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Transcript of The Press Banner,! · PDF file The Abbeville Press and Banner,! BYW.W.&W.R. BRADLEY....

  • The Abbeville Press and Banner,! BY W. W. & W. R. BRADLEY. ABBEVILLE, 8. C., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12 1905. ESTABLISHED 184Jl||

    ll! 11 \ DEVOTyij!|' INSPE<

    Will be profitable to garments that are c< prices are moderate mum value at the r

    & S." clothes are M Ml I) ^ a % IA I IA A pnut?. vjaivt; us a

    we will welcome tl ^ V


    PERR Iflf r 1 JLiJL tl till V

    | § COTTON GRO^ w is the most interesting topic these <

    Ujf to get the beat results all planters si

    J ANDERSON FERTI MjP Ask your dealer for them, and If m got them, make him get them, and

    v8% us for our book on cotton.

    $ Anderson Phosphate an Jc ANDERSON, S. C..

    Abbeville Lumber i"

    Dealers in

    Lumber, Sash, Doors, Blinds, f Best Portland Cement, full barrel, $2.51 Just received three cars Shingles, from tl

    best. Car of Doors, Sash and Blinds just t Lumber on hand. Flooring, Ceiling and Sidir

    Get our prices and we will do the rest. ABBEVILLE LUM]

    The same old stand, near S. A.

    MASTIC PI The Kind That

    Just received Ten Thousand pounds of Paint, which we guarantee to be seconc the market regardless of price.

    This may sound like hot air to you, bi and we will show you, Your:

    A 1K/TTT K\ jrr, ±\JL±jL^iry

    PHONE 107 Tl


    ttle 1 t I Hi 11 lie £ 1 ED TO AN CTION OF LOTHES f|P you. We can fit you out in

    Direct in every detail and our

    i. We give you the maxiTiinimum price. The "S. M.

    "made right at the right LITTLE OF YOUR TIME, ie opportunity to show you

    h-m rif-t mi" M i


    Takeiotioe that John 1 VIi Stone Wldeman wbo lives n

    iri Tk' JV. »nder written contract witb/If g |\| I ) \l/ son employing him will be'VlIi\s3T 1 t fno'

    Jays, and w , . T *«»r8Hle ,

    J' JJK. C»mlRh Indian game tboboulduse U/ 91.00 per setting. JX 2t.

    LIZERS. Cheap IrtohV W Specially low price on 1

    be hasn't ^ Qt wnte t0 Sffl Sonth Carolina

    |||i South Carolina CollegeW CourHes for Tenchers Sessloi iTi'i to May 10th. 1905. AddIv

    id un ton cropto? 1M5 will hsSeVeMrs° L* R. Vose, accompanied by her Srmels'Sol'ngtobStoy"^daughter, Mrs. Robert Hill of Carlisle are ^to the M teres and recexpected In the city tomorrow. Mrs. Hill Jj»g? bey ko ou reeardl£swill remain tor some time as the guest of cro®y-g We 8rfenterlrher bister. Mrs. McDonald. that we ihLl do in^he nextMrs. James T. Latimer of Lowndesvllle S| ths ijliscent several days of last week In the cltv the nrKTt lei «* nil Anaa n/MT gaMrtB°pbH %lu^anff,n Rifc h v, ward the fanner waa there e nn u nio»«^ tr n Richmond, Va., 8Q mnch interest was taken Mrs. F. B. Brogdon returned home last mlehfadd sSmost'everSaturday from a pleasant visit to relatives at J£UUoi?s advice. Mrs. w! E. Cason of Anderson spent Sun- 1 E^in^th^faiday in the city with homefolks. at a°bort*crocw 111 be be ttMr. Eddie Kor he, the DOllte and attentive one Now ltTs uD ^ blm toclerk in the city postofflce. spent a day or " *8

    two of last week In Columbia. We will tell ®Sd every one of us con8?deryou all about his visit In the next Issue of *?thl8 cr£p would mean notMrTCry Hill of Carlisle spent last Mon- £ banklnTp^'ou^^lorlday in the city. Come over on a flying trip w° , the man that «>ulcand returned In a few hoars time. Harry Is Jfinarabiedamaae It would dcharmed with the little city of Carlisle and r Kave Droduoed a crop 1 more particularly with the many pretty and ,Th® who£ worl(| cannot sicharming young ladles to be found there. we wiU «rry over a 10W|(

    / news budget on route no. 3. which within Itself would b« Interest of tbe former but be

    La»t Thursday we were not basking In the ed a leader for tbe speculat sunshine of balmy spring, but were wrapped can depress the market. In our overcoat to shield us from tGe stormy Give us another 13.000,000 wintry winds which blew the rain and sleet would take ten years for In on every aide. We thought If there was over tbe efforts of It and In I any springtime about that day, that winter rich weuld beoome richer a surely lingered In Itslap. come poorer. There would A line rain fell last Sunday along route No. larmers who are studying to

    3, some ball with It, but no barm done. who would never be able to Miss Lucy Glbert closed a most success, would be all he could do to J

    ful terra of her school near Mountain View buckle meet by the most last week and returned Saturday to her Think of selling a bale of c bomaat Lebanon. dollars and paying sevea do Mr. J. E. Evans and sister, Miss Emma of a dollar a bushel lor corn an

