The Most Memorable Photos of 2013


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  • The Most Memorable Photos of 2013

  • This photo, of bodies of thsoe people reportedly killed by nerve gas in the Ghouta region, was taken in the Duma neighborhood of Damascus on Aug. 21, 2013. More than 1,400 people, including women and children, died in a chemical attack on rebel-held districts of the Ghouta region east of Damascus. Reuters /Bassam Khabieh

  • Pope Francis waves at his followers, as they stand along the beachfront in Rio de Janeiro awaiting mass on July 28, 2013. Evaristo Sa /AFP/Getty Images

  • Anti-government protesters rally at Independence Square on Dec. 7, 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine. Thousands of people have been protesting against the government since Nov. 21 after Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych suspended a trade and partnership agreement with the European Union in favor of incentives from Russia. Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

  • A demonstrator kisses a riot police officer on Nov. 16, 2013 during a protest in Susa against the high-speed train line between Lyon and Turin. Since then, Italian authorities have accused the demonstrator of "sexual violence and insulting a public official." The train, expected to come into service in 2025, will see one million fewer trucks on the highways a year, and reduce train times between Paris and Milan from seven hours to just over four. Arco Bertorello /AFP/Getty Images

  • Unknown anti-gay activist hits Russia's gay and LGBT rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev (center) during an unauthorized gay rights rally in central Moscow on May 25, 2013. Moscow city authorities had previously rejected requests for a gay rights rally, but Alexeyev said he would fight a ban in court. In June, President Vladimir Putin signed a law prohibiting "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors." The furor, according to Democracy Lab's Prachi Vidwans, has prompted many politicians to avoid or boycott the 2014 Olympics, to be held in Sochi, Russia. Andrey Svitailo /AFP/Getty Images

  • The scene of the first explosion that went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. Three people died and more than 260 were wounded when brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev set off two pressure cooker bombs during the marathon, an event that draws as many as 20,000 participants and 500,000 spectators every year. John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

  • A garment worker reacts after being rescued following the Rana Plaza building collapse in Savar on April 24, 2013. A block populated with garment factories and shops collapsed in Bangladesh in April killing 1,127 people, according to a May report. Reuters /Andrew Biraj

  • A mother and her children hide from gunmen at Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi Sept. 21, 2013. Gunmen stormed the shopping mall in Nairobi killing 39 people, and injuring 150 others. Sporadic gun shots could be heard hours after the assault started, as soldiers surrounded the mall and police and soldiers combed the building, hunting down the attackers shop by shop. Somali militant group al-Shabab later claimed responsibility for the attack. Reuters /Siegfried Modola

  • A displaced Syrian child at a makeshift camp for Syrian refugees on Nov. 12, 2013 in Majdal Anjar, Lebanon. As the war in neighboring Syria drags on for a third year, Lebanon, a country of only 4 million people, is now home to the largest number of Syrian refugees. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

  • Flames from the Rim Fire consumes trees on Aug. 24, 2013 near Groveland, California. The Rim Fire threatened 4,500 homes outside of Yosemite National Park. Over 2,000 firefighters battled the blaze. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  • Two veiled Egyptian women, supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsy, sit in front of police blocking access to the headquarters of the Republican Guard in Cairo on July 8, 2013. Mahmud Hams /AFP/Getty Images

  • A man fans a fire on Nov. 19, 2013 in Leyte, Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan which ripped through the Philippines in October has been described as one of the most powerful typhoons ever to hit land, leaving thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

  • A newly married couple walks up a hill with a view of the city of Antakya, on Aug. 29, 2013. Bulent Kilic /AFP/Getty Images

  • Two Palestinian women stand in front of the Dome of the Rock at the Al-Aqsa mosques compound in Jerusalem on Dec. 12, 2013. A bruising winter storm brought severe weather to the Middle East, forcing the closure of roads and schools and blanketing much of the high altitude areas with snow and ice. Ahmad Gharabli /AFP/Getty Images

  • A Xhosa woman poses on a rock overlooking Qunu, South Africa ahead of the funeral of former South African President Nelson Mandela on Dec. 12, 2013. Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

  • Members of the Rendile tribe and the Turkana tribe dance before total hybrid eclipse in Sibiloi National Park in Turkana on Nov. 3, 2013. Astronomy enthusiasts in Kenya caught a partial glimpse of a rare "Hybrid Total Eclipse" which hasn't been witnessed in Africa for over 40 years. Carl De Souza /AFP/Getty Images

  • Turkish riot police officers take cover as Kurdish protesters shoot fireworks at them during clashes in central Istanbul on Dec. 7, 2013. Bulent Kilic /AFP/Getty Images

  • Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, show their newborn baby boy to the world's media outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London on July 23, 2013. Leon Neal /AFP/Getty Images

  • Chinese astronauts Zhang Xiaoguang, Nie Haisheng, and Wang Yaping salute after getting out of the re-entry capsule of China's Shenzhou X spacecraft following its successful on June 26, 2013 in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. The astronauts returned after a 15-day trip to a prototype space station. inaFotoPress/Getty Images

  • A horseman rides his horses through colored smoke during a practice session at the beach of Scheveningen on Sept. 16, 2013 in the Netherlands. Some 80 members of the Dutch cavalry practiced for any possible emergency during the Prinsjesdag ceremony, which marks the opening of the Dutch parliament. Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

  • View of the Costa Concordia on Jan. 14, 2012, after the cruise ship ran aground and keeled over off the Isola del Giglio. Three people died and several were missing after the ship with more than 4,000 people on board ran aground sparking chaos as passengers scrambled to get off. Filippo Monteforte /AFP/Getty Images

  • Typhoon Haiyan. It was two days after typhoon Haiyan and Tacloban had been devastated, with debris everywhere and scattered corpses on the streets. I saw Joshua Cator, 11 years old, scavenging in the ruins. I learned that he had lost most of his relatives, including his mother, Raquel, and sister, Jamyca, 6, and yet I saw resiliency in his face; his first instinct was survival, and to help others to survive. Now, he lives with his grandfather, in the same damaged house that trapped and killed so many of his family members. For me, his image is a portrait of strength".Dennis Sabangan/EPA

  • A sign from above. It was difficult to tell the story of Pope Benedicts resignation because there were no visible reactions at the Vatican no one praying in the streets as they had when Pope John Paul II died. I noticed dark clouds, and thought that if a storm was to come, I could take a picture of St Peters with a thunderbolt behind it. After about 40 minutes I stopped for a moment to wipe the raindrops on the lens, and lighting struck, along with tremendous thunder, and a group of tourists next to me screamed with fear. As the storm raged I managed to capture the lightning striking the dome. Some people thought the picture was fake, and that hurt me. Others believed I had photographed the wrath of God.Alessandro Di Meo/EPA

  • Spain train crash. The train crash in Galicia on 24 July was one of the worst in Spanish history. This shot, a freeze frame from aerial video footage, shows carriages scattered across the tracks after the train derailed on a bend while travelling at twice the official speed limit. Of four crew and 218 passengers, 79 people were killed and more than 140 injured. Screengrab/AP

  • Williamsburg funerals. This was a triple tragedy for the Satmar community in Williamsburg. A Jewish couple, both only 21, were killed in a hit and run. Their baby was delivered by cesarean at the hospital but died Monday morning. People gathered in thousands in front of the synagogue. The NYPD made it incredibly hard for us to find a vantage point, and it was already uncomfortable this was a terrible and tragic incident, I dont want to be the guy arguing with police in the middle of a grief- stricken neighbourhood. I ran across the street and found one building with a fire escape that took me to the roof. There was a brief moment when the light hit the rabbi, and I caught it. It was a sad, overwhelming moment. Robert Stolarik/Carters News Agency

  • Female fighter in Syria. Her name is Fadwa. Shes 20 years old, a widow with three children. Every time I asked the women of the Free Syrian Army why they decided to fight, the answer was: My husband died on the front lines, I will die on the front lines, may God help us. This was taken in a secret location in Aleppo. I tried to make her feel at ease and make sure she didnt see me as a threat. The pose was her choice. I had to take the pictures fast. Black and white is a safe bet when you are not in control of the light. I was focusing on their eyes and their clothes. Is it a cliche to say I cant stop looking at the baby? Sebastiano Tomado/Rex

  • Family feud. Jang Song-thaek, the uncle of Kim Jong-u