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  • 7/30/2019 The NCU Northerner Nov. 2012


    {nor therner}theNovember 2012 | North Central University | Minneapolis, MN


    RUCH FINDS A NEW HOME- PG 8 ADVOCATING FOR FMSC - PG 12 AN END TO A SEASON- PG 19See Where God is Leading Nate Ruch President Hirsh Raises Support NCU Soccer Teams Finish Strong

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  • 7/30/2019 The NCU Northerner Nov. 2012



    {nor therner}




    Editor-in-Chief/Kayla Grell

    Copy Editor/Erica Fulghum

    World News Editor/Rebekah Jacobson

    Feature Editor/Jessie Traudt

    News Editor/Faith

    Sports Editor/Joshua Gregory

    Art Director/Loren

    Photography and Videography Director/Nathan Almquist

    Assistant Art Director/Andrew Fischer

    Assistant Photography Director/Sarah Mack

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    Assistant Online Editor/Camden McAfee

    Assistant Videography Director/Amy Lambert


    Business Manager/Bailey Schott

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    Paisley Bennett

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    Paul Brunner

    Mark CronkDan Erickson

    Mia Franklin

    Brian Jones

    Jordan Lofthus

    Blake Mayes

    Sydney Messmer

    Sam Olmstead

    Chrissie Parker

    Ben Pirie

    Jenny Scott

    Lexy Spangrud

    Emma WoodJoy Yerrick



    Radrs,What are you doing aer graduation? Tat is the question I hear most inmy lie. I heard it once beore when I was in high school, but this time I do notknow what to answer. My rst response was easy: Im starting this all at NorthCentral University in Minneapolis. But now that Im leaving this place, wherewill I go next?

    I want to hop on a plane, travel the Seven Wonders o the World, and explore

    Gods creation while challenging my worldview. Tere are countries I have stillnot seen, other cultures I have not experience, and I need to continue to learnabout mysel. I will travel the world regardless o my relationship status; beingalone is not a crime. It is normal to not be engaged or married aer graduation.Although my ring nger is naked, and I am acing the dilemma o nding a

    job, many graduates are in thesame position as me.

    In a perect world, mydream job would be waitingor me right aer I graduate.

    I am scared or those whoexpect jobs to be handed tothem instead o working hardto nd them. It is important

    to remain positive throughout this journey to getting a rst job as a collegegraduate. Be reassured that you will ail many times, you will never get what youwant, and you wont be always right.

    One thing Ive learned while applying or jobs is that making connectionsand gaining experience is vital. Continue to soak up your proessors wisdom.Get a mentor who can keep you sane and who will also encourage you in your

    relationship with Christ. Start volunteering in your specic eld and exploredierent career options. Also, do not burn any bridges with riends or ellowclassmates; those relationships may mean a lot to you now, but you may beneturther rom them in the uture. Do not ear the uture. Do not panic i youare unsure which path to take. Continue to dream big and do not let anyoneconvince you that achieving it is impossible.

    In less than ten days Ill enter a new realm o lie, and will carry with methe tools to be successul. I am scared about making the wrong decision, but Iwill rely on Gods truth to guide me to the places I need to be. I pray that I willremain devoted to Gods calling on my lie, no matter how dicult the voyage

    may be.

    DO nOt pAnIC If YOu

    ARe unSuRe whICh

    pAth tO tAke.

    Kayla GrellEditor-in-Chief

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  • 7/30/2019 The NCU Northerner Nov. 2012


    3November 2012

    I God w trs



    By Curtis Ward

    Finally, the elections are over. No more ads lling our ears with lies and slander.I will say that this years presidential election was not a great one or my political

    views. Te candidates this year, or both the democratic and republican parties, wereawul. I did not like what President Obama did in his rst term and I did not agreewith many o Romney big business policies. I voted or the third party Libertariancandidate Gary Johnson, this year. He is all or small businesses and has a smallgovernment mindset.

