The Price is Always Right

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The Price is Always Right. Presented by: Dustin Dye & Kat Clark University of Nebraska at Kearney. Student Engagement Educate Empower. What is the importance of Programming/Event Planning?. Yes it Can! . Let’s be REAL can programming really be free? . Pinky and the Brain. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Price is Always Right

The Price is Always Right

The Price is Always RightPresented by: Dustin Dye & Kat ClarkUniversity of Nebraska at Kearney1What is the importance of Programming/Event Planning?Yes it Can! Lets be REAL can programming really be free? Pinky and the Brain

Student EngagementEducateEmpowerSteps to Completing A Successful Program

AssessmentInitial PlanningPlanning for DetailsAdvertisingSocial Mediums

Showtime Evaluate

Commitment to your ideaPassing the BuckDelegating TasksBig ideas first, little details laterTipsResources on Campus A) Advertising, Marketing, EquipmentAdvertisingWhere are you going to be advertising?What is the best way?Advertising for what?MarketingWho is the event or program for?EquipmentWhat do you need?Who has it?How do you get it?

Resources on Campus B)Room Reservations & Requesting funds from OrganizationsRoom ReservationsCall Ahead of time3-4 weeks Tell them about the event and your organizationAsk what they can do for you? (vice versa)Requesting FundsAlways make sure what the guidelines are, every organization is different.As for documents needed to completeResources on Campus C)On Campus Professional Development Funds & Red FlagsOn Campus Professional Development FundsSponsors at your schoolPepsiApplication RequirementsProposal/GrantRed FlagsLiabilityPoliciesContractsResources in One Another

Now the Part youve all been waiting for Heres how to make it free!Why would we get donations from the community?What donations are appropriate to ask for?Asking for DonationsHeres HowTell a StoryBreak the Rules of GrammarProvide and Easy Way to RespondGive SuggestionFollow Up

Accepting Donations With StyleP. I .F. F.Phone EtiquetteIntroductionFormalitiesFollow up

Businesses we know DonateWal-MartFast Food ChainsLocal BusinessesFranchise Restaurants, varies.Sporting Good StoresJewelry Stores

Resources for LeadersNow Its Your Turn!!Phone Interview SkitsSharing of IdeasCONTACT US!!!If you have any questions over anything, or need something to be cleared up please feel free to contact either of us.

Kat Clark:

Dustin Dye: