The Lonestar Rebellion Julie Ludwig and Adrija Chaturvedi

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Transcript of The Lonestar Rebellion Julie Ludwig and Adrija Chaturvedi

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  • The Lonestar Rebellion Julie Ludwig and Adrija Chaturvedi
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  • People Sam Houston: Commander in chief of the Lone Star Republic Santa Anna: Commander in chief of the Mexican Army Colonel W. B. Travis: Commander of the Texan Army at the Alamo Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett: Slain heroes at the battle of the Alamo; became legendary following their death
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  • Places The Lone Star Republic Alamo Goliad San Jacinto
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  • The Lone Star Republic 1836: Texas gained its independence from Mexico Mexicans don't accept this
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  • Battle of the Alamo March 6, 1836: Battle of the Alamo Santa Anna: o invaded texas o trapped nearly 200 texans at the Alamo in San Antonio o wiped them out completely after 13 days Colonel WB Travis: "I shall never surrender or retreat...Victory or Death. RESULTS: Delayed Mexican Advance Stimulated American oppositon towards Mexicans
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  • Goliad Massacre March 27, 1836: Goliad Massacre 400 American Voluteers were killed as "pirates RESULTS: Stimulated American opposition toward s Mexicans
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  • American Reaction Americans were outraged Many went to Texas to help in the battles Battle Cries: o "Remember the Alamo" o "Remember Goliad" o "Death to Santa Anna! New American legends: Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett Texans couldn't have won the independence without the American help, Us governemnt, even though they weren't supposed to because they were supposed to be neutral Public nullified this because they wanted to support the Texans
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  • Turning Point Sam Houston retreated to the east Santa Anna followed him to San Jacinto 1300 Mexicans vs. 900 Texans April 21, 1836: Houston wiped out the pursuing force and captured Santa Anna
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  • Results Santa Anna signed two treaties: o withdraw mexican troops o recognize the Rio Grande as the extreme SW boundary of Texas When released from Jail, Santa Anna rejected these agreements because they were "extorted under duress"
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  • Troubles With the US? Before Jackson left office, he recognized Texas as independent Texans wanted union with the US not just recognition 1837: Texas officially petitioned for annexation to the US Denied because of the slavery issue: o Texas would come in as a slave state; throw off balance
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