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Family and Society - Bianca Scurry. The Kite Runner. Summary. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Kite Runner

The Kite RunnerFamily and Society - Bianca ScurrySummarySohrab runs away to a mosque, where he explains how he misses his parents. Amir offers for Sohrab to come live with him in America. Amir calls his wife and tells her about Hassan, what happened in Kabul, and how he wants to adopt Sohrab. Soraya agrees.The American embassy says that adopting Sohrab will be very hard, because he needed death certificates of Sohrabs parents, which was nearly impossible to get. The embassy then gives Amir the name of an immigration lawyer who may be able to help. Amir meets with him, and the lawyer says that Sohrab may need to wait in an orphanage for a little while. Sohrab feels that Amir broke a promise and is very upset.Later that night, Sohrab had attempted suicide.

FamilyIn this chapter, there are two main relationships.Between soraya and AmirBetween Sohrab and Amir

FamilyFarid, Amir and Sohrab have travelled to Islamabad, where they are settling into a hotel for the night. Amir asks that Farid stays the night with them, but he replies by saying But i want to get back tonight. I miss my children . Sohrab runs off to a mosque, but Amir finds him.Sohrab then talks about mosques for a little bit. He asks Amir about Amir's parents. The two talk about being orphans and missing their parents. Sohrab is beginning to forget his parents' faces. Amir gives Sohrab the Polaroid photo of Hassan and Sohrab.

Do you miss your parents? Amir replies by saying that he never met his mother, and that Baba died a few years ago. We learn that despite the relationship that Amir and Baba had, he still misses him a lot as he was his father, and part of his family.

FamilySohrab feels that he is full of sin for what he did to Assef. He asks Amir...Do you think Father is disappointed in me? Sohrab also explains how he misses his father and mother too. The situation that Sohrab is in, relates to Amir as a child, where he too wanted to gain the approval of his father. The difference is that, what Sohrab did to Assef was brave and it saved Amirs life. Amir knows that Hassan would not be disappointed in him.

FamilyThe majority of the chapter revolves around Amir and Sohrab building a relationship between each other. The main plot that relates to family is when Amir invites Sohrab to live with him and his wife in San Francisco. As Sohrab and Amir continue their heart to heart, Amir asks SohrabWould you like to come live in America with me and my wife?Amir is inviting Sohrab to become a part of his family, yet Sohrab doesnt reply. It is a huge decision, as Sohrab would probably be with them for the rest of his life

FamilyAmir, hes you qaom, your family, so hes my qaom too.Amir calls Soraya to ask if he can bring Sohrab back to America to join their family. During the years, Amir and Soraya have bonded, and have gone from being friends to family. Soraya feels that whatever is part of Amir is now part of her.

SocietyIn this chapter, we find that Sohrab is traumatized by what the Taliban, which had taken over afghan society, did to Sohrab. He feels dirty and full of sin. Amir also explains to Sohrab, that he and Hassan were brothers, and highlighting the fact that Hassan was a Hazara. In Afghan culture, there are certain levels of class based on heritage or wealth, thus Hazaras falling very low in that category.

Even the most moderate Muslim nations are hesitant with adoptions because in many of those countries, Islamic law, Sharia, doesn't recognise adoption.

Other quotesThere are a lot of children in Afghanistan, but little childhood I think he loved us equally but differently Even the most moderate Muslim nations are hesitant with adoptions because in many of those countries, Islamic law, Sharia, doesn't recognise adoption.