The Next Generation of Hybrid Cloud: Anthos Borg as Kubernetes Process Containers launched by Google

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Transcript of The Next Generation of Hybrid Cloud: Anthos Borg as Kubernetes Process Containers launched by Google

  • The Next Generation of Hybrid Cloud: Anthos

    Muharrem Erdogdu Customer Engineer

  • Transform your IT and build apps for today and the future with Anthos

    Automate policy and security at scale

    ConsistencyModernize in-place

    Proactive service operations - manage at a higher layer of the stack, enabling greater application awareness, consistency, and control. Take a service-centric view of your infrastructure.

    Anthos gives you one platform that you can run anywhere. It’s built on open source technology created by Google; so it’s portable, consistent, and extensible to help you future- proof your investments.

    Modernize your applications no matter where they are. Consistent management of your applications across multiple clouds and on- premises. Faster time to market, lower administrative overhead, and increased innovation capabilities.

  • 15+ years experience in application orchestration

    July 15 K8s 1.0

    Jun 14 First Github commit for Kube

    Public Beta of Solaris Containers

    Birth of Borg, 3-4 Google Engineers working to automate cluster management.

    20182009 20152012

    Work begins to opensource Google’s Borg as Kubernetes

    Process Containers launched by Google now known as cgroups and merged with Linux Kernel.

    LXC launched, complete Linux container manager

    2013 Docker launched

    GKE on Prem Announced



    Istio 1.0

    Istio 0.1

    Envoy 1.0

    Aug 15 GKE GA

    Nov 14 GKE Alpha



    2003 2006 2009 2012 2015 2018 2019

  • Automate policy

    and security at scale

    Anthos is the platform

    of choice for modern

    application development

    Avoid vendor lock-in

    Consistency across


  • Developer: Knative

    Build, deploy, scale using serverless


    Anthos Building Blocks

    Service Operator / SRE: Istio

    Connect, secure, manage, monitor services

    Infrastructure Operator: Kubernetes

    Portable container orchestration

  • Marketplace

    Service Management

    Managed Operations

    Anthos is our platform for application modernization

    Google Cloud On-prem Other Clouds

    Anthos' multi- cloud capabilities are so far unique in the industry

    Forbes, April 2019

  • Anthos technology stack

    Run on-prem or in the cloud

    Manage from a single pane of glass

    Secure from the ground up Istio / CSM


    Cluster Management

    Policy Management

    Service Management

    Istio / CSM

    GKE On-Prem

    Anthos Control Plane



  • Anthos: A hybrid and multi-cloud platform to build once run anywhere

    On-Prem Infrastructure GCP Infrastructure

    Core Infrastructure

    Google Cloud Platform On-Premises Other Public Cloud

    GKE On-Prem

    Anthos Config Management

    Cloud Service Mesh

    GKE Other Kubernetes Cluster

    Cloud Run

    GCP Marketplace GCP Marketplace

    Anthos Config Management

    Cloud Run

    What’s available




  • New

    Anthos security philosophy

    Hybrid and multi-cloud organizations need to be able to:

    Define and enforce consistent policy and access controls across


    Verify and validate workloads, and incorporate workload trust checks into


    Encrypt and authorize communication between services

    Have a single visibility point for the security and operational health of all


  • “At HSBC, we needed a consistent platform to deploy

    both on-premise and in the cloud. Google Cloud's

    software-based approach for managing hybrid

    environments provided us an innovative, differentiated

    solution that was able to be deployed quickly for our


    Darryl West

    Group CIO

    “At Siemens we believe that having a winning hybrid

    strategy is going to be instrumental in achieving our

    vision of being a leading provider of Industrial Internet

    of Things solutions. Anthos is a great fit for us as it

    gives us the ability to have a unified management view

    of our hybrid deployment while giving us a consistent

    platform to run our workloads across environments“

    Martin Lehofer

    Head of Research

    Group IoT/Distributed Computing

  • Strong ecosystem of Anthos partners at GA

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