The Quid Novi (QD) - Society for Creative Quid Novi (QD) Volume 36, Issue 5 ... Duke Cun MacDaige...

download The Quid Novi (QD) - Society for Creative Quid Novi (QD) Volume 36, Issue 5 ... Duke Cun MacDaige for Duchess Pdraign hEachach 4) ... And so I claim the Temple as I draw out my last

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Transcript of The Quid Novi (QD) - Society for Creative Quid Novi (QD) Volume 36, Issue 5 ... Duke Cun MacDaige...

  • Newsletter for the Barony of Caer MearNewsletter for the Barony of Caer MearNewsletter for the Barony of Caer Mear

    The Quid Novi (QD)The Quid Novi (QD)The Quid Novi (QD)

    Volume 36, Issue 5 May 2014Volume 36, Issue 5 May 2014Volume 36, Issue 5 May 2014

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    HRM William has released the Letters of Intent of those he has found worthy to fight in his Crown Tournament.

    May 3, 2014, Elchenburg Castle, located at 2239 Center Road,

    Boonville, NC 27011 1)Duke Michael of Bedford for Duchess Seonaid ni Fhionn

    2) Duke Olaf Askoldssonn for mlady Annelisese MacGerailt

    3) Duke Cun MacDaige for Duchess Pdraign hEachach

    4) Duke Logan EbonWoulfe for Countess Essa Kirkepatrike

    5) Duke Alaric Sartiano for Barono Bessenyei Rozsa

    6) Duke Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov for Duchess Kalisa Aleksandrovna

    7) Count Amos the Pious for Countess Ysabella Cacemoine

    8) Sir Afshin Darius for Baroness Tyra Jonsdatter

    9) Sir Kieran Hunter for Baroness Astrid Thorvardsdatter

    10) Meister Jonathas Reinisch for Baroness Amalia Kunne

    11) Baron Mungo Maglinchie for Baroness Siobhan McKlinchey

    12) Baron Erwin Bloodax for Mistress Mary Isabel of Heatherstone called Molly

    13) Lord Dietrich von Stroheim for Lady Una of Ravens Cove

    14) Lord Carlyle Jamesson for Lady Jacintha of Highland Foorde

    15) Lord Randall de Gloucester for Lady Iuliana Krasnaia

    16) Lord Hrgeirr Hrafnsson for Mistress Meadhbh the Handy

    17) Lord William of Windmasters Hill called of Bedford for Herrin Emeludt


    18) Lord Jared the Potter for Sayyida Sajah bint Habushun ibn Ishandiyar al-


    19) Lord John Angus West for Mistress Graia Esperana de Sevilla

    20) Lord Dietrich von Hessen for Sayyida Benefse bint Zakariya

    21) Lord Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain for Lady Edan Lowery

    22) Lord Aaron of Moorhaven for Baroness Nuala ingen Magnusa

    23) Lord Aleksei Mikhailovich for Lady Feodosiia Alekseeva zhena

    24) Lord Roland Wodeman for mlady Rhiannon of Ravens Cove

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    Saturday, May 17th is our Work Day at Tom

    Scott Park. Anyone wishing to come

    out and help clean up the site, we will be starting at 10am.This is a great time to pre-view your camp site while helping us prep the site for Ruby on the following week-end. Any and all help is much appreciated!


    Whats Happening in May

    On A&S Tuesdays!

    May 6th - Mini dragons with Lady Katsumi May 13th - Scribal night

    A few words from your Ex

    Greetings gentle friends. This issue is designed to keep us legal until a new Chronicler can be, um..I

    mean until another volunteer of their own free will and without the use of threats and coercion steps up. In the

    meantime, I remain your faithful former or to paraphrase the most noble Monty Pythons,

    Shes thrown in the towel! Run up the white flag! Crossed the Rubicon! She has cashed in her chips! Packed it in.

    Surrendered her sword/pen. She isnt pushing up daisies but is growing a lovely patch in the garden.


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    The Marshalls Cross A Song by Sir Bryce de Byram

    RAZO: Henry Curtmantle, King of England, had his eldest son crowned in his life time to as-

    sure both the succession of the Crown and the preservation of his empire, which stretched from

    the Pyrenees to the far North Sea. He established William Marshall, a simple household

    knight, to the role of sire in arms to his son Henry, called The Young King. But fates wheel

    turned against the Kings device and The Young King died of a flux. On his deathbed he bade

    The Marshall to carry his crusaders cross to Jerusalem, which William did doing more in two

    years than most do in ten. Upon his death bed The Marshall, now raised by fortune and court-

    ly skill to Regent of England under the minor King Henry III, returned to the Knight Templars,

    whom he served for as a lay brother while in Palestine, for the salvation of his soul.


