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<FEFF30323431313031302E4E64700066000000000000000000000018001C>Love Jesus. Live your call.Love Jesus. Live your call.Love Jesus. Live your call.Love Jesus. Live your call. January 2014 Vol. 5 Issue January 2014 Vol. 5 Issue January 2014 Vol. 5 Issue January 2014 Vol. 5 Issue 1
The monthly newsletter of First English Lutheran ChurchThe monthly newsletter of First English Lutheran ChurchThe monthly newsletter of First English Lutheran ChurchThe monthly newsletter of First English Lutheran Church----Appleton, WI Appleton, WI Appleton, WI Appleton, WI
First English News
Thank You Children! Sunday School students at both sites shared the Good News of Je- sus’ birth on Sunday, Dec. 15. What a blessing to have so many young people in our midst, and active in the Sunday School program. Thanks to all the kids, and a big thank you to all the teachers and adult and high school helpers who made these programs happen! May you keep telling everyone about Jesus with your songs, sto- ries and these Christmas program pictures.
2 F
Thank You to the Many Christmas Season Volunteers Thank you to all First English volunteers and staff who helped reach out to others with special events, programs, pro- jects and worship services during the Christmas season, including but not limited to: The many worship volunteers who help make each service so meaningful each week but especially during the busy Advent and Christmas season; greeters, readers, ushers, communion assistants, acolytes, television/sound/media technicians, soloists, musicians, choir members, special music musicians, and worship assistants. ♦♦♦ The dedicated
volunteers who assemble our weekly bulletins and always also come through during the Christmas season. ♦♦♦ The office volunteers who helped answer phones and provide a welcoming presence to the office. ♦♦♦ Echoes volunteers, customers and donors for creating a festive store atmosphere with wonderful displays and Christ- mas spirit. ♦♦♦ The families who donated their nativity sets, needlework, puzzles and books for display. The stories and histories provided were enjoyed by many visitors to the Downtown Site from Dec. 1-8. ♦♦♦ The Progressive Dinner organizers, decorators and partici- pants who created such a wonderful spirit of fellowship
on Dec. 13. Thank you especially to the host families in 2013. ♦♦♦ ALL FELC Bell-ringers for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign; those who rang bells on the three First
English dates but everyone who rang bells at any time to help support the Salvation Army. ♦♦♦ All who do-
nated sweets for the 2013 cookie exchange. ♦♦♦ All the bakers who provided so many treats throughout Advent and Christmas. ♦♦♦ FELC members who helped plan, organize, cook, set up/clean up and bake for the annual Dec. 11 “Break Into Our Lives” Worship Service and Lunch. A special thank you to Nicole Doebert and Nathan Birkholz for sharing their musical gifts to create a memorable morning. ♦♦♦ Everyone who blessed the staff with sweets, cards and greetings. ♦♦♦ Cooks, decorators, servers and cleanup crews who assisted with the multiple programs throughout Advent and
Christmas. ♦♦♦ Early Risers Bible Study for making krumkake and delivering it to FELC shut-in’s plus sharing the treat at the 50+ Cookie Exchange.♦♦♦ The Sunday School children and teachers for sharing messages about Jesus birth. ♦♦♦ Preschoolers for songs about baby Jesus. North Site Sunday School chil-
dren for their beautiful Christmas program, Away In A Manger. ♦♦♦ Downtown Site Sunday School children for their joyful music in the Christmas message, Away In A Manger. ♦♦♦ All who brought donations for the WEMI Christian Fam- ily Radio’s Care and Share program and food items for St. Joseph Food Pro-
gram. ♦♦♦ All choir and music team mem- bers and those providing special music for their spirited singing in this season of joy. ♦♦♦ Those that participated in the Fill the Trailer food drive and associated activities collecting food for the less for- tunate. ♦♦♦ Those who supported the Alternative Gifts Market by purchasing Christmas presents. ♦♦♦ All who helped make the Advent Vespers Service The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey such a beautiful service. In particular, thank you to Kiki Kilburn, Parish Choir Director; Sue Bakken, Angelus Choir Direc- tor; Julie Doerfler and Meri Hujet Seraphim Choir Directors and Nathan Birkholz, organist and Parish Choir Accompanist for their wonderful contributions. Thank you all the volunteers, singers and guest musicians who assisted in providing an
evening of pure Advent joy. ♦♦♦ Those who participated in the Longest Night service on Dec. 19. This evening pro- vided quiet and calm during the busy season of Christmas. ♦♦♦ All who gave their time and talents to decorate the
sanctuaries at both sites. ♦♦♦ Bruce Jahnke for donating the beautiful Christmas trees and greenery at both sites. ♦♦♦ Those assisting in tree delivery and set up; not to mention the volunteers who help take down the trees in January. ♦♦♦ All who purchased poinsettias to complement the sanctuaries at both sites. ♦♦♦ The Christmas offering organiz- ers and counters.
