The Love Suicides: Life Before Love, Love After Death

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The Love Suicides: Life Before Love, Love After Death. By: Kelsey, Esin, David, Renee & Jessie. History. Written by Chikamatsu Monzamon(1653-1725) “Japanese Shakespeare” First performed 1703 as puppet theater - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Love Suicides: Life Before Love, Love After Death

  • The Love Suicides: Life Before Love, Love After Death

    By: Kelsey, Esin, David, Renee & Jessie

  • HistoryWritten by Chikamatsu Monzamon(1653-1725) Japanese Shakespeare First performed 1703 as puppet theaterBased on actual event that occurred a only a month before than the first performance - much like Shakespeare's Romeo&JulietIs the most popular of his play to this day

  • PremiseThe production will be reinvented as a naturalized Canadian version of the classic Kabuki theatre piece. Replacing the conventions of Kabuki with modern structuring features:

    Inflection of voiceUse female for female rolesNatural looking stage makeupMinimal changes to script (setting the production in Canada)Modern North American dressPerformed outdoors at night Adding dancingAdding Multimedia projection

  • Stage Orientation / Scenic Design Garden On Lower-level UTSC Basis of Stage

    Renowned Montreal Botanical Garden - Inspiration

  • ContinuedStage Orientation. (Traditional Japanese musicians, A = Shrine, B = Tree, C= Market Set)

    Love letters hanging around trees and bushes surrounding audience.

  • Costumes: OhatsuCostume: Incorporation of Japanese apparel with modern dress.Oriental sash around the waist of flowing white dress.Inspiration: Kimono and Sarah Jessica Parker

    Hair: Keep it simple. Down with a non-elaborate hairpiece (ie. Floral clip).Makeup: Not over the top. Keep it natural.

  • Costumes: Tokubei Costume: Consists of one outfit with two looks. Brown jacket with white dress shirt and brown pants Inspiration: A common workers outfit. He will wear his jacket before the altercation takes place, and have it off after the beating (having his jacket ruined in the fight, and his white shirt underneath dirty, will portray the state he is in). Hair: Before fight, hair will be nice and in order. After, his hair will be messy. Makeup: Natural. Dirt will be on the face after the fight.

  • Costumes: DancersCostume: Man White shorts with white T-shirt (loose fitting).Costume: Female White flowing dress.Makeup & Hair As the dancers are to be portraying the story of the main characters love, their hair and makeup will be mimicking that of the two lovers. Inspiration: Heidi and Travis (SYTYCD)

  • Multimedia: Music Recorded Music vs. Live MusicTraditional Japanese Orchestra containing the Japanese instruments:1.Shamisen2.Tsuzumi3.Nahkon

  • 1.Shamisen

  • 2.Tsuzumi

  • 3.Nahkon

  • Multimedia: ProjectionsSuicide notes will be projected onto the dancers during the transitions of the scenes

  • Dance Three sets of dancers representing the stages of the main character's relationship and love changing throughout the production.Each pairing performs a choreographed dance that will work as an introduction to each scene of the play; representing the relationship during that particular upcoming scene. Movement are puppet like to pay homage to the original performances being puppet theatre while still embodying traditional Kabuki movement. The third and final scene however will have the preface as well as incorporate the dancers into the scene itself where the lovers commit suicide together.

  • Issues and ConcernsWeather:-Impossible to control weatherSolutions:-Outdoor tents-Rain jacket (if necessary for a price)

    Costuming:- Might not be reminiscent enough of Japanese culture Solutions:-alterations to dress in regards toJapanese essence

  • ContinuedSet/ Set pieces:-set may be ruined if weather conditions are not favourable-audience seating must compliment set design as the natural set cannot be alteredSolution:-use specific set pieces (ie. tree) to create deep symbolism rather than add to set-tents will protect the set

    Script:-may be better suited to a mature audienceSolution:- highly skilled actors utilized to deliver script in a way that is both enticing to young and old audiences

  • ContinuedMultimedia:-may have problems with electronics outdoors in regards to outletsSolution:-extension cords and pre-planning-minimal multimedia usage-reliance on nature versus media

    Budget:-may have to rent school patio-outdoor tents -refreshments-cost of actorsSolution:-inquire about school functions and events-buy fabric and make costumes-outdoor tents can be made -refreshments can be minimal and only used if necessary-hire actors under voluntary basis and donations can be made on the audience and staffs behalf

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