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    The Oak Leaf Armidale High School

    Friday , 7th

    September 2012

    Butler Street, Armidale, N.S.W., 2350 PHONE: 6776 7466; FAX: 6776 7424 Email: Website:

    Issue 14 Term 3 Week 6


    SASS Recognition Week This week our school community recognised the very

    valuable work of all our support staff with a special

    morning tea and some RAKs (Random Acts of

    Kindness)! Thank you to all our non-teaching staff for

    your hard work all year round- we would not be able to

    teach without you!

    Thank you also to our hard-working P&C and especially

    to Geoff Thorne who organised the Bush Dance held in

    the auditorium. Around $700 was raised and a great time

    was had by all!

    Congratulations to Lucie Yeomans 3rd

    in the National

    Worldskills Comp and member of the winning State

    team. What an achievement!

    Congratulations also to our Tournament of Minds Team

    and to their mentor Mr Michael McKenzie, on winning

    the regional final. They are off to Sydney this weekend

    to compete in the State Final.


    I have received many phone calls and emails praising

    our wonderful students who participated as performers,

    ushers or back stage crew, in the Regional Arts in

    Concert performances last Tuesday and Wednesday

    nights at Lazenby. All students looked and sounded

    fabulous and were a great credit to our school.

    On a similar note our MADness nights were very well

    attended and the standard of music, art and drama on

    show was phenomenal! Two different programs for the

    two nights is proof of the strength of the creative and

    performing arts at Armidale High School.

    Parents of Year 12 students are reminded that all lessons

    continue until the Weirdathon on Thursday, 20th Sept.

    Some course work is still being completed as well as

    revision and strategies for exam technique and handy

    hints being given by staff.

    Anne Matley, Principal


    Armidale High Schools

    Vice-Captain Lucie

    Yeomans has returned from

    the National Worldskills

    Championships with a

    Bronze medal in the Primary

    Industry sector and the

    knowledge that her strong

    result contributed to New

    South Wales teams Shield-

    winning performance as the

    Best Performed State.

    The Vocational Education

    Training in Schools

    competition was held at Sydneys Olympic Park. The

    competitors were called upon to demonstrate their skills

    in tractor work, stock work, fences, weather fore-casting,

    chemicals and first aid and chemical spills scenarios.

    The team challenge, to improve some aspect of the

    Olympic Park, was especially rewarding, Lucie said.

    COMPUTING CHALLENGE National Computer Skills Test held by UNSW

    (Standing) Ben James (Credit), Liam Knott, Tim Edmonds

    (Seated) Ben Hemmings, Domenico Favotto (Credit), Jackson

    Doak (Distinction) with teacher Mr Andrew Curry who said he was very pleased with the students results in a competition which tested knowledge of systems and software.

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    Friday 7th September, 2012

    Issue 14 Term 3 Week 6


    The P&C Fundraiser on 1st

    September was a great

    success thanks to the

    Waldorf Salad Bush Band,

    the many sponsors who

    contributed prizes, all those

    who helped with preparations

    and food and the enthusiastic participants.

    More photos available on our website: soon

    ZONTA The Zonta Club held a meeting at Armidale High School

    which was catered for by Year 11 as part of the fundraising for

    their vocational excursion to the Nara Seaworld Resort later in

    the year. A number of teachers from the school enjoyed the

    clubs hospitality at a dinner which has become and annual


    Alana and Shae Leske

    delighted the diners

    with entertainment

    before the meal. Many

    of those attending are

    musicians and spoke

    highly of the girls


    At the end of the meal

    the student chefs and

    waiters were thanked

    by Zonta. The evening

    was greatly enjoyed by



    Thanks to a hard working group of volunteers, the Memorial

    Gates are almost restored. These photos show the final

    touches being put in place by Mark Garvey, a local police

    sergeant and parent who has donated his brick laying skills,

    Ken Peters and Geoff Walsh. A celebratory reopening

    of the gates is planned for next term.

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    Friday 7th September, 2012

    Issue 14 Term 3 Week 6


    The class of 1982

    enjoyed a walk

    through the school

    as part of their

    weekend reunion.

    They were

    accompanied by

    their Year Adviser,

    Tim Channon.


    Year 10 making newspaper dresses to decorate the

    Textile room for the Zonta dinner, and working

    hard on their Recycled Bag unit.


    Bike Week, from Saturday 15th

    September to

    Sunday 23rd

    September, is sponsored by the NSW

    Government. More information on the activities

    organised can be found at


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    Friday 7th September, 2012

    Issue 14 Term 3 Week 6

    1 West Ave Armidale 2350

    Saturday 13th October 2012

    Open Day 10am to 2pm Guided tours on the hour.

    Cutting of Celebration Cake From 1pm.

    Unveiling of 30th Anniversary Quilt 1.30pm.

    Armidale Montessori Preschool is celebrating 30 years in Armidale.

    Former students and families who would be interested in attending and

    participating in our Celebration please contact us. Phone 6772 3628 or Email: R.S.V.P Friday 21

    st September 2012

    Name: ________________ No Attending: ______

    The Healthy Schools, Healthy Futures program is directed towards students in Years 7 to 10 and aims to decrease the prevalence of health risk behaviours (such as alcohol consumption, smoking, other drug use, physical inactivity and inadequate nutritional intake) by enhancing the resilience of students through resilience interventions. These resilience interventions aim to increase the internal and external resilience of students. Internal resilience factors refer to the personal skills and traits of young people. These include empathy, self-esteem, self-awareness, effective help seeking, communication and cooperation, and goals and aspirations. External resilience factors refer to positive influences within the young persons environment and surroundings that protect them from engaging in health risk behaviours. And include school connection, community connection, family connection, and pro-social peers. School workshops and Action Plans are two important milestones of the Healthy Schools, Healthy Futures program and we encourage all teachers, parents and students to contribute to the planning of Armidale High Schools resilience interventions. The next step is for Armidale High School to create an Action Plan. This plan will list selected resilience interventions to implement over the next couple of years. Strategies in this plan may include activities from MindMatters and SenseAbility, rewards and recognition programs, student empowerment programs, and plans to increase links between the school and the community.


    Thank you to all who are leaving magazines and

    books at the Office for our DEAR reading; they are

    avidly seized upon by reading groups.

    Magazines of sporting and topical interest are

    especially highly prized.

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    Friday 7th September, 2012

    Issue 14 Term 3 Week 6


    Tournament of Minds is an international competition

    that challenges students to use creativity and ingenuity

    to solve problems based around topical issues. The

    challenge is entirely driven by the participants and

    requires strong, positive teamwork. Armidale Highs

    team of Luke Logan-Clarke, Caitlin Sillar, Emma Swan,

    Georgie Cooper, Grace Shortis and Elly Bell

    was successful in the North-west regional competition in

    the Social Science Discipline, in a problem regarding

    travellers from the future. Their success is built on

    inclusiveness, cooperation and creativity; hallmarks of

    the student body at Armidale High School.

    The students travel to Sydney on Friday to take part in

    the State Finals at UNSW.

    Jack Grigg



    drummer, Jack

    Grigg, and his

    band, Contour,

    are celebrating



    by proAudio in

    Sydney and

    Canberra. The

    endorsement means the company will play the recently-

    recorded album of the bands own compositions in their

    stores, sponsor some broadband casting and play time on

    radio stations and finance publicity. This sponsorship

    also allow