The new seven wonders of the world

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  • 1. New Seven Wonders of the World

2. New Seven Wonders of the WorldThe new seven wonders of the world havebeen elected by more than 100 million votesfrom all over the world on 7th July 2007. 3. CHICHEN ITZAthe most famous templecity of the Mayas,each of its four sides has91 steps-one step foreach day of the year,symbolizes Worship &Knowledge! 4. COLOSSEUMcompleted in 80 AD in the centre of Rome.capable of seating around 50,000spectatorsgladiators fights and public performanceswere shown there 5. CHRIST THE REDEEMERin Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a statue of JesusChrist in Brazil which construction took nineyears, from 1922 to 1931It weighs 635 tons and is 39,6 metres talllocated 700 m. above sea level, stands forwelcoming & openness of Brazilian people 6. THE GREAT WALL OF CHINAan ancient Chinese fortification,It was built to protect the rule ofChina between the 5th century BC andthe 16th century,7,300 km from east to west,can be seen from space. 7. MACHU PICCHU in the south of Per Lost City for 3 centuries, rediscovered in1911. created by the Inca people used as a religious sanctuaryand a palace. 8. PETRA Established sometime around the 6thcentury BC in Jordan A great symbol of Engineering &Protection! Another name for Petra is the RoseCity due to the color of the stone outof which it is carved. It is famous for its rock-cutarchitecture and water conductsystem. It is a symbol of Jordan, as well asJordan's most-visited touristattraction. 9. TAJ MAHAL in Agra, India 15 years to complete by Muslim Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan tohonor the memory of his beloved late wife,Mumtaz Mahal.