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The LurkingProduced by Angel Duncil, Elona Woodford and Matt Rabbitt

Production Company: Top Hat Production

GenreThe genre of our film is Horror so it means that we could involve the paranormal and the idea of becoming possessed.When looking at the genre we took inspiration as to how to shock/ scare the audience from various films.

Genre Success Influences

The woman in black posses others ending in death influencing our idea of NickHorror

They move into an old house where crimes have previously taken place was influenced by Sinister

In Paranormal Activity they feel the presence of ghosts/ spirits as which influenced the ghosts in The Lurking

CastNick Livingstone Hugh LaurieJaney Smith Emma WatsonChloe Goodard To be confirmed through auditionsKate Day To be confirmed through auditionsWillow Barkway To be confirmed through auditions

Nick Livingstone

He is going to be played by Hugh Laurie. Outfit Idea:

Character Overview:MysteriousLandlord of the house HelpfulDarkSecretiveCreepy

Janey Smith

She is going to be played by Emma WatsonCharacter Overview:Main character and member of sororityInnocentOutgoingEasily persuaded

Outfit Idea:

Chloe, Kate and Willow

Characters Overview:Remaining members of sororityClose friendsYoungVulnerableOutfit Ideas:Similar to Janeys outfits

SettingDerelict old house, just about liveableIn the outskirts of LouisianaOld fashioned houseAlways has a subtle burnt stenchIsolatedBad weather winter to show pathetic fallacySet in 2015

PlotFor sale sign is shown (very beginning). They meet the landlord of the house (Nick) who is willing to help them move in.They decided to move there because they didnt have a lot of money.

Nick lives near them next door 10

As days pass by, scary things begin to occur for example, writing on steamed mirrors, crying noise at night, subtle dragging of legs while sleeping.

The girls are obviously scared but they had no where else to go as their parents home were in different states and it would cost a lot of money which they didnt have. 11

A week after they have moved in, whispers wake up the girls. Chloe who has had enough of constantly being disturbed, goes outside of the house to try and confront whatever is causing the commotion. She goes to the hallway (at the entrance) and the door opens and she gets dragged out. Nick shows up and saves her, keeping her in the house.


During the same night, Chloe cant go back to sleep because she was shaken up/scared by the dragging event. Her feet drag her downstairs unwillingly to the basement where she finds Nick and she immediately starts questioning him. She sees something behind him (pile of dead bodies) and everything clicks. The screen goes black and Chloe starts screaming.

Next day, Kate is found in the bath dead and Chloe is crying with blood on her hands attempting to clean them. She kills herself due to guilt (but she was actually possessed). It turns out the weird things happening were actually done by the ghosts living inside the house who were old tenants. This happens in Janeys dream as the ghosts come to her warning her to leave. They were being dragged to get them out the house but she realises that Nick was purposely trying to keep them in.This conclusion is further confirmed when she reads Nicks old journal.Janey realises and tries to leave but realises that Willow is still in the house. She goes back and sees Nick with Willows dead body.

Ending Having learnt about Nicks past and seeing what he has done to her friends, Janey decides to burn the house down in order for the recurring cycle of murders to stop to make them (the girls) the last tenants of the house. But she has to sacrifice herself to do this and she does. The camera zooms into the fire/flames and the screen turns black.

Nicks motivesThe house that the girls live in was actually burnt down in 1957. It was Nicks family home and his whole family died in the fire, except him. He does everything he can to rebuild the house and he manages to do so but this doesnt make him feel better as he is traumatised and becomes extremely lonely. He overdoses and dies two years later. He wants others to now feel his pain.Creates 5 stage narrative analysing as the house ends they way it started before Nick died (Equilibrium).

Film LanguageMise en SceneMost scenes - low lightingHigh lighting at start on Nick to emphasise his importance. DarknessNick wears dark clothing to mirror his personality and also old fashioned to show that he is someone from the past (been dead for a long time)Girly bright outfits for girls binary opposites (contrasting with Nick) to emphasise their youth

Film LanguageSoundA combination of diegetic and non-diegetic soundViolins classical music Rhythm speeds up whenever something is about to be revealed (e.g. Chloe wandering around the house until she finds Nick in the basement) and then slows down Nursery rhymes (to accompany the crying sound of babies as theres a family of dead ghosts previous tenants)

Editing For the scene where Chloe starts screaming in the basement the screen goes black and only her screaming can be heard for a few seconds then next scene. Most scenes are going to occur at night time (therefore we could number each night like Night One, Night Two etc. to show or we could also emphasise this point by the use of clothing so different pyjamas every night, different hair styles)

MarketingYoutube link to trailer (banner)Advertised on TV after American Horror Story same genrePosters at cinema/bus etcRelease a ghost video that looks real target is for it to cause controversy worldwide and become viral then reveal after that it was actually a marketing campaign for the movie. This would make the public curious about the movie.

AudienceThe target audience for this film is people in their 20s who are carefree workers. The people that this film is marketed for are part of the main audience for most cinemas, therefore meaning that we would be more likely to receive higher grossing figures at the box office.So that a larger amount of people would be able to see it we would release this film in around the Summer time as this is when people take their holiday off work so are going to have free time to come and see it.Also as our target audience are all over 15 it means that they will all still be able to watch it even with the 15 rating due to the scenes of a scary and violent nature.

Enigma CodesThroughout this film we want the audience to be asking questions that are revealed at the end in order to keep them gripped and watching until the end.So we would want them to be asking, Why does Nick wantal them dead? and Why are these things happening to them?This also inserts mystery and suspicion into the film as it leaves the audience guessing.