The Missouri Compromise of 1850

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CLICK ANYWHERE TO CONTINUE. The Missouri Compromise of 1850. Daniel Marku (10-2) ---- Project #30. Welcome to Daniel Marku’s presentation on the Missouri Compromise of 1850 (#30). There are three chapters you can go through, with 1-3 lessons each. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Missouri Compromise of 1850

The Missouri Compromise of 1820

Rising TensionsIn the early 1800s, the north and the south were battling over slave-related issues. The north consisted of many FREE STATES, while the south had the SLAVE STATES.

In 1819, both sides reached a tipping point when Missouri asked to join the nation as a slave state, and the north wanted to add Maine to the Union as a free state.

Back to MenuThe CompromiseAfter much deliberation and close Senate/House vote results, Congress decided to create a line known as the Missouri Compromise Line, located at the southern border of Missouri (36O 30 NORTH). Any lands above the line, excluding Missouri, would be free states. Any lands below the line would be considered slave states.

Back to MenuThe Flaw of the 1850 CompromiseThe Compromise of 1850 might have been successful, if the fourth enactment, passing a harsher Fugitive Slave Law, was not passed.This harsher version forced any federal official who did not arrest a fugitive slave to pay a fine. Effects:ABOLITIONISTS increased efforts to go against slaveryMore slaves went through the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD to escape to CanadaThis, as well as the Kansas Nebraska Act (see Project 31), created strife and anger amongst the people of the north and south, and after various strikes, led to the Civil WarBack to MenuThe Missouri Compromise of 1850

Admitted California as a free state

Abolished slave trade

Organized the Territories of Texas and Utah under POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY

Passed a harsher Fugitive Slave Act

Forced Texas to give up its claimed land, and in return gave the state ten million dollars in compensation.IMPORTANT SLIDE!!!Back to Menu

Back to MenuBrief Timeline1819: Missouri asks to join the nation as a slave stateTo solve issues1820: Missouri Compromise: Line drawn at southern border of MissouriAny lands above were free statesAny lands below were slave states (and Missouri)1846-1848: Mexican-American WarAmerica gains land: Should they be free or slave states?1850: Henry Clay tries to pass a new Missouri CompromisePassed on September 20, 1850.

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RELATIONSKansas-Nebraska Act (#31): This act repealed the part of the Missouri Compromise. The Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed popular sovereignty to decide whether Kansas or Nebraska would be free or slave states.The Birth of the Republican Party (#32): After the lands were divided following the Mexican-American War, the Missouri Compromise of 1820 laws were contradicted. This created discontent. After a fighting pro-slavery legislation, it started to become obvious that a new party to counter would need to be formed. South Carolina Secedes (#42): The Missouri Compromise was one of the many acts that angered South Carolina and caused them to be the first state to secede from the U.S.Back to Menu