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  • the kazmi reviewISSUE 2




    Montville|Morristown|Mountain LakesMorristown Beard|Parsippany|Parsippany Hills

  • Hello DIvision 20!I hope you've all enjoyed your summer

    thus far! As it comes to a close, I'd like toshare with you all the fun times that KeyClubbers had this July at InternationalConvention as well as the changes thatwe've all experienced due to amendmentsand elections.

    The New Jersey District headed off forLAX on June 30th, but the real fun tookplace in Anaheim, California. From daysspent in Disneyland to days spentattending workshops, every second of theweek long trip was full of new memoriesand important lessons in leadership.

    Yours in Caring and Service,Aleena Kazmi

  • DAY ONEof ICON was very eventful and very long.We had an opening session that greetedall the nations of Key Club Internationalwith a flag ceremony along with theintroduction of guests and DistrictGovernors. After an inspiring lecture fromkeynote speaker Chris Bashinelli, we brokefor lunch.

    After lunch began caucusing -International Board Candidates went fromroom to room giving speeches about theirplatforms and answering the questions ofKey Clubbers from all over the globe. Whileit was a very long process, it was extremelyinsightful for all of us to see how people

    from different parts of the world think andhow they lead their societies.

    After voting in a room with our pastsister districts, all delegates (which includednearly everyone from the New Jerseygroup) attended the House of DelegatesSession I. This meeting was extremelylengthy and filled with debate and discordregarding the proposed amendments. Bythe end of the night, tensions had spreadand International Dues were raised a totalof $0.50, which brings the total up to $7.00for International.

    To end the night with a bang, allattendees went to a beach themeddance with great music and a lots ofmingling with Key Clubbers from all overthe nation.

  • DAY TWOof International Conventionbegan with a Meet theCandidates session where allInternational Board Candidatesgave a short speech on stageto remind the audience of theirplatforms and goals for theupcoming year.

    Each candidate thenanswered one randomlyselected question about theposition they were running for.This group of candidatesconsisted of 14 trusteecandidates and 2 candidateseach for president and vicepresident; the group was cutdown after the initial votes fromday one.

    Following this session was agrowth session led by speakerMatt Mattson. Although hisname can bring you to crack asmile, his words were powerfuland truly inspirational. His wordsof wisdom were then followedby the first workshop of theweekend.

    During the Kiwanis providedluncheon, speaker Louise Ashbyspoke of overcoming adversityand learning to fight for what

    you believe in, no matter whatthe odds. If you haven't heardof her, I really suggest lookingup her story - it may bring you totears, but it'll really push you tostrive for all of your aspirations.

    Then, the New Jersey Districtparticipated in a service fairwhere Key Clubbers could learnabout the amazing service thatother districts partake in whilealso purchasing merchandise inorder to support variousfundraisers, including theEliminate Project. Eachcandidate was also set up withtheir own table to answer anyquestions or allow Key Clubbersthe chance to really get toknow their future leaders.

    Ending the night was arecognition session, featuringtwo talent performances fromNew Jersey (shout out to LTGBobbie Boettinger andGovernor Sam Levisay); variousawards were given throughoutthe night including thedistinguished awards for districtexecutives. This second day ofconvention was the Fourth ofJuly, so dinner and fireworks

    International Trustee NicoleLema from our very own districtat Meet the Candidates

  • DAY THREEof convention was one of the busiest for allattendees - there were four workshops toattend! Following this long day of learningwas another stressful session of the Houseof Delegates. Again, candidates werevoted on and and amendment for dueswas once again addressed.To end the session, Maria Palazzolo was

    announced as International President withKevin Zhang as Vice President.The elevel trustees were later

    announced at the closing session withNew Jersey's very own Nicole Lemawinning one of the spots! The old boardwas retired and a fresh faced new groupwas installed right after. After a few wordsfrom the new International President, theIndiana District Governor announced the2015 Indianapolis ICON and conventionwas officially ended.While we were sad to be done with

    convention so soon, the New JerseyDistrict had one final day in Disneyland tolook forward to!


    International President -

    MARIA PALAZZOLOInternational Vice Presdient -

    KEVIN ZHANGInternational Trustees -

    JENALEE BEAZLEY Southwest DistrictNICOLE LEMA New Jersey DistrictGARY CHENG Michigan DistrictRENISHA DALEY Jamaica DistrictTASHRIMA HOSSAIN Texas-Oklahoma DistrictLAKEN KELLY New York DistrictRIP LIVINGSTON Alabama DistrictROBBIE MATHIS Kentucky-Tennessee DistrictSHANE MEYERS Florida DistrictLIZ MOORE Capital DistrictBARRY SENG Pennsylvania District

  • Key Club Bylaws(as amended at the 2014 Key Club International Convention)

    1. Any person, not in highschool or an educationalequivalent, who hasperformed somedistinguished public servicemay be elected anhonorary member of a clubfor a period of one year.Honorary members shall payno dues and shall not beentitled to any privilege of aKey Club dues paidmember.

    3. Membership should coverones tenure in high schoolas stipulated by theireducation system. Thesemembers should beinterested in service andqualified scholastically byschool district requirementsfor extracurricular activitiesand of good character.

    4. In order to form a newdistrict, the proposed areamust include at least 15active Key Clubs and atleast 450 active Key Clubmembers.

    5. Fifty cents of the dues ofeach member shall nolonger be deposited into theYouth opportunities Fund tocreate an endowment tofund grants to clubs andscholarshipsrather, this willinstead go towards Key ClubInternationals deficit.

    2, Key Club Internationaldues will now be $7.00 perclub member ($0.50 raisefrom before).

  • Contact your District Board...

    District GovernorSam Levisay

    District SecretaryJacqueline Dragon

    District TreasurerDaniel McCormack

    District EditorPatrick Quinn

    District WebmasterSrikar Gudipati

    Lieutenant GovernorAleena Kazmi