The Power Of Photoshop - Professional Photo Retouch Makes You Gorgeous

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What is photo retouching? When can you use it?This slideshow show's some examples of before and after pictures, edited at

Transcript of The Power Of Photoshop - Professional Photo Retouch Makes You Gorgeous

  • 1. THE POWER OF PHOTOSHOP Professional photo retouch before and after Copyright 2008

2. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS GIRL Copyright 2008 3. SO, WHAT IS PHOTO RETOUCHING? Extreme Total makeover, non-recognizable Gorgeous Color, skin, teeth and other enhancements Glamoor the look from the 80s And many many more styles!Basically, photo retouching is the process of editing an original picture into something that is more attractive for a specific purpose.Lets continue with some gorgeous examples! Copyright 2008 4. GORGEOUS THE MOST POPULAR STYLE BeforeAfter Copyright 2008 5. DID YOU NOTICE? Its not extreme You still easily recognize the gorgeous girl Less is moreYou can achieve wonderful results using a moderate level of retouching. As you noticed, the girl was gorgeous before, and now shes even more gorgeous!When do you need this? Easy question!Copyright 2008 6. WHEN TO BE EXTRA GORGEOUS! Wedding photo Blog and website Birthday picture Facebook photos Best friends picture Twitter profile Job application photo Holiday pictures Online dating picture Photo from first date Social media avatar Graduation day photo Autographed images Greeting card Company broschure And many many more times to be extra Portrait to boyfriend gorgeous! Portrait to girlfriend Copyright 2008 7. LOOK AGAIN! BeforeAfter Copyright 2008 8. IS THERE PHOTO RETOUCH ONLINE? Yes, there are some services. The basic concept is to upload a picture, go through a payment process and then collect the picture after a couple of days. The pictures in this slideshow were all submitted and edited at:http://www.make-me-gorgeous.comThe name of the service is Make Me Gorgeous.Lets look at some more samples from the service! Copyright 2008 9. EXAMPLE 1 / 3 BeforeAfter Copyright 2008 10. EXAMPLE 2 / 3 BeforeAfter Copyright 2008 11. EXAMPLE 3 / 3 BeforeAfter Copyright 2008 12. SERVICE OFFERED AT Copyright 2008