The NASSCOM India Leadership Forum – Then and Now

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We have put together photographs of the past 17 years of the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum in India. Hope you enjoy these photographs.

Transcript of The NASSCOM India Leadership Forum – Then and Now

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2. Conference Name:Inaugurationof theconference 3. The Early Days ! ! 4. Even then we had a jam-packed AudienceOHP Projections a far cry from dazzling PPTs seen today 5. Harish Bhai contemplates ! KV Ramani and Saurabh Srivastava at the conference 6. Conference Name:Software India 95 Theme:Success through Global Alliances -The Premier Software Business Date:23 rd 25 thJan 1995 7. Conference in progress founding fathers at the top table 8. 1995 Lighting the lamp Narayana Murthy addressing at the conference 9. Entertainment night those days ! ! 10. Conference Name:NASSCOM 96 Theme:US : India Information TechnologyConference Date:7 th 10 thFeb 1996 11. Dewang Mehta at the Conference 12. Conference in progress The much talked about Fashion Show 13. Dewang Mehta with Shammi Kapoor and Mr. X looks on With Simi Grewal 14. Conference Name:NASSCOM 97 Theme:India a Software Paradise Date:25 thSep 1997 15. Here we see Shri Chandrababu Naidu mesmerising the elite panel, as they look on. 16. Dewang Mehta: This is how we do it 17. Conference Name:NASSCOM 99 Theme:The International Software BusinessConference Date:27 th 29 thJan 1999 18. Shri Murli Manohar Joshi releasing the theme paper and raising a toast 19. Packed house at the Oberoi, MumbaiKrishnakumar Natarajan and the early days at Mindtree also marks the emergence of start ups 20. Fireworks before Y2K Ajit Balakrishnan and the early days of Rediff This man would lead the UID project and change the face of India. Nandan Nilekani, addressing at the conference 21. Dewang Mehta NASSCOM celebrates a decade of excellence 22. Conference Name:NASSCOMTheme:2000 @ NASSCOM Date:2 nd 5 thFeb 2000 23. Laying the red carpet, as Dewang Mehta leads the entourage 24. Mohandas Pai addressing at the confernce, as Som Mittal contemplates Mr Mittal, the then Chairman of NASSCOM. Notice the smile sported by the EC members. 25. The past and the future in reverse motion ! As Dewang Mehta twirls a V, notice Som Mittal at the background. 26. Kamal Nath, Pramod Mahajan, Harishbhai & Narayana Murthy the table is reserved! Supporting Partners @2000. Can you identify some of them today, albeit in their new avtaars ! Lighting the lamp in 2000 with Vilasrao Deshmukh. Pramod Mahajan & Dewang Mehta doing the honours 27. Vilasrao Deshmukh in rapt attention ! The most priceless cup of tea !Montek Singh Ahluwalia shares a cup of tea with Nandan Nilekani & Narayana Murthy 28. Bits & Bytes Challenge ! Hardly 29. Conference Name:The International BusinessConference Theme:e-volving Strategies for DigitalEconomy Date:7 th 10 thFeb 2001 30. Heavyweight panel in progress ! 31. Welcoming 2001. The emergence of India. The balloons say it all The man and his creation softwear. Fashion show is on 32. Conference Name:The India Leadership ForumTheme:Indian software Inc. : SustainingGrowth Date:5 th 8 thFeb 2002 33. Inauguration by Kiran Bedi, Pramod Mahajan & Vilasrao Deshmukh 34. Pramod Mahajan holding the almanac of the IT industry The Strategic Review Mr. Karnik at the conference 35. Mr Mittal addressing at the conference Panel in progress 36. Conference Name:India Leadership ForumTheme:NASSCOM @ 2003 Date:11 th 14 thFeb 2003 37. Mr Kiran Karnik the new face of NASSCOM. Notice, for the first time the conference is branded asIndia Leadership Forum 38. CXOs in rapt attention. Arun Kumar addresses at the conference as Kiran Karnik looks on Narayana Murthy, moderating a session 39. Canada a cultural performance Ganesh Natarajan beyond erudition 40. Come shake a leg with NASSCOM ! 41. Conference Name:India Leadership Summit Theme:NASSCOM @ 2004 Date:3 rd 6 thFeb 2004 42. A Panel Discussion in progress 43. Harishbhai (Swamiji) blesses the IT industry 44. Conference Name:India Leadership Forum Theme:NASSCOM @ 2005 Date:8 th 10 thFeb 2005 45. Azim Premji addressing at the conference 46. The Global Leadership Award - 2005 Jerry Rao addresses the Leadership Forum in 2005 as an elite panel constituting Kiran Karnik, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Dayanidhi Maran and S Ramadorai looks on 47. Entertainment evening at INS Vikrant Thiru Dayanidhi Maran at Leadership Forum 2005 48. The Road Ahead 49. Conference Name:India Leadership Forum Theme:Discover, Predict, Benefit! Date:15 th - 17 thFeb 2006 50. Outside the Grand Hyatt 51. The Raju we knew Ramadorai presents the Global Leadership Award to Thomas Friedman 52. The National Anthem 53. Conference Name:India Leadership ForumTheme:E xtending Indias edge in the globalmarkets Date:7 th 9 thFeb 2007 54. Mr. Karnik with Dr. Manmohan Singh at the conference 55. A panel discussion with Dr. Manmoham SinghSeeking the Mahatmas Blessings ! ! 56. Mr. Karnik is seen here with Azim Premji and S Ramadorai and other speakers Mr. Karnik with Shri Kapil Sibal and Shri Amartaya Sen 57. Panel in progress 58. Conference Name:India Leadership Forum Theme:Shrinking the world, Riding the wave Date:13 th 15 thFeb 2008 59. Inauguration .. 60. Have a feel of 2008 61. The heavy weights of 2008 Dr Kalam (top) & Nandan Nilekani, Anand Mahindra (Below) 62. 2008 draws to a close Panel discussion Jerry Rao, Suborto Bagchi and Ganesh Natarajan 63. Our supporting partners 64. Conference Name:India Leadership Forum Theme:Looking back to Look ahead Date:11 th- 13 thFeb 2009 65. Leadership Forum 2009 66. Conference in progress Som Mittal with Kamal Nath 67. Some cherished moments Part I 68. Some cherished moments Part II 69. See you in 2010 ! ! !