The Pitfalls of the Small Business Owner Protect Your Assets!

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Where does the process begin? The process begins with someone being a detective!

Transcript of The Pitfalls of the Small Business Owner Protect Your Assets!

The Pitfalls of the Small Business Owner Protect Your Assets! As trusted advisors we need to assist our clients and work in teams to help them grow and protect their assets. Team Building Trust Where does the process begin? The process begins with someone being a detective! Risk Management Process What are my exposures? Identify frequency and Severity. List alternatives. A. Separation. B. Avoidance. C. Retention. D. Insurance. E. Transfer. F. Self-insurance. Regulated at the higher level. Decide which solution. Implement. Monitor!!!! It takes time and paperwork! Think of a bank closing. Does a bank provide you with money with no questions or paperwork. Think of the closing. Carriers may be providing millions of dollars! What to expect in a submission Applications. Supplements. Photos. Financials(?). Be specific, clear on concise on your operation Predictive Modeling! Additional Considerations Size of the risk & needs. ComplexityHighly specialized? Global Foreign, Repatriation. Operating multiple states Statutorily Regulated. Services Loss Control, Audit, Claims, Reviews! Trends Employment Practice Liability Cyber Liability Environmental l Pollution: What Can Happen? Fines & Penalties Suits Remediation Listed on Hazardous Waste & EPA Unable to Transfer the Asset! What can cause pollution Sewage Organic Matierials Specific waste materials Fuels and oils Chemicals NB: Property Owners, Portfolios, Mfg., Retail, Schools, Colleges, Sports facilitiesPass the cost through triple net lease! Types of Policies I.Pollution Legal Liability-coverage for site liability to 3 rd parties. II.Site Cleanup and Legal Liability- Covers remediation and 3 rd party liability. III.Contractors Pollution Provides coverage for contractors for their operations. Employment Practice Liability Generally cover issues in the following areas: Gender & Age. Sexual Harassment. Wrongful termination. Breach of contract. Invasion of Privacy. Libel & Slander. Mental Anguish. Statistics Employee lawsuits have risen 400% in 20 years. Wrongful termination suits have risen 260% in the same time period. 41.5% of these claims have arisen at companies with fewer than 100 employees. At trial, employees have won 63% of the time. Jury trials award around $217,000. To settle before trial they average $75,000. Per the independent insurance agents of America. EPLI Fast Tips Limits from $1M to $25M Watch for 3 rd Party Coverage Wage & Hour Act Sublimit not all provide. Defense Cost Inside or Outside the Limit Watch the BOP free coverage with regard to limits and terms and conditions. Application forms part of the contract! Concealment, Misrepresentation Cyber Liability First Party Many non-IT firms obtain. Notify clients of compromised information, purchase credit monitoring for client, public relation to regain confidence. Third Party provides the responsible party with liability protection for the systems that allowed the breach to occur. Cyber Facts In 2008, 50% of business said they had 1 to 5 cyber risks. The most expensive threats involve fraud, which averages a loss amount of $500,000. Many of the threats include viruses, abuse, data breach and laptop or pad thefts. By 2012, as many as 36% of all businesses had some real issue. Considerations Do a risk analysis. Do you collect credit card payments, secures, secure sites? Read your policy language. Be sure, if it is a throw in your policy you understand your exposure and the coverage. Have a WISP (Written Information Security Program Utilize proper T&Cs on your website and set up management controls. In conclusion, everyone is susceptible to issues! What just happened? We didnt solve your insurance issues. We helped identify some key things to look for and trends in the industry to help you and/or your clients to be better prepared. Remember to Complete the Speaker Survey: click on speakers / select your speaker