The Ireland and a day trip into the Neolithic at Newgrange. Special option: take the Dart to the...

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Transcript of The Ireland and a day trip into the Neolithic at Newgrange. Special option: take the Dart to the...

  • LONG-TERM IN-COUNTRY FACULTY Maeve O’Sullivan is a journalist, poet,

    and musician, Lecturer in Media

    Communications at the College of

    Rathmines, Dublin, and the author, with

    Kim Richardson, of the haiku collection

    Double Rainbow. Her solo collections are Initial Response, A Train Hurtles

    West, and Vocal Chords. Her radio series on Irish poets and writers on RTE/Anna Livia (public radio) included an

    interview with WV Poet Laureate Irene McKinney, found-

    er of WV Wesleyan’s MFA Creative Writing Program.

    Kevin Hora is the author of Propaganda and Nation Building: Selling the Irish Free State and Lecturer in Media Communica- tions at the College of Rathmines, Dublin.

    A Ph.D. in History, Trinity College, Dublin,

    he is also a published short story writer

    and walking guide, tailoring his tours for students of

    literature and of the social conditions in Ireland preced-

    ing the 1916 Easter Rising.

    RECENT GUEST FACULTY Dermot Bolger, novelist, playwright,

    poet, editor and publisher, focuses on

    the experiences of Irish working-class

    characters in a wide variety of settings

    and genre combinations. Author of 15

    works of fiction, 16 plays, and 10 poetry

    collections, he founded Raven Arts Press which he ran

    for 15 years until 1992 when he co-founded New Island

    Books. His most recent novel (2016), The Lonely Sea and Sky, is an intense account of his father’s experiences in World War I. A generous teacher, he is one of the most

    beloved and accessible of contemporary Irish writers.

    Nicholas McLachlan’s stories have been

    published in The Irish Times, Force 10, and The Cork Literary Review. He was selected for the Poetry Ireland Introduc-

    tions series in 2004 and has produced

    two books, 80-MPH: A Festschrift for Leland Bardwell, and Ildána, a bi-lingual collection of over 80 West Kerry artists and writers. He is co-founder

    of Dingle Writing Courses where he taught for 15 years

    and a tutor in the Creative Writing Adult Education Pro-

    gram in Dingle, Co. Kerry. His debut poetry collection is

    The Rain Barrel from Salmon Poetry, 2015.

    Devon McNamara, Project Director,

    Jessie van Eerden, MFA Director,

    Your Organization

    Your business tag line here.

    The Ireland Residency

    West Virginia Wesleyan MFA

    Summer 2018

    What past participants have said:

    Even when I slept, I dreamed of old Irish stories. There were reasons to write everywhere. ~Andi Fekete, 2012

    First, excitement of museums, theaters, bookshops of Dub- lin, then the peace of the west of Ireland, where even the donkeys, cows, and sheep pace themselves...Perfect for a writer. ~Joyce Allan, 2014

    Everyone—the director, my fellow travelers, writers Dermot Bolger, Jessie Lendennie, Nicholas McLachlan Kevin Hora, and Maeve O’Sullivan, and the O’Sullivans of Grattan Lodge, Galway—welcomed and encouraged me to grow as a writer and as a person. ~Megan Mallory, 2016

    Private writing workshop with Irish novelist Dermot Bolger in his Dublin home inspired us with prompts and Irish cof- fees...a stay on Galway Bay (breathtaking views, extraordi- nary breakfasts) and heaping helpings of the Doolin Folk Festival (Luka Bloom, Finbar Furey) first favorites …to think we decided the very last minute to go! ~Dee Sydnor, 2016

    Long twilights, verdant fields, walks in Dublin, country lanes, by the sea. Irish poets in Galway, Neolithic artists at New- grange, Oscar Wilde at The Gate, dark ale and Irish stew. And there was time—time to observe, appreciate, dream, write. The whole trip—luminous! ~Marilyn Stearns, 2014

    To walk in the footsteps of James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, hear Dear Life Dennis O’Driscoll at The Dublin Writers’ Festi- val, sit a few feet from Seamus Heaney and Roddy Doyle at The Irish Writers’ Centre, reading their work on Blooms- day—incredible. I loved it! ~Zach Williams, 2012

    I stood on the James Joyce House staircase like Gretta in “The Dead,” received a kiss from Jeannette Winterson at The Dublin Writers’ Festival...dipped my toes in the sea at Dun Laoghaire, grew silent at Kilmainham Gaol...and tied a scrap of my red scarf to a Hill of Tara fairy tree to leave a bit of me in Ireland and come home with a bit of Ireland in me. ~Shauna Jones, 2012

