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  • The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP) is an official publication of the Society forIndustrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc. Circulation is approximately 6,500, whichincludes the membership of the Society (professional and student), public and corporate libraries,and individual subscribers. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, TIP (ISSN 07391110,USPS#014838), is pub lished quarterly by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psy-chology, Inc., 440 East Poe Road, Suite 101, Bowling Green, OH 43402-1355.

    Mission Statement: The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (TIP) is an official publicationof the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc., Division 14 of the AmericanPsychological Association and an Organizational Affiliate of the American Psychological Society.The purpose of TIP is to provide news, reports, and noncommercial information related to the fun-damental practice, science, and teaching issues in industrial and organizational psychology.

    Article deadlines for each issue: July issueMay 1; October issueAug. 1; January issueNov. 1; April issueFeb. 1

    Advertising and positions available: Advertisements ranging from one-half to two pages andPosition Available announcements may be arranged through the SIOP Administrative Office.Deadlines for the placement of ads and announcements conform to the article deadlines print-ed on this page. Details and rate information are shown on the last page of this issue. For fur-ther information or ad placement, contact the SIOP Administrative Office.

    Subscriptions and address changes: Sub scrip tions begin with the July issue and are payable inU.S. funds. Member ship inquiries, address changes, advertising placements, and other businessitems should be directed to SIOP Administrative Office, 440 East Poe Road, Suite 101, Bowl-ing Green OH 43402-1355. Phone 419-353-0032, fax 419-352-2645, e-mail

    Subscription rates: Subscription cost for SIOP members $15.00, included in annual dues.$25.00 for individuals, $35.00 for institutions. Periodicals postage paid at Bowling Green OHand at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER, send address changes to The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist TIP, SIOP Ad mini strative Office, 440 East Poe Road, Suite 101,Bowling Green, OH 43402-1355. Undeli vered copies resulting from address changes will notbe replaced; subscribers should notify SIOP of their new address.

    See TIP and SIOP online at www.siop.orgCopyright 2012 by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc.

    Opinions expressed are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the officialposi tion of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the American Psychological Association, or the Association for Psychological Sciences, unless so stated.

    Editorial Board:Alexander AlonsoStuart CarrRich CoberSatoris CulbertsonMarcus DicksonEric DunleavyTomas GibersonArthur GutmanMilton Hakel

    Scott HighhousePaul LevySuzanne MiklosPaul MuchinskyDavid PollackRob SilzerLori Foster ThompsonMo WangStephen YoungMike Zickar

    The Industrial -Organizational Psychologist

    TIPLisa Steelman, EditorThe Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Florida Institute of Technology150 West University BoulevardMelbourne, FL 32901-6975Phone: (321) 674-7316E-mail:

  • The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist 1

  • 2 July 2012 Volume 50 Number 1

  • The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist 3

    Featured Articles7 A Message From Your President

    Doug Reynolds

    12 From the Editor: Summertime and the Livin Is EasyLisa Steelman

    17 Letters to the Editor

    21 Arrogance: A Formula for Leadership Failure

    Stanley B. Silverman, Russell E. Johnson, Nicole McConnell,

    and Alison Carr

    30 Beyond Frontiers: The Critical Role of Cross-Cultural Competence

    in the Military

    Elizabeth Culhane, Patrice Reid, Loring J. Crepeau, and Daniel


    39 On the Validity of the Selection and Assessment Interview

    Andrea Castiello dAntonio

    45 The Benefit of a Degree in I-O Psychology or Human Resources

    Xuan Wang and George B. Yancey

    53 How to Write More While Experiencing Less Pain: Practical Advice

    for Professors, Practitioners, and Graduate Students

    Nathan A. Bowling

    62 Science Advocacy Survey Results: A Brief Report

    Tammy D. Allen, Fred Oswald, and Eunae Cho

    Editorial Departments71 Its Driving Me Crazy

    Paul M. Muchinsky

    Volume 50/Number 1 July 2012

    The Industrial -Organizational Psychologist


  • 73 Max. Classroom Capacity

    Marcus W. Dickson

    77 The Academics Forum:Service Is a Seven-Letter WordSatoris S. Culbertson

    81 TIP-TOPICS for Students:Money (Really) Matters: Tips From the Frontline on Balancing Graduate School FinancesJessica E. Dinh and Allison S. Gabriel

