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  • 1. The Incredible Banker Alamelu.R BIFAAS B8 02

2. Author : RaviSubramanianPublication: RupaPublications Pvt. Ltd.ISBN: 978-81-291-1877-6Place of Publication:Noida , New DelhiYear of publication: 2011 3. About the author A banker by profession. An alumnus of IIM B Nearly 2 decades experience in financial service industry. Works:1.If god was a banker2.I bought the monks Ferrari3.Devil in pinstripes4.The banking trilogy : The Incredible Banker , TheBankster , The Bankrupt 4. Characters involved in thisbook. Mr. Mc Cain CEO of GB2 Ganjali Naxalite Savitha employee of GB2 ; the main turn twister of the book. Deepak and Karan : managers in GB2 and hard corecompetitors for each other. After the characters , the book is in a chronological manner ,comparing the past events in the present. 5. What the book is all about? The book is about the incidents that take place in a foreignbased bank in India ; Greater Boston Global Bank. The author starts the book with a Naxal attack and its adverseeffects on GB2. It all changes the CEO is hurriedly pulled out of meeting andsummoned by the RBI Governor. 6. 10th JAN 2004 The scene is set in Malkangiri , Orissa. Ganjali , an NGO worker belongs to this place. After finishing his assignment with the tribals was getting backto his home in Mumbai. He took a bus towards Bhubaneshwar. And a bomb blast 7. 17th DEC 2009 In GB2 bank , the routine has started. Mr. Mc Cain is the mostpunctual and growth oriented person. A continuous repeat of audit comments and also increased innumber by RBI. Bank culture and problems faced in the banking sector at thattime. Morning meeting. And urgent call from RBI Governor to visitthe RBI office as soon as possible. 8. Grapevine communication Employee conflicts Tension of not meeting the monthly targets Sudden internal inspection led to waste of time.Here the story slowly proceeds seeing the instances from thepast and its affect on the present .The governor of RBI had given a serious issue in hands ofMcCain which has spoilt the name of GB2 in the market.What is it???? 9. The stress grew among management as all other branches in HongKong and Singapore where operating exceptionally well. The first part of the book deals with the unethical practices and thesecond half few ethical steps to overcome it. And suddenly on ONE FINE DAY .THE TIMES OF INDIA READ.A Senior executive of GB2 arrested for having Naxal connections It was Deepak. He was trapped is what he said . But all documentsContaining the Naxal information was seized from his house. Question arises how will Deepak escape this trial?? Will Karan help him out ?? 10. Few incidents in the past Sector in India in down. GB2 s a foreign bank has its own restrictions and rules to befollowed. Employees of GB2 unable to meet the targets . Even in thiscrisis situation lack of coordination and morale amongemployees. Deepak having many successful achievements always tries tolet down his co worker Karan. Savitha , an employee plays a role in Deepaks life. She manipulates Deepak and gets involve him into unethicalpractices. 11. D DAY: 18th DEC 2009 GB2 Office, the morning meeting. All important executives inthe conference room. Then a knock on the door .. It was KARAN with the CBI. You are under arrest!!!!!Deepak was released after a trial of 3 months.Opted for a change in his job. Tried to manage all the black markin his career 12. Who was under arrest???? SAVITHA. One knowing that Deepak was close friend of Savitha. Herhouse was inspected . They found all information about Naxals and also 3unauthorized pistols. A photo of her marriage . She was the wife of the naxal leaderGanjali who died in the Naxal attack in malkangiri. She was transferring huge amounts of funds to those Naxalsthrough GB2. 13. The book is in a very simple language . The events are very clearly and perfectly linked to each other. Few of the banking and management concepts are brushed uphere. The suspense lingers in the book till the last page of the book. McCain method Karan Method Deepak Method