    Some o my peers said I threw away my vote. As I sat watching the results come in,and the news outlets declaring Obama the victor with only 37 percent o the states

    reporting, I wasnt surprised. Tere were many allegations against Obama in regardsto voter raud. However, no evidence was ound to prove these allegations. I believethat the economic state this country is in will not change at all. I eel that we haveseen the worst, but it will not stablized. In regard to the troops overseas, Obama isstill set on his timetable o bringing them all home by 2014.

    As or the elections in Minnesota, both o the amendments to change theconstitution were shut down. Tese issues dont aect me directly and what mostpeople do not realize is that with the same-sex marriage amendment, the Vote Nocampaign won in a popular vote does not make same-sex marriage legal in the stateo Minnesota. It is simply stating that there will not be a constitutional amendment

    banning same-sex marriage but that it will be easier now to legalize same-sexmarriage. Because o this, I strongly believe that in the coming years Minnesota willocially and legally recognize same-sex marriage.

    Even though our ne state is headed in the wrong direction politically, I will notback down rom my spiritual belies and morals which make me an outcast or havinga view dierent rom the state. I will not move away, but ace these issues head-onand continue to love everyone just as Christ loved on the church.

    Regardless o how the elections have turned out, who is in oce, or runningthe Senate or House, we must still back our commander in chie and our electedocials. We must, as a country, hold together in these times o depression. And most

    importantly, we must always trust in God.

    In the days nearing Election Day with media commercials flling withpolitical ads, I wrote this poem in my pent up rage from the annoyancesthose ads are.

    Elections.Lies, deceit, and smiles.The fat cats selling us on our chosensavior.

    Broken promises and names litter thefront lawns of the neighbors up anddown the block.They will fx everything,Turn us all into millionaires.Their mudslinging is traveling throughthe air waves, infecting my ears like adisease.They can dumb down to my level andput on their Wranglers and work bootsas they loosen their ties.

    They tell me about their hard times inlife,How they relate with me.The cameras ash as they kiss a baby

    and pose with their fake smiles.Friends feuding and torn apart downthe middle of the red and blue line.You are either with us or against us,There is no middle ground.They set such high goals for thecountry,Just to eventually crush our spiritsand liberties.Its that time of the year again.Elections.

  • 7/30/2019 The NCU Northerner Nov. 2012






    IabiBy Brian Jones

    Peoples worldviews shape the way they interpretthe world around them. It aects their morals anddecisions on a day to day basis. For many NorthCentral students, this worldview has been shelteredand conned by what is oen reerred to as the

    Christian bubble. In other words, these studentshave been raised in a Christian home and havealways been surrounded by other believers. Tisis not to say that it is wrong to be brought up in aChristian home, but it is important to understandthat not everyone shares the same values andexperiences.

    One way this sheltered view o lie is seen is inhow we react to areas around us. I you spend ouror ve years at North Central and never bother to

    take a walk and see the city, then that is a sure signthat you are in this bubble. Another sign is that

    even i you do decide to take a trip to Dinkytown orUptown, you are uncomortable because it becomesapparent that you are no longer surrounded byChristians. Te problem with this is that in thereal world you wont always be around people who

    believe what you do.It sometimes seems like we can be so caught up

    in building our own spiritual lives that we orget toshow love to those around us. As Christians, we arecalled to be a light to the world, but that is hard todo when we are scared to walk into it. Even withinour own community, there are people rom dierentreligious backgrounds. Are we showing Christslove to those who dier rom us or do we see themas less spiritual? Tese are questions we should

    ask ourselves on a regular basis to make sure we areeectively being that light to the world.

  • 7/30/2019 The NCU Northerner Nov. 2012

    5/205November 2012



    Everyone has pet peeves. Rappers who thank

    God at award ceremonies and wobbly tablesannoy me. It bothers me when the toilet paperroll is on the wrong way,