January 2014 Newsletter 3
Memorial/Honor Trees You may have noticed the two new installations of art- work in the Gathering Areas at church and wondered: how did they come to be? These Memorial/Honor Trees were installed just before Thanksgiving at the North Site, and a few weeks later at the Downtown Site, by a small group of supporters, who volunteered to help bring member David Hinds’ call to life.
David brought the idea of the Memorial/Honor Tree to church leadership back in July, and he presented his very compelling vision: his desire to reduce the mort- gage debt of the congregation, while offering an oppor- tunity for members to recognize important people, dates, and events in their lives, in their church home. David had already done research on vendors and came forward with a significant donation, in memory of his parents, towards the purchase of a tree “system.” Fol- lowing approval of the concept by Council, David at- tracted several other donors, and made a successful appeal for “Live Your Call” matching grant monies, to fulfill the purchase of the first tree.
Around that time, Terry and Mary Maves, having heard about the project, came forward to donate the funds necessary to acquire a second tree, to be added to the planned order. David’s call inspired them to memori- alize their families’ presence in the church, and a hope to inspire others to participate, particularly with the
upcoming centennial celebration in 2016. Now, with a tree at both sites, members have several opportunities to recognize important events and persons in their lives, while helping to reduce the mortgage debt, as well!
Each tree is composed of 220 leaves, each of which may be engraved with several lines of script. The leaves are available in bronze, silver, and gold tones, respective of the various levels of donations. For those interested, there are also “rocks” available - larger plaques which are placed near the roots of the trees, to recognize larger donations. It will be exciting over the passage of time, to see the various entries on the trees, to reflect on the persons and events recognized, and to know that the funds raised through these installa- tions of art, will be working to pay down the church’s debt.
For more information about the Memorial/Honor Tree program, please contact one of the members of the steering group: church council members Pete Vanden- berg and Don Kirby, or Pastor Mary, or reach out to the Hinds or Maves families some Sunday morning. To find out how to participate in the program, contact Brenda Smongeski at 733-2303, to be provided detailed information needed to begin planning your addition to our trees.
First English Lutheran Church Website: Email: [email protected]
~Pastor Bryan
Downtown Site Corner of North & Drew Streets Phone 920-733-2303
Office Hours: Office Hours: Office Hours: Office Hours: M-Th: 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Fri: 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Service Times:Service Times:Service Times:Service Times: Sunday: 8, 9:15 & 10:30 a.m.
North Site Corner of Broadway Drive & Ballard Road Phone 920-882-7942
Office Hours: Office Hours: Office Hours: Office Hours: T-Th: 1-3 p.m.
Service Times: Service Times: Service Times: Service Times: Sunday: 8:15 and 10:30 a.m.
Nathan Birkholz (Organist) [email protected]
Jeanne Gronholm (Administrative Assistant) [email protected]
Donna Haberland (DS Children’s Christian Ed) [email protected]
Angella Hoffman (NS Children’s Christian Ed) [email protected]
Kathy Hoffman (Echoes Manager) [email protected]
Kristy Howard (Office and Worship Support) [email protected]
Meri Hujet (Communications Coordinator) [email protected]
Jenny Jamison (Youth and Family Asst.) [email protected]
Kiki Kilburn (DS Parish Choir) [email protected]
Jean Monson (Discipleship Coordinator) [email protected]
Kirsten Owens (Confirmation Coordinator) [email protected]
Dale Rude (Handyman) [email protected]
Cindi Schwab (Bookkeeper) [email protected]
Jim Stellmacher (NS Music Leader) [email protected]
First English Pastoral Staff
Mary Bauer (Associate Pastor: Discipleship) [email protected]
Bryan Schmidt (Associate Pastor: Youth & Family) [email protected]
First English Support Staff
Newsletter Deadline: Newsletter Deadline: Newsletter Deadline: Newsletter Deadline: All submissions for the February 2014 issue must be emailed to [email protected] by noon on Wednesday, Jan. 15.Wednesday, Jan. 15.Wednesday, Jan. 15.Wednesday, Jan. 15. Special thanks to all those who contributed photos for the newsletter.