    Highlights: workshop with Dermot Bolger, one of Ireland’s premier novelists, falling in love with Dublin and the haunts of James Joyce, losing my heart to Galway City, Coole Park, Inis Mor and the Cliffs of Moher, and to Irish poet Nicholas McLachlan, whose workshop engaged us deeply at Salmon Poetry and Literary Centre, Ennistymon, County Clare. I would go again in a heartbeat. ~David Evans, 2016


    June 1-10, 2018

    Tentative Itinerary

    Begin your MFA Irish Residency in Dublin—

    writing workshops, lively lectures, theater,

    museums, galleries, city life past and present,

    and a day trip into the Neolithic at Newgrange.

    Special option: take the Dart to the Irish Sea and wander the shore all morning.

    Travel by train to Galway City for the beauty of

    Galway Bay, Coole Park, bookshops, readings,

    theater, and a ferry to the Aran Islands. Special options: bike around Inis Mor or sit in a Galway café all afternoon.

    Enjoy your finale in Doolin, Co. Clare, with The

    Doolin Folk Festival, a writing workshop at

    Salmon Poetry and Literary Center, home of

    Jessie Lendennie (Founder/Publisher/Editor),

    Ennistymon, a Burren tour, the Cliffs of Moher,

    and a farewell dinner at Ballinalacken on Galway

    Bay. Special option: walk down to the harbor and watch the boats until sunset, maybe longer.

    Plan on beauty, music, good company, freedom,

    and time and space to write. (Itinerary evolves in conversation with participating students and is finalized the May preceding the trip.)

    Ireland Residency Project Director DEVON

    MCNAMARA has poetry, essays, reviews and interviews in The Christian Science Monitor, The Hiram Poetry Review, Laurel Review, and other publications. She directs cultural tours of

    Ireland for undergraduates and for the MFA

    program. Before joining the Wesleyan English

    The Ireland MFA Residency is offered every other year and

    is designed to introduce Wesleyan’s MFA students to the

    literature and culture of a literary nation during ten days

    of writing and literary enrichment in Dublin, Galway, and

    County Clare.

    CURRICULUM: Students complete advance reading and

    submit a project proposal for the trip. After returning to

    the United States, students turn in a piece of writing relat-

    ing to or inspired by the travel experience and also submit

    a personal evaluation/summation of their participation in

    the project. Pass/fail grades are assigned. Sample projects

    have included short stories, a poetry collection, memoir,

    and impressions of Ireland through its writers, its history,

    its cultural life—portraits of Irish citizens of all generations.

    CREDITS: This residency fulfills two two-hour courses*

    (ENGL 520/525, ENGL 530/ 535, or ENGL 540/ 545, de-

    pending on genre). MFA graduates, student spouses/

    friends, and other non-degree persons may apply to audit

    (auditors attend programming, but are not required to

    complete a project).

    RESIDENCY EQUIVALENCY: Although the Ireland Residen-

    cy replaces one on-campus residency*, students are en-

    couraged (but not required) to attend the subsequent

    summer residency, with tuition waived, paying only room

    and board; if attending the summer on-campus residency,

    full participation is expected. Students may also come to

    campus for fewer days to meet with their fall advisor.

    *Because of fundamental work completed at a student’s first residency and because of the nature of fifth-residency require- ments, the Ireland Residency cannot serve as a student’s first or final (fifth) residency.

    TUITION: Tuition is equal to that of an on-campus residency:

    4 credits X $425 = $1700. The auditing fee is $800.

    ESTIMATED COSTS BEYOND TUITION: This amount includes

    flight, lodging, events, and most transit costs (e.g. ferry and

    train tickets). Meals & miscellany are not included here—

    estimates are $250 for meals, $100 for misc; amounts vary

    according to individual preferences.

    Because most costs are shared, costs lower as the group size


    4-5 students attending=$3500 per student

    6-7 students attending=$3200 per student

    8 students attending=$2900 per student

    If the trip is canceled, students are fully refunded; if students

    decide later not to take the trip, they receive only a partial



    DECEMBER 1: Passport number

    and $1000 deposit due.

    JANUARY 31: Balance due

    (costs beyond tuition depend on number of participants). FEBRUARY 15: Flights booked

    individually, observing

    assigned time windows for