The Lie of the Antichrist: "There was NO Rapture!"

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Spiritual Matters in a Physical World: The Events of "The End Times" addressed to those who have been left behind.

Transcript of The Lie of the Antichrist: "There was NO Rapture!"


AS OF 21 November, 2007, work still needs to be done on portions of this book. DLS

The Lie of the Antichrist: There was NO Rapture!A work of NON-FICTION By DLSmith Be aware this book: The Lie of the Antichrist: There was NO Rapture! is copyrighted. That being said, copies of this book are allowed to be made, free of charge, provided that it be printed, or copied, in its entirety without any changes made as to its content - UNDER ONLY, AND SPECIFICLY, ONE CONDITION: that a global wide situation occurs in which millions of people disappear, apparently without an immediate, obvious explanation. Otherwise, this book may only be published by authorized entities. Portions of this text may be quoted, provided that the author and the book title are cited. No person or entity may charge any amount or fee, for copies made of this book with the exception of the author (should the author so desire) and his authorized representative(s). It is the author's desire is that, after the Rapture of the Christian church, many copies of this book will be available so that those left behind will NOT be tricked by the Lie of the Antichrist. May God bless you and keep you in the palm of his mighty hand! DLSmith All bible verses in this book are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible, unless stated otherwise.

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Prologue This book is a work of non-fiction regarding the events of the Christian Rapture and what happens around the world afterwards. The contents of this book have been carefully researched; if I could not document, biblically - or in the secular realm - that which I have written, in this book, I DID NOT PUT IT IN THIS BOOK. There are some books that have been written regarding the end times that are wonderful and I strongly endorse reading. However, there are occasionally things, in those books, that may not be biblically accurate. That is not the case with this book. This book deals with spiritual matters in a physical world. In the world in which we live, when one hears talk of spiritual matters, it is often in the context of religion in one form or another. Religion, by definition, can range from Judeo-Christian ideals to the Church of Satan and a myriad of other groups and practices. More specifically, this book deals with spiritual matters regarding the Rapture of the Christian church. There have been pastors, evangelists, and theologians that have spent countless hours preparing sermons on the subject. Many a night has been spent with some poor soul tossing and turning in their bed - or on their knees beside their bed,- wondering about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Countless people have asked themselves, "Am I going to hell?" "Are we living in the end times?" "Will I have to go through the tribulation?" "When WILL Jesus Christ come back?" Will I go to heaven when I die?" These have been the questions that have plagued the soul of man since the time of the 1st century church. Will this book provide the definitive answer to the question of the second coming of Jesus Christ? Will this book present such evidence that there will be no more questions? Alas, the answer is no. Some will read this book and find hope. Others will find in these words answers long sought. And yes, there are those that will pore through these pages and conclude what they already knew that there really was no truth to be found here at all. Read that last sentence again. This book provides answers that the reader seeks. Then there will be others that read these words; those who read tomorrows headlines.

This book is written for them those that were left behind.



Its Time!The thunderous cry rang out across the skies; Its time! The shout was echoed by a myriad host of heavenly angels and accompanied by the trumpet call heralding the long awaited return of Jesus Christ . The joyous and triumphant cry signaled the ending of Mans day and the beginning of the Day of the Lord.

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. I Thessalonians 4:16 - 17


SECTION I The EVENTS OF the LAST DAYS Chapter ONE The DISAPPEARANCES Vanished. Millions of people had suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. Gone. In an instant. One moment, the people were there; then, as quick as a thought, they were gone. It happened in a moment - less than a moment, it happened in the blink of an eye. In that moment, the world changed. The world had seen change before. Ages had come and gone. Generations had lived and died. Each generation had seen their world change. The one constant in the world, it has been said, is that there will always be change. The world watched as change occurred throughout human history. The annals of time recorded each passing change. When Alexander the Great began his military conquest, the world changed. When Thomas Edison invented his light bulb, the world changed. And when the bomb exploded over Hiroshima, the world changed. Sometimes change occurred in an instance, but most often, the world changed slowly, a moment at a time. Even during the days of Noah, there were many that were unimpressed by the first drops of rain. But there had never been change like this. In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, the world had changed. How many had disappeared would never be known; millions, definitely. It was the beginning of a time that history would never forget. In the aftermath of the disappearance of so many of the worlds population, thousands more died - tens of thousands certainly, maybe even more. Thus began a time of trouble that the world had never seen before and would never see again.


Chapter TWO THE EVENTS What had happened? Within moments of the disappearances, television news channels began airing special reports of the disappearances. Around the world, news organizations scrambled to find out why so many people had suddenly vanished. As people began to realize the magnitude of the tragedy, panic, hysteria, and fear spread across the globe like a dark black cloud. Rioting occurred. Many fled major metropolitan areas in a mass exodus, fearing nuclear holocaust. Looting, suicides, mass murder on city streets police departments, militias, and military forces around the world mobilized as fear spread across the globe. Within twelve hours of the disappearances, civilization as we know it had crumbled into a massive cauldron of turmoil. The disappearance of millions of people all around the globe predictably caused widespread panic, fear, hysteria, and virtually every other possible emotion. Every culture, every country was affected. No ethnicity, race, religion, nor country appeared to provide a common denominator for those who had vanished in that instant. Admittedly, English-speaking countries had suffered a higher percentage of population loss. However, countries seemingly on the opposite end of the spectrum from, say, the United States, were also severely affected. Several countries on the continent of Africa, for example, had huge numbers of their population disappear. There seemed to be no one thing that could be pointed to as to why certain persons had been chosen to be among those that disappeared. Several inmates on death row at one of Americas most notorious maximum-security penitentiaries had even vanished without a trace! Of course, the immediate reaction from many was that the second Coming of Christ, what Christians called the Rapture, had occurred. But that was soon rejected after it was discovered that some of the most reverent and respected leaders in virtually every religious denomination had not disappeared at all. In addition, it was later revealed that every religion in the world - including those of Moslem countries, and other decidedly anti-Christian religions, had "some" members of their population missing - supposedly due to the disappearances. That fact, along with those "left behind" religious leaders pointing out exactly why the Rapture could not have occurred, logically ruled out the Rapture as a possibility. Once the Rapture was dismissed, by those authorities on such matters, as a likely possibility, other viable options were discussed and argued worldwide. Mass abduction by extraterrestrials seemed to be the most logical explanation. That conclusion itself only made matters worse. How could Earth defend itself against invaders from outer space? However, a host of other possibilities were analyzed and discussed for months after the disappearances. Such discussions, however, were put on hold, for the most part, as the world tried desperately to cope with the magnitude of millions of Earths population disappearing all at the same time. For three days, there was seventy-two hours of hell on earth; the world had dissolved into chaos. Even chaos could not describe what the world had become in an instant. In the wake of the disappearances, the world experienced one cataclysmic event after another when many planes and other forms of transportation crashed as their human operators disappeared. Disaster struck industries worldwide as workers suddenly vanished; emergency services workers around the world faced a hopeless struggle to even begin to aid a stricken world. Always shorthanded and with never enough help, the ranks of emergency and lawenforcement personnel had been further diminished by the disappearances.6

Many cities around the world were paralyzed by the loss of much of their emergency services personnel. English speaking countries were the most affec