The 8 a.m. worship service is broadcast weekly on Time Warner Cable channel 4The 8 a.m. worship service is broadcast weekly on Time Warner Cable channel 4The 8 a.m. worship service is broadcast weekly on Time Warner Cable channel 4The 8 a.m. worship service is broadcast weekly on Time Warner Cable channel 4 at 11 a.m. Sunday morning (one week delay).at 11 a.m. Sunday morning (one week delay).at 11 a.m. Sunday morning (one week delay).at 11 a.m. Sunday morning (one week delay).
From the Desk of Pastor Bryan Made New in Christ So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new crea- tion: everything old has passed way; see, eve- rything has become new! (2 Corinthians 5:17)
Depending on when you read this, the year 2014 may already be upon us. It will be inter- esting, once again this New Years Eve, to see if I am able to stay awake until the clock hits midnight without nodding off or falling asleep. Truth be told, I am not a night person - I think I shared that in a sermon not too long ago. I would not bet the farm on my staying awake for too long on Dec. 31 if I were you. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.
On those rare occasions where I do happen to be awake (and alert!) at 12 a.m., my digital watch, when set to military time, reads 0:00. And for that brief second, I am amazed at how new the day is and, as each second passes, I am reminded how fast time moves. Each sec- ond is here for just that, a second!
I love the message that Paul is sharing in this passage from 2 Corinthians because it centers on Jesus bringing newness of life. Even though we are surrounded by a lot of “new” things right about now - a brand new calendar year, the opportunity to make new resolutions, Christ- mas presents just a week or so old waiting to be used and enjoyed - Paul’s focus is on the gift of newness of
life that Jesus has given and continues to give to us. Sure, we just celebrated Christ being born a baby in a manger in Bethlehem not too long ago, and we will, in a few months, mourn the death of our savior on the cross and two days later celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the dead, but to me, Paul is telling the church at Corinth (and us!) that God transcends time and space as the earthly world knows it, and knowing Christ (being new in Christ) is never
contingent upon any specific time of the year.
It is such a precious gift of grace to be known and made new in the eyes of God.
So as 2014 makes its way into our midst, I give thanks for each new day, minute and second that God has gra- ciously given to me, for loving me unconditionally and giving me the gift of grace that makes me new each and every day, and I give thanks for the gift of journeying with you as together we proclaim the good news of Je- sus’ love - to each other and, most especially, to our neighbors and friends in our community. May we continue to embrace the many ways Christ is making us new - claimed, chosen, and redeemed - be it Jan. 1, Dec. 31, or anywhere in between.
January 2014 Newsletter 5
Worship and Music Milliken College Choir Concert
Saturday, Jan. 11 at 7 p.m. First Congregational Church 724 E. South River, Appleton
Free Admission
2014 Altar Flowers Sign Up FELC is pleased to have a local floral designer arrange the altar flowers that are in honor of or in memory of a loved one. The cost is $50. Please sign up on the special Altar Flower calendar and send your payment to the church of- fice. Wedding couples are welcome to leave altar flowers behind, if they so wish just inform Kristy in the office so you can be acknowledged in the Sun- day bulletin. For Downtown Site flowers, sign up in the Gathering Area. For altar flowers at the North Site, please contact Kristy Howard in the church office (733- 2303 or [email protected]).
Seraphim Choir Changes The Seraphim Choir has changed leadership. Julie Doerfler and Meri Hujet have retired from their posi- tions as co-directors, and Pastor Mary Bauer has joyfully stepped in as the new director. We thank Julie and Meri for their years of faithful service, and we wish Pastor Mary well in this new venture!
Boy Scout Sunday Feb. 2 is Boy Scout Sunday. If any scout wishes to vol- unteer at their Sunday a.m. worship time, please con- tact Jean Monson.
Our second year of Unbinding is called the Year of Invitation: Year of Invitation: Year of Invitation: Year of Invitation: Faith, Prayer and CommunityFaith, Prayer and CommunityFaith, Prayer and CommunityFaith, Prayer and Community. January is a month to focus on prayer and inviting others to a February small group discussion of Unbinding Your Soul. The four- week small group invites participants to read a short chapter weekly and do a daily prayer journal.
Pray and ask yourself where God is leading you next. Pray and ask, “If I were to pass a copy of the Unbinding Your Soul book to someone, who would God want that to be?” If you have a name in mind, or need a book for yourself, pick one up in the Gathering Area for $10 to help defray the cost of the book.