    The hammer blows of combat are the sweetest

    psalms I know

    Sing Exalt and Hosanna at the coursing of the


    This cross I wear for Henry I will bear unto

    my grave

    My oath fulfilled my duty done and two souls

    shall I save.

    The Marshall sore with grieving he has come

    now o'er from France.

    His shield, his sword, his hauberk and his ever

    steady lance.

    In service to the Young King did this captain

    ply his trade.

    The spirit fled, the oath assumed now captive

    to a shade.


    Take up your arms, said Henry, Roi the

    father to the knight

    Employ your skill, harass the foe and strike

    with all your might.

    But come ye back to England and unto my

    court attend.

    A king is ever needful of true valiant, loyal



    And so did William travel to the land height


    As confrere to the Temple for a time he was


    His bread, his wine, his mass he took with

    brothers all around

    Until at last his oath discharged he found him

    homeward bound.


    Now many years and many kings the

    Marshall he did serve.

    One called a rogue, one hailed a hero pledged

    unto the Lord.

    The Marshall at his death bed, as Regent to the


    Called forth his loyal vassals and he bid them

    stand around.


    When I was o'ver in Outreamer I pondered

    on my death

    And so I claim the Temple as I draw out my

    last breath.

    May God and Michael guide me as I flee unto

    the grave

    My vows fulfilled, my oath discharged, and

    two souls have I saved.

    CHORUS (have I saved)

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    Monthly Baronial Meeting April 9,2014


    Their Excellencies report the new travelling chairs are wonderful and used with

    great success at coronation. Baronial Progress-Demo next Sat. then Ruby Joust.

    Exchequer-report via Seneschal phone-Balance-6434.93

    Quartermaster-inventory turned in to Exchequer

    Webmaster-Ruby site is up.

    Knight Marshal-all is going well

    Herald reports on approved items from monthly letter. Lots of good news!

    Yarnvid-going along fine

    Ruby Joust

    Still need to fill some volunteer spots

    Workday at Tom Scott Park for Ruby on May 17th

    Strategic Action Plan Meetings will be held between 6:30-7 on the Tuesdays of

    the monthly business meetings

    Order of Caer Mear Badge created

    New Order-for Baronial Champions: under construction

    Yzzy suggests making nifty sheet walls w/logos to hang outside during practice

    to encourage folks to ask about the SCA. Project for after Ruby and can be done

    as a group Tues project.


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    From Bishop Amos le Pious. MIC of Ruby Joust

    Nine Gems in the crown of the slain King, Nine tournaments to test the prowess and

    valor of Atlantias bravest warriors.

    FRIDAY ~ The first tournament will be a Deed of Arms at the tolling of vespers. Noble warri-ors of Atlantia, make bold challenges and meet your opponent as the sun wans and at twilight strike mighty blows to create a spectacle that will be remembered for ages. While the challengers strive upon the field there will be a revel for all to enjoy the evening while witnessing the deeds. ~ This tournament begins on Friday at 8:00pm and will be open to all who wish to issue a challenge in any number of weapons forms

    and among any number of opponents. You can make your challenge before you arrive or make a challenge to any who would take the field. While the tournament progresses there will be a revel open to all where there will be tables set for refreshments and libations games of skill and chance, singing and dancing. SATURDAY ~ In the morning the Grand tournament the great test of skill and honor will com-mence, the quest for the Gem prizes, The Ruby chivalry tournament, two of the great-est warriors will win the most coveted prizes in all of Atlantia. ~ The Ruby prize tournament will begin at 11:00am and is open to all combatants it will be fought as a standard double elimination tournament with no weapons restrictions. This will be the main tournament of the event. ~ Following the main tournament the Traveling order of Saint Sensuous will host a bold contest. Four warriors will band together in harness and bearing great swords and contest other bands at the bearer with a multitude of great blows. ~ This is the first in a new series of traveling tournaments to promote life at the bearer. Teams of four will fight counted blows of three over a bearer with two handed swords until one team is victorious. This tournament will be a bear pit style tournament open to all who are authorized in great weapons. ~ Bring forth there finest ransoms and fight in height of 12th century fashion in the ransom melee that will fought under the trees in the ravine. ~ This melee is open to all fighters who will be divided into two teams that will face each other in the ravine, fighters can be captured by striking them with a certain amount of telling blows and then escorting them back to the list table, once there the captured fighter must negoti-ate his ransom with his captor and once a ransom has been agreed and recorded the captured