    Xjeouoou were among me visitors id me in proportion ana now id uiCity lastMonday. and common Heme Is be goli Miss Georgia Marti, accompanied by her he makes It at home. Wner

    brother Mr. W. O. Mars of Calhouns Mills la 60 blind to bis own lnteret section were shopping In the city last Mon- mit that he cannot affold to

    day. and hominy when It Is his Mr. McDonald and sister ol Calhouns Mill Don't fool yourself brother

    were guests In the city last Monday. pone that all the other farmc Mr. A. K. Watson of Lebanon had business duce their acreage and yo

    in the city last Monday. them you might wake up MlssLlla Smith of Lebanon accompanied thousands were thinking as

    by Master Lester Edwards spent last Sat- that such should be the case urday and Sunday very pleasantly with hand lets see how much brei Mrs. Ira B. Cannon near Hodges. raise and prepare for war In Mrs. W. B. Wilson after remaining In tbe Weoannot buy our llvlj

    city for several weeks under the skillful «ents cotton and pay our del treatment of Dr. L. T. Hill returned to ber say that I have confidence ii homo at Lebanon last Saturday much lm- if there Is another bumper proved lhhealth. raised there will be a bumj Mm. R. P. McNeill accompaned by her raised also.

    ulster Miss Emma Penney of Sharon were guests lnthe city one day last week. Miss Lillian McCanty accompanied by ber

    brother Robert were among the visitors In i. tbe city last Monday. jjocbih.

    lD.Gunev Refrigerators 1 ioiiicj rr net nuupyju^ ju tuo vii/ idrou iuvuuaji . . , . a ^ Mrs. Norman Cason Is expected home ' Kind gU&Dtced to glV© &

    from Augusta hospital tomorrow. Many temperature with lessfriends are extremely anxious about her rofr|~firArr extremely critical condition and sympa- refrigerator maae iverr

    lhe ,amlly ln lQelr anxl" Afi ne line of furni cheapest to the best casad accident. the up to date furnitur

    On last Thursday night Mr. Rennle Cade Kerr Furnitnre Co. was drowned at the new bridge ferry while Dn.a ni^hirea «h»dpf trving to foru and swim Savannah river. . ^UgS, pictures, anauet Mr. Cade was the son of Mr. Sam Cade ring stoves, refngerati

    and was about 25 years of age, and his uu- mosquito nets, clocks,timely death la deeply regretted by a large nnli* . flVprvthiii£? thacircle of relative* and friends. The river poiieres everyiiiinj, ma has been watched day and night and every nish or beautify your effort made to recover his body, but up to found at the Kerr Furn this writing all efforts have faUed. IOThe^ Furaitnre

    m largest best furnished, I liaivamzea i gallon oil cans at war- ea lowest pnceu iurm

    gan's 5 & 10 cents store for only 19 cts. Carolina. 9 1-4 in plates good quality porcelain ..

    for 5 cts at Dargan's 5 & 10 cents store. If you need a truss or a pal . , . , ,, . - to Speed's Drue Store whereWhite foot Hosery, also black foot what you want.

    in extra lengths for ladies and men, Try our 6yrup White Pine and double heel, toe and triple knee tar for your cough, we guars for girls and boys, at Dargan's 5 & 10 °hesrfufly r.?ucd yo^yiwicents store for only 10 cents.

    jjJT 1 [LLE Proclomatlon Issued by PresidentRoosevelt.

    I, 1tt, Washington, March 29.The President to- V-«laApril 10, ik&, day Issued a proclamation inviting the na. ; ;r| Hons of theeartb to be represented bj their . V'A2X§

    e weeks the cot., military organizations and naval vessels at 'v?9 ten planted, wbat tbe oelebratlon to be held In the vicinity of in tell. Are the Jamestown, Va., from May 13, until NOvem. their colors und ber, 1907. The proclamation la as follows: luce their acreage "By tbe President of the United States of J and raise anoth- America." .

    'four* weeks will "A PROCLAMATION" Whereas, the oongress of tbe United Siatee ^1

    are turned to- passed an act approved March 8.190#, and tEgl i M entitled "An act to provide to celebrate tbe :3in mm / wny Qf the American nation, the permanent ^ 2

    n,ewBPfi|per seulemement of English speaking people onybody is giving the western hemisphere, by the holding ofan toteroatlonal naval, marioe ana military oei- ebration in the vicinity ofJamestown on (be -' 3

    *v,Zir wi wa '«th of Hampton roads, In the state of VLr« .y,-J.el J,,"1 >,.!£? gitdato provide for the suitable and perm*. 3spractice what be neDt, commemoration of said event and to an- r'i: i»?« h tbortzean appropriation in aid therefor and k:for other purposes, and said aot, reads aa fol. monly to the farm- jows ;

    ?,?DU 1o"Section i. The president of the United ;.ff,°°8. ^ States is hereby uutborlzed to Issue a procla- ;1 conceive tholr- atanQn Qf eaid celebration, setting forth the ? , event to be commemorated, Inviting foreign &s^ nations .to participate by the sending of their2iP naval vessels and such representation oftheir

    . military organizations as may be proper."

    hon "Now, therefore, I, Theodore Roosevelt, i,« president of the United States, by virtne oior by which he 1he authority vested In ine bv said aot, do .J|

    . . ., hereby declare and proclai