The small groups are open to anyone and the Unbinding Leadership Team is praying that if it’s right for you this winter, you’ll say “yes” and choose a time to sign up for a small group, develop your own
Year of Invitation: Faith, Prayer and Community time/location for a small group and/or invite others to an Unbind- ing group, a conversation over coffee, or a church or community event. Questions? Contact Anita Damon, Cheri Dworak or Pastor Jeff.
Currently small groups are sched- uled at these times with more times to be added.
• Sunday at 9:15 a.m. on Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23 in Room 114 at the Downtown Site.
• Sunday at 9:20 a.m. on Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23 in the North Site Office.
• Wednesday at 4 p.m. on Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26 in the Lounge at the Downtown Site.
• Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26 in the Lounge at the Downtown Site.
• Choose your own time and date to invite people to a small group at a local coffee shop or your home.
Sincere Thanks For many years, we have had the privilege of sharing in music ministry with many wonderful young people. We have been blessed by experiences with these kids nei- ther of us could have imagined. Thank you to every per- son who has participated in Seraphim during this time and to all the families who have supported their chil- dren in this ministry. We are so grateful to Pastor Mary for the excitement and passion she has for this ministry and her willingness to direct the choir beginning in January. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!” Psalm 150:6.
Sincerely, ~Julie Doerfler and Meri Hujet
Learning Women’s Monthly Bible Study You are invited to a Bible study, In Good Company: Stories of Biblical Women. The January lesson is about Abigail, a calm strategist, based on 1 Samuel 25:18-19. A small group of 8-15 women gather monthly and enjoy about two hours sharing friendship, Bible study, prayer and coffee. • The Judith Circle does not meet in January. • The Sarah Circle meets at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 8 in Room 114 at the Downtown Site.
• The Miriam Circle meets at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 8 in a member’s home. Call 450-1196 for the location.
Early Risers Women’s Group A new study begins Thursday, Jan. 9 at 6 a.m. in the Lounge at the Downtown Site. Living Free: Learning to Pray God's Word by Beth Moore provides a 6-week study experience for five days a week. Beth explores the idea that we cannot please God by being perfect. The study begins by defining false strongholds, then focuses on how to find satisfaction in God and experience God's peace through practices of prayer and Bible study. An- nette Ford, the facilitator for many years, plans to be there to get this new study started before her family moves to Oklahoma City. Sincere thanks to Annette for encouraging the Early Risers and blessing us with many hours of faith and friendship.
Thursday 9 a.m. Bible Study The weekly study, "Beyond The Present Time," continues Thursday, Jan. 9 from 9-10:30 a.m. in the Lounge at the Downtown Site. Barb Mattheis is the facilitator. Men and women enjoy the weekly study, coffee and friend- ship.
Pastor Led Study The Wednesday Bible Study with Pastor Mary looks at the book of Revelation. Scripture is read and discussed chapter by chapter each week. The study meets weekly at 11 a.m. in Room 114 at the Downtown Site. All are welcome to attend.
Sunday Morning Learning Downtown Site 9:15 a.m. 9:15 a.m. 9:15 a.m. 9:15 a.m. Downtown Site Daily Discipleship: Downtown Site Daily Discipleship: Downtown Site Daily Discipleship: Downtown Site Daily Discipleship: Young adults to ages 50+ are invited to come to Room 221 at the Downtown Site at 9:15 a.m. on Sunday mornings for a weekly lectionary based Bible Study.
North Site 9:25 a.m. 9:25 a.m. 9:25 a.m. 9:25 a.m. Faith Lens Study: Faith Lens Study: Faith Lens Study: Faith Lens Study: Young adults to ages 50+ are invited to drop by the North Site office for a live conversation connecting a current world event with the Bible, faith, and everyday life. Each week's topic is inde- pendent, so come any Sunday. Jen Wageman, facilitator.
Men's Ministry You are invited to drop by a Men’s Ministry weekly small group discussion as often as you can. It’s a time to strengthen men's Christian faith, relationships, wit- ness and service in their homes, congregation and com- munities. No need to register, just come. • Tuesday morning men’s ministry New Testament study meets weekly at 6:30 a.m. at the North Sites starting Jan. 7. Contact Jim Moard at 882-7621 with questions.
• Wednesday men’s ministry meets weekly at 7 p.m. in the Library at the Downtown Site. Contact Jack Swan- son 733-4029 with questions.
• Tuesday men's ministry meets weekly at 7 p.m. in the Lounge at the Downtown Site. Contact Gary Haber- land 739-9635 with questions.
• Friday morning…