The Partnerships that Built SunMine - UBCM 2017-10-20¢  The Partnerships that Built...

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Transcript of The Partnerships that Built SunMine - UBCM 2017-10-20¢  The Partnerships that Built...

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    The Partnerships that Built SunMine

    UBCM Mid-Sized Communities Forum

    September 26th, 2017  

    Mayor Don McCormick and CAO Scott Sommerville City of Kimberley  

    Overview •  Kimberley’s Mining History •  What is SunMine? •  Why did Kimberley build SunMine? •  What partnerships were involved in building SunMine? •  What lessons were learned from building SunMine?

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    Kimberley’s Mining History

    •  Kimberley was home to the world’s largest lead-zinc mine for 92 years.

    •  The Sullivan Mine produced $27 billion worth of ore.

    •  Closed in 2001 •  reclamation happening since


    What is SunMine? •  First grid-connected solar power plant in

    Western Canada •  1MWp is enough to power 275 homes •  96 towers tracking the sun, with 4032 solar

    panels •  The electricity produced is sold to BC Hydro

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    Why build SunMine? •  Take

    advantage of 300 days of sunshine

    •  Repurpose brownfield land

    •  Proof of concept for viability of solar in region

    Brownfield to Brightfield

    •  Fully-remediated, Southern facing slope •  Former industrial site with existing substations,

    transmission lines, fencing and roads •  First redevelopment of a mining site into a solar

    field in Canada

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    Partnership with EcoSmart: the Idea

    •  In 2008, the City and Teck were approached by EcoSmart, a not-for-profit organization

    •  EcoSmart had analyzed weather stations at airports across Canada, and determined that Kimberley had the highest solar energy in BC

    •  Realized that the brownfield and electrical infrastructure made for an ideal solar site

    Partnership with Teck

    •  Provided reclaimed land and substation for SunMine

    •  Contributed $2M donation to the City for the project, $600K went to EcoSmart

    •  Teck was originally going to manage the project, but declined in the end

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    •  Provided $1M for the use of innovative tracking technology

    •  ICE Fund support the Province's energy, economic, environmental and greenhouse gas reduction priorities, and advances B.C.'s clean energy sector.

    Partnership with the Province: Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund

    Failed Partnership with Western Economic Diversification (WD) Canada

    •  Partnership with Teck was re-structured to meet WD’s requirements •  City was informed that priorities had changed, and that $1.6M in grant funding

    had been re-allocated •  Caused project to be downsized from 1.65MW to 1.05MW •  Left the City scrambling for funding, led to new partnerships

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    Partnership with Columbia Basin Trust (CBT)

    •  CBT provided a grant for $300,000 towards SunMine •  Provided technical expertise from hydroelectric experience

    Partnership with Jetson Consulting Engineers

    •  City did not possess technical capacity for constructing a solar project

    •  Once the City decided signed EPCM contract, we began looking for technical expertise to enhance City’s capacity

  • 17-­‐10-­‐16  


    •  Signed MOU in 2016 with Aqam Band to work together to enhance the area’s economic significance

    •  Significant role in Ribbon-Cutting and Opening Ceremonies

    •  City has referred several solar opportunities their direction

    •  Rooftop solar on Ktunaxa Nation building

    Partnership with Local First Nations

    Partnership with BC Hydro •  First solar project to have Electricity

    Purchase Agreement with BC Hydro •  Revenue from the sale of electricity has

    serviced $2M debt and building reserve •  Awaiting outcome of Site C review to

    determine demand for expansion, and fulfilment of 2nd MW

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    SunMine Surprises •  Complexity of 18 Agreements •  Overwhelming demand for:

    •  Tours •  media attention •  requests for advice(free consultations)  

    •  Partnership Agreements restricted to Municipal Services

    •  “Fair-Market” Value

    The Future is Bright for Kimberley


    Contact Information: Scott Sommerville, CAO


    •  Interest in partnership on expansion •  Creation of solar industry in our region