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1. The Lizzie McGuire Movie: Opening sequence and teenage conventions The Lizzie McGuire movie is a great example of a film that shows teenage conventions of a young girl which relates to our target audience. Although the film is a much different genre to our thriller opening sequence, many of the conventions displayed have also been used in our opening sequence. We have long and establishing shots of our main actress getting ready and looking closely at her outfit. This also happens in the lizzie McGuire film showing the teenage convention of fashion, portraying them as stylish and appealing to the target audience. 2. Much like our opening sequence, there is a cross cut from the man to woman and in the lizzie McGuire film this happens with brother and sister, showing the conventions of boys and girls and portraying stereotypes Our opening sequence has an endless variety of shot which then reveal a name while our main actress is getting ready, in the process of putting make up on, straightening her hair and getting dressed. These are all teenage conventions of a young girl, which is a target audience for our opening sequence (secondary). These different conventions appeal to the target audience as they can relate to what she is doing and will be interested as this is something that they may do in everyday life.