot setup or interested in helping with the

    meal, please contact Baron William.

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    Ymir is coming

    More Viking themed

    Activities than you can shake a

    halberd at!

    Feburary 27-march 1,2015

    Betsy Jeff Penn 4-H Educational Center

    804 Cedar Ln, Reidsville, North Carolina


    ACCEPS is open for reservations!

    Tournament of the Golden Rose

    April 18, 2015 Each Lady of the Rose will field a team, chosen in advance, consisting of

    eight including: A Knight of Noble Quality and Renowned Prowess

    A Companion of the Order of the White Scarf, Honorable and Skilled in the Arte

    Two Armored Fighters who dream of wearing the Belt and Chain Two Duellists skilled in the use of the blade An Archer with steady hand and keen eye

    A Herald gifted with a silver tongue

    Makemie Woods Camp and Conference Center 3700 Roper's Church Road, Lanexa, VA 23089


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    New Seneschal , Lord Hjorr, opened the meeting at 7:02.

    Her Excellency: Thank you to everyone who attended Fiber & Foliage, we

    are looking forward to doing it again next year.

    Seneschal: Unevent report. Using Facebook to post disparaging remarks against the SCA, Kingdom or organization in general could get your war-rant pulled if you are an officer. Bottom line, don't do it. All official requests

    should be sent via email, not FB message.

    Quartermaster: We have stuff and...we have a new Quartermaster. Thank you Mistress Melisent.

    Chatelaine: We need one.

    MOL: We need new MOL's soon and desperately

    Exchequer: reconciled balance: 10324.22. Proposed budget for 2015

    handed out to officers to be ratified at January business meeting. Passed review of books at Unevent (YAY!!) and will be turning over position to La-

    dy Drynnith after doomsday report.

    Webminister: Unevent report. Kingdom will be looking for a new Webmin-ister soon. Kingdom will be reviewing all local sites to make sure infor-

    mation is current.

    Herald: Lord Ragnar has taken up the position of Red Shark. This Consul is responsible for arranging authorized consultation tables to provide sub-

    missions assistance and receive submissions at appropriate Kingdom and regional events in the VA area. The new Baronial award is "moving up the line". Ragnar is hoping to revive "Herald Consultation" on the 1st Tuesday of the month at our Fighter Practice/ Gather after the new year.

    Knights Marshal - not present

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    MOAS: Our MOAS was given a Kudo at Unevent for holding a weekly A&S gather, most baronies are not able to do this. On that note, we are looking for more classes and teachers. We have Viking Embroidery and

    Dance in the near weeks.

    Yarnvid: Master Thomas has been granted leave to continue on as Sene-schal for the 3rd time. Fiber & Foliage has been spiked for 9/12/2015. A donation to the Barony and to Battery Park church were given from the

    proceeds from Fiber & Foliage 2014.

    New Business: Waivers must be signed and sent in within 2 weeks of any event or fighter practice. No waiver, no fighting.

    Ruby Joust IV: We have a bid! Lady Arnora in Rauda has agreed to be

    the autocrat of joust once again. So far she has 1 marshal, Archery. If you would like to help, please contact her

    at No offer of help, no matter how small, will be turned down!

    Caritas: Cot set up is 1/24. Cots should arrive at 12:15pm. Master William Cameron will be on site at Battery Park around 11:30. We are still looking

    for someone to cook on 1/27. We are hosting women only this time.

    Insurance for Battery Park; The Seneschal will be looking into filling out an insurance certificate to cover any incidents at the church.

    Meeting ended at 8:05pm.

    Regarding Yule, 3 awards were given out by Their Excellencies. Two Baron's award o