    87 Pro-Social I-OQuo Vadis? How Geneva Sees UsStuart C. Carr

    91 International Practice Forum: Work Stress Auditing: Assessing the Differences in StressorsAlex Alonso and Mo Wang

    98 Spotlight on Global I-O

    Lori Foster Thompson, Alexander E. Gloss, and M. K. Ward

    Industrial and Organizational Psychology in CroatiaHelena Hanizjar

    102 The History Corner: Horace Secrists (1933) Theory of Organizational Mediocrity: A Cautionary TaleScott Highhouse

    105 On the Legal Front:Supreme Court to Rule on Fisher v. University of Texas: Is Grutter In Trouble?Eric Dunleavy and Art Gutman

    115 Good ScienceGood Practice:Developing Women LeadersTom Giberson and Suzanne Miklos

    119 Practice Perspectives: SIOPMembers, Graduate Educations, and Employment FocusRob Silzer and Chad Parson

    132 Practitioners Forum:Keeping Practice on the MoveRich Cober

    134 Foundation Spotlight: Announcing the Jeanneret AwardMilton D. Hakel

    4 July 2012 Volume 50 Number 1

  • News & Reports133 SIOP 2012 Ah ha! Moments

    Satoris S. Culbertson

    138 SIOPs Impact Hits San Diego!

    Lisa Finkelstein and Deborah Rupp

    142 SIOP2012 Highlights

    145 2012 SIOPAward Winners

    153 Announcement of New SIOPFellows

    Walter C. Borman

    162 2012 Frank Landy SIOP 5K Fun Run

    Paul Sackett

    165 Are You on my.SIOP? What Members Are Saying About SIOPs

    New Online Network

    Zachary Horn

    167 You Can Now Customize Books in the Practice Series to Suit Your


    Allen I. Kraut

    169 Moving Forward: The Strategic Planning and Policy Ad Hoc Committee

    Adrienne Colella

    171 Announcement of New SIOPEditors

    Scott Highhouse

    172 Change in Submission and Closing Dates for Applications for SIOP

    Foundation Funding Opportunities

    Leaetta Hough

    173 Report From the APA Council of Representatives, February 2012


    Debra A. Major

    175 SIOP 2013 Annual Conference Program: Houston

    Eden King

    176 SIOP Proudly Presents the 8th Annual Leading Edge Consortium

    The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist 5

  • 178 Obituaries: Sidney Gael; William C. Howell

    182 SIOP Members in the News

    Clif Boutelle

    186 IOTAS

    Stephen Young

    188 Announcing New SIOP Members

    Mo Wang

    192 Conferences & Meetings

    David Pollack




    6 July 2012 Volume 50 Number 1

    The cover image juxtaposes the natural environment with the built and indus-

    trially utilitarian environment. It also provides an analogy to environmental

    sustainability as a budding topic in industrial-organizational psychology.

    The critical role that I-O psychology has in the area of environmental sus-

    tainability will be explored in the 2012 Leading Edge Consortium:

    Environmental Sustainability at Work: Advancing Research, Enhancing

    Practice. The conference will be held October 1920 in New Orleans. Go to for more information and to register.

    Photo courtesy of Stacy Eitel Davis

  • 12 July 2012 Volume 50 Number 1

    Summertime and the Livin Is Easy

    Lisa Steelman

    Florida Tech

    Many of us view summer as the time to slow down, relax, and breathe a

    little. Not so at SIOP! This issue of TIP is packed full of information, activi-ty, and news from the members that make SIOP the premier professional

    organization for I-O psychologists all over the world.

    We have an article by Stan Silverman, Russell Johnson, Nicole

    McConnell, and Alison Carr discussing their program of research on leader-

    ship arrogance. They provide information on the impact of arrogance in top

    leaders and how to assess and address leadership arrogance. Elizabeth Cul-

    hane, Patrice Reid, Loring Crepeau and Daniel McDonald discuss cross-cul-

    tural competence in the U.S. military. They share how the military is current-

    ly defining cross-cultural competence and some of the initiatives under way to

    ensure our military are mission ready to work in cultural contexts other than

    their own. Andrea Castiello dAntonio discusses his view on the nature of

    the validity of unstructured interviews and George Yancey and Xuan Wang

    share the results of their study on the use of selection procedures by human

    resource executives with different backgrounds and training. For those of you

    suffering from summertime writers block, Nathan Bowling has contributed

    some advice for putting words on paperor onto your computer screen.

    The SIOP volunteers and executive board are also hard at work this summer,

    as they are throughout the year. You can read about many