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A great guide for those wishing to understand what to do and why on LinkedIn. Author is digital strategist Stephanie Sammons

Transcript of The LinkedIn influence starter guide. Author stephanie sammons

  • !!Build LinkedIn Influence

    A Starter Guide for Building LinkedIn Influence

    By: Stephanie Sammons


  • LinkedIn is the most powerful online resource of our time for professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives. The worlds largest professional network has nearly 300 million members worldwide who are active, engaged, and affluent.

    !Building an influential presence on LinkedIn can help you take your personal brand and your business to the next level!

    !To ultimately reap the benefits that LinkedIn can bring to your personal brand and your business, you first need to build a foundation and create a strategy plan that will position you as aninfluencer.

    !Unfortunately many people miss this point.When you focus on building online influence, you dont have to overtly market or sell.


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    LinkedIn members are active, engaged, and affluent.

  • !Although building LinkedIn influence is a longer-term approach, it is the right way to leverage social networking, and it's also good business!

    !Remember, your professional reputation is at stake. Do you want people to like you and trust you? Or do you want them to hide your updates and mute you from their social streams. Do you want to be viewed as an authority, expert, and resource in your industry and by your existing and prospective clients? Or do you want to allow your competitors to take that position?

    !Focus on building LinkedIn influence and you will build a loyal following, attract new clients into your business, and develop advocates who send you introductions and referrals.


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    Dont market and sell, build influence on LinkedIn to attract new clients and customers.

  • 3 Steps for Building LinkedIn Influence

    !Below are 3 first steps that are essential for creating an influential presence on LinkedIn. If you follow the fundamental steps that I cover in this guide, you will have a strong foundation to build upon and create amazing personal and professional growth opportunities.

    !#1)Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

    !Your LinkedIn profile, by default, is your professional online identity. You can either neglect it, or take control of it and turn it into a powerful online reputation asset.

    !Not only will your LinkedIn profile rank well in Google search results for your name, but many times, its afirst stopfor potential clients and professional connections to learn more about you. If your profile isn't credible, youre potentially going to blow that first impression!

    !Your LinkedIn profile is a dynamic and evolving digital asset. You will need to be constantly updating and improving it.

    !Remember, as you grow your presence on LinkedIn, your profile will be exposed to new viewers and potential connections each and every day!

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  • LinkedIn is continuously adding new profile features, and they do a fairly good job of alerting you about these updates. Make sure that you keep up!

    !Add Some Visual Appeal to Your LinkedIn Profile

    !LinkedIn enables you to upload visual files to your profile usingsupported services. You can display videos, images, slide presentations, and even audio/podcast files on your profile.


    Add rich media content to your LinkedIn profile


    ! 5

    Your LinkedIn profile is not a set it and forget it

    digital asset.

  • Add visual appeal to your profile and utilize video and audio assets to make a more emotional connection with those who view your profile.

    !Make Your LinkedIn Profile Memorable

    !Your LinkedIn profile headshot and your professional headline are by far the two most important components of your LinkedIn profile.

    !Why? These are the profile components that follow you across the entire network wherever you engage and participate.

    !Whether you are commenting, sharing, posting, or publishing on LinkedIn, your profile image and headline summary will be seen by any LinkedIn members you interact with.

    !Having a professional headshot will help you make a great first impression and make you more memorable across the network. If you can afford to invest in a professional photographer for your headshot, do it!

    !With your LinkedIn headline summary, don't try to get creative and fancy.

    !! 6

  • Instead, be as clear as possible about what you do, who you help, and how you help. Avoid industry jargon and avoid using symbols.

    !You are limited to 120 characters for your headline summary, so experiment with this on paper prior to adjusting it on LinkedIn.

    !I tend to experiment frequently with my headline to see how it affects my profile views and how often I appear in LinkedIn searches. (Any keywords you include in your headline will potentially be picked up in LinkedIn searches, so you will want to think about which keywords make sense for you)

    Be concise and clear with your LinkedIn professional headline


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  • Complete your profile as close to 100% as possible.

    !Craft a compelling summary, add your skills (for endorsements), add your website and blog urls, contact information, specialties (use keywords for this section), projects, volunteer work, publications, interests and presentations.

    !Completing your entire LinkedIn profile is your chance to effectively tell your story and showcase your professional insights for everyone to see. (You will also get discovered by those LinkedIn members your profile is designed to attract).

    !When you add your skills to your LinkedIn profile, your connections will be prompted to give you endorsements each time they visit your profile.

    !Make sure to choose accurate terms and phrases regarding your skills for this section of your profile. Not only can you benefit from LinkedIn search results based upon the skills you list, but collecting endorsements is a nice form of social proof.


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  • Your LinkedIn connections can boost your social proof through endorsements!


    Your Profile Info Determines Your Search Performance

    !Did you know that there were nearly6 billion people searcheson LinkedIn in 2012? If you dont have a robust profile, you dont have any chance to show up in search results.


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  • LinkedIns search algorithm is extremely powerful and relevant.

    !You can show up for searches based on your location, work experience, education, skills and expertise, and your network connections. To that extent, sprinkling relevant keywords about what you do and whom you help is critical for getting found by the potential clients and customers you want to attract.

    !Also, growing an intelligent LinkedIn network will help you show up in the right search results. For example, when a 3rd degree connection is conducting a LinkedIn search, you might show up based on how the two of you are indirectly connected! Do not discount the power of LinkedIn search.

    !Profile views lead to business opportunities, and, they are measurable.

    !When someone views your profile and they find you to be an interesting and credible person, good things will happen.

    !Profile views are not only measurable (check your LinkedIn home page), but they can generate new connections, website or blog visits, lead captures (if you embed calls-to-action in your profile), sharing of

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  • your LinkedIn published posts, engagement, 1-on-1 interaction (via LinkedIn messaging), introductions, and more.

    !Can you see how your LinkedIn profile is key for getting found by the right people, making new connections, and driving business opportunities passively?

    !#2)Build a Robust, Intelligent Network

    !One of the keys to becoming aninfluenceron LinkedIn is building an expanded network of connections.Not only should you focus on the quality of your network (depth), but you should also strive to expand your quantity of connections (breadth).

    !This doesnt mean your should connect with any random person on LinkedIn. You will want to use discretion to make sure that you are making intelligent connections. Dont limit your connections. If you limit your connections, you limit your growth potential.

    !! 11

    The depth and breadth of your LinkedIn network drives your growth potential.

  • Think outside of your immediate network as you consider who to connect with. Do you live in the same community? Do you share common hobbies or interests? Do you work in the same industry? Do your backgrounds overlap? Do your share common connections or groups?

    !You never know who can lead to a new client or referral opportunity within your network.

    !Every new LinkedIn connection is an opportunity to create a valued relationship and grow your visibility.

    !Making new connections on LinkedIn is an opportunity to expand your visibility through gaining exposure to the networks of others.

    !When you make a new connection, you can also gather valuable insights about that person and find creative ways to go deeper with the relationship.

    !Growing your connections on LinkedIn will lay the groundwork for spreading your insights and ideas more widely.


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  • Having a robust network on LinkedIn will also help to establish you as aninfluencer. LinkedIn members like to connect with the movers and shakers! By creating the perception that you are well-connected, you will attract even more connections.

    !Your network can lead to all kinds of business opportunities, but more importantly, you can create opportunities for your network connections and