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The Kite Runner. By Sarah Nugent & Courteney Case. Summary. Setting in Kabul, Afghanistan 2 childhood friends, Amir & Hassan who win the Kite running race together Amir g oing to Pakistan with dad by smuggling to escape Kabul - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner

The Kite RunnerBy Sarah Nugent & Courteney Case

SummarySetting in Kabul, Afghanistan2 childhood friends, Amir & Hassan who win the Kite running race togetherAmir going to Pakistan with dad by smuggling to escape KabulAmir works to gain his future wifes dads trust in order to pursue herLater when older, goes to Hazarajat to bring Hassan back, Hassan got shot

Important pointsId rather eat dirt than lie they would do anything for each other (LYING IS A BIG THEME)Religious differencesViolence, story about man killing wife since tears turned into pearls & hes poor, but Hassan says why couldnt he have put his eyes near an onionFriendship falls apartIt is a dangerous thing being born for mother and childSaur Revolution (politics)- communism starting brawls

Important pointsfor you a thousand times over to run the kite for him=friendship; but loyalty and doesnt give up the kite and even ends up getting raped & beatenAfter incident, Amir feels guilty and starts to distance himself+ be more mean (wants him to fight him back) steals & hides watch to set up and make sure Hassan and his dad leave

Important pointsBaba stands up for woman in the smuggler caravan (courage) when going to PakistanAfter he graduates community college, in California and now dad wants him to become a doctor & save peoples lives rather than write stories

Important PointsWhen he goes to the doctors office, Baba doesnt let Russian doctor help himHassan taught himself to read & write before sending Amir a letterActually his half-brother (letter was sentimental)Amir is trying to find orphanage with Sohrab

CharactersAmir= best friends with Hassan, writes stories, non-violent, wants fathers affection & attentionHassan= best friends with Amir (actually half-brother), Hazara, gets killed when grown up and so does his wifeSoriaha= Amirs future wife

CharactersBaba= harsh on Amir, loves and provides for Hassan and his dad (also called Sahib)Ali= dadAssef= bully, picks unnecessary fights, has posse of 2 other guys, against Hazaras flat-nosed, Rahim Kham- listened to Hassans stories before I knew how to write them

Our OpinionDifferences from the bookDidnt like how whole movie wasnt in EnglishFavorite scene was when they got to pick out the kitesSad that after 40 years, Hassan & dad leave so suddenly.. But do it since dad knows about what happened to Hassan and doesnt want the dad to get angry at AmirPictures Hassan and Amir different olderSkips a lot of important parts (like Babas success+ familys relationship), went straight into depressing parts and skipped childhood parts (went right into kite racing scenes)

Our opinionAmir looks really American grown upSubtitles distracted meDifferent since we read book, but seemed slow then fast at timesLike that they show us the setting (childhood) in KabulDeprived situation- sell legs for foodSome scenes were brutal like throwing stones at sinners

Historical Timeline Dec. 1979= Soviet Invasion (communists came in)Revolts in the countrysidePower struggle between leadersAfghan army faces collapse, but soviet union finally sends in troops to help remove Amin (eventually executed)USA eventually got involved and tried to help (communism trying to spread)1991 US gave military aidTaliban came in 1994 ceased control of Kabul in 1996, introduced extremist islam (banned women from work, amputations+stonings to death)Old gov. fleesMade Pashtun democracy go down, Hazara pop. Went up1998 Hazara massacre

Historical InjusticesHazaras are largest ShiaRanked very low in ethnic statusPoor- most immigrated to KabulDiscriminated against (no marriage)- unscaled occupations became Hazara occupationsBiggest and most politically powerful ethnic group are the Pashtuns (Amir)- very diverse and have 7 tribal groupsCode of behavior that stresses bravery and self-respectDefending property and family is importantIf honor is compromised- seek revenge (brutal)

BibliographyThe Kite Runner Movie- a DreamWorks Pictures Production