THE HYDE Hyde Park City Office Hyde Park / North Logan Courts 113 East Center PO Box 489 Hyde Park,...

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Transcript of THE HYDE Hyde Park City Office Hyde Park / North Logan Courts 113 East Center PO Box 489 Hyde Park,...

  • THE HYDE PARKER September 2020

    City Happenings MONTHLY CALENDAR

    City Council Meetings

    7:00 PM 2nd and 4th Wednesdays

    Planning Meetings

    7:00 PM 1st and 3rd Wednesdays

    as needed

    Meetings are held at the Hyde Park City Office Building

    113 East Center Citizens are encouraged to attend

    You can sign up to review or

    receive an agenda at

    The City Office / Court will be closed on Sept 7th

    Hyde Park City Office

    Hyde Park / North Logan Courts

    113 East Center PO Box 489

    Hyde Park, UT 84318

    City Phone: 435-563-6507 Court Phone: 435-563-6923

    Hours: 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. (Mon - Fri)

    Visit the Hyde Park City website at

    Hyde Park City is also on Facebook go to hydeparkutah/ and like our page

    To contact Mayor Sharidean Flint

    Please send information for the news- letter to

    The drinking water quality report has been updated and is available to view at the Hyde Park City Website.

    It’s Official!

    The City of Hyde Park received an 80 acre parcel of land from the Federal Government's Bureau of Land Management. The City's primary interest in this land is to construct a 2.0 million gallon culi- nary water tank near the far east boundary of the property. Trans- mission and distribution pipe lines would extend to and from the tank in order to connect the tank to the rest of Hyde Park’s water system. In addition, Hyde Park desires to build west and down gradient of the 2.0 million gallon tank a secondary water/irrigation pond. This pond would allow spring water that can’t be stored in the tank when it is full to overflow into the pond. Also, irri- gation water would be pumped to the pond. We're focused on allowing residents to enjoy this beautiful mountain setting and view of the valley. Over the next few years, the City will consider the many uses available to us at this location. A couple options are: a nature park, trail heads along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and the entrance to the canyon. The City is grateful to the BLM, the Dept. of Natural Resources and Congressman Rob Bishop's office, along with many other great supporters. We thank you for supporting this effort for local control of public lands. A Big Thank You to Mark Hurd who investigated this opportunity for the City and worked diligently with all parties involved to make it happen.

    Youth Council



    There are hidden (in plain view) spe- cial marked rocks that can be ex- changed for prizes! The Youth Council is sponsoring a clean up at our new park (600 South 250 East)

    to get it ready for planting grass. It will be Saturday, September 12th at 10:00 - 11:00 am. We will be pick- ing up rocks so please wear gloves. If possible, bring a wheel- barrow or a large bucket. There will be all kinds of prizes! Prizes for kids, prizes for adults, all kinds of fun! So come and help us get our new wonderful park ready for us to use and find a treasure too!

    Come enjoy a night of live music

    September 12th 6pm to 8pm

    Cedar Ridge Elementary (Lee Park). The night will include a handful of our local citizens performing, one of which is an original song written by Tyler Shields. The night will end with an hour long performance by Hit N Miss. Pauni Island Grill and other treats will be available for purchase. Bring your own chairs and blankets.


    Please stop and take a

    look around your home, yard, garbage dump-

    sters, etc. Somebody is taking our street signs.

    They are very expensive to replace and have been creating a safety issue.

    If you find them, please return them to the City

    Building (no questions asked)

    Message From the Mayor Welcome to fall and all things colorful! School, leaves, buses, and all the assorted weirdness of our lives these days. The routine goes on but with such changes as hardly make it recognizable.

    Speaking of weirdness, have any of you wondered whether we have had an increase in the numbers of Covid 19 cases since our celebration and the county fair? I will tell you….we have not.

    We are marching forward with our plans for the water tank in the canyon. The plans for the use of the canyon land are still fluid and we have not settled on any one design. Some proposed ideas are campgrounds, dog park, shooting range, hiking trails, and biking trails. We are still acquiring rights of way for the pipeline from the SV hill tank that will bring water to the new tank. After the rights of way are acquired, construction of the pipeline and tank will begin in earnest. This year or next? Yes. One thing I have learned about construction is that all plans are subject to change without notice. When it comes to a massive project like this estimates and projections of time are about as reliable as the weather. Stay tuned for further information.

    Meanwhile our 600 South road is up and running! I hope you have had a chance to drive on it because it is a thing of beauty. The current speed limit is 30 mph and we have had some questions about that and some other streets and sign- age. We will keep a close eye on the whole situation but in the meantime could you remind your teens, and yourself, to abide by the speed limit and watch for signs. There is a park, with children crossing that giant street to get there, so please be alert, cautious, and careful!

    Hyde Park keeps growing and changing, but we are trying hard to keep the same small town feel that we all know and love. Look out for each other and let’s enjoy living in the best town in the valley!

    Three– Hills fire of July 17, 2020

    Due to an agreement the City entered into with the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands, the City will not be financially responsible for the fire in Hyde Park Canyon. The State of Utah will pick up the fee of close to $500,000.00.

    The agreement calls for the City to organize canyon cleanup projects each year as well as hold regular meetings with the Fire dept., Police dept., School, Church and City leaders.

    The City would like to thank those who volunteer on these boards and contribute to the safety of Hyde Park City.

    A big thank you to the Fire Fighters from all over the County who responded and quickly got the fire under control.