The Green Sheet 2014.pdf Belated Birthday Wishes go out to our senior member Virginia Sprong who...

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Transcript of The Green Sheet 2014.pdf Belated Birthday Wishes go out to our senior member Virginia Sprong who...

  • Message from the President Carol Levesque

    The Green Sheet Irish Setter Club of New England

    November 2014 Fall Issue

    Vol 2 Issue 4


    The seasons are changing again. Summer and fall always seem to go way too fast and winter lasts too long. The snow has already started flying in some places.

    Another weekend of our Harvest Specialties has come and gone. We had very nice entries and good weather two of the three days. Many people worked very hard to make sure everything worked smoothly. In our club, I especially want to thank Barb & Sue for their hard work and usual attention to detail in their roles of Show Chair and Show Secretary. Tegan Murray and the Murray family were busy in many roles, Kyle Shaffer did an excellent job in rounding up some great raffle items resulting in a total income of $938.00 from the raffle and auction, Claire Marx made sure the obedience trial ran well, Kathy Roscoe purchased some lovely trophies and, of course, ISCCC and EISA members also all worked hard to make the weekend fantastic. Thanks to all of you who helped out, donated gifts, and came to show or watch the show.

    Our next meeting is our Christmas Meeting and is on December 14 at the Longfellow Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA. The meeting notice is going out shortly. I hope you can all come and celebrate with us.

    We have just decided we need to change the date of our January meeting from the 18th to the 25th. Details of that meeting will be along in a few weeks but save the date.

    Our next big event will be our hunt tests in the spring. Luanne Witt is our Hunt Chair and she is looking for workers to help. Please give her a call if you can lend a hand. No experience necessary, at all and if you’ve never gone to a hunt test please come out and see what our lovely red dogs do when they’re turned loose in a field with some birds.

    Tegan and her helpers are also at work organizing our spring specialty and she can use volunteers too. Please give her a call and let her know if you can help.

    Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and see you at our Christmas Party!


    Inside this issue:

    My Favorite Things 2

    Legislative News 3

    Meet The Members 4

    R.E.A.D. 8

    Photo Gallery 10

    Health Beat 12

    Brags 20

  • In memory of Red Girl — McKippen's First Little Red of North Hollow 11-4-10 - 9-3-14

    Always Julie and Mike's special Red Girl and always our first McKippen pup!

    In our hearts forever.

    Don, Jean, Tegan, Tara, and Jannah Murray and Julie and Mike

    Page 2 The Green Sheet

    Hi ISCNE Members,

    As part of my job as Green Sheet Editor, I am always asking members what type of information or articles you would like to see in future issues of the newsletter.

    Recently, a few members told me they would like to see what other members of the club use for feeding their Irish, treats used, grooming tools and tips, etc and why they use these products. What a great idea!

    I had decided to begin working on this request, when last week, one of the threads on Setters-L started the same topic. Great minds think alike!

    So, for future newsletters, I would like to introduce a column called My Favorite Things. I will take a topic and ask you, my fellow ISCNE members, what your favorite product or tip is. For the next issue, let’s all discuss what we feed our dogs.

    I will be at the holiday party in December and I will be going around asking everyone what you feed your dogs and why you feed that particular brand of food. I will also be sending out emails to survey the members for their opinions on each future topic.

    I would like to publish your name with your reponses, but if you wish to remain anonymous, that is fine—I will only publish names with your permission.

    Thank you in advance for supporting this new column. I believe it will be informative for everyone and we can look forward to learning about new products and ideas that we can find helpful to use for our own dogs.

    In Memorium

    My Favorite Things by Diane d’Entremont

  • Legislative News By Kyle Shaffer

    Page 3 The Green Sheet

    Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners

    Fall is a relatively quiet time for Mass Fed driven by the State House, and election activity. But

    September IS celebrated by AKC as Responsible Dog Owners Month everywhere.

    The Pet Expo in Wilmington was the highlight of the fall for Mass Fed. Working the booth with other

    Mass Fed Delegates and Officers was an honor. Along with an amazing number of people walking

    through with so many well behaved dogs, there was a key event for Mass Fed. Board Member

    Holly Sheltry accepted an award from Governor Duval Patrick for their outstanding work on the

    behalf of responsible dog owners. The formal presentation by Senator Tarr, from the North Shore,

    commemorated Mass Feds tireless work throughout the year along with recognizing Responsible

    Dog Owners Month.

    Activity starts to heat up at the State House in December. Stay tuned for a report in February when

    Mass Fed will be high gear!

    Kyle Shaffer

    ISCNE Mass Fed Delegate

    Belated Birthday Wishes go out to our senior member Virginia Sprong who turned an

    amazing 99 years young on October 18th. Happy Birthday Gina!

    Best Wishes,

    Kyle & ISCNE

    Welcome to our new ISCNE member, Sam Avallone. Sam lives in Auburn, MA, and has been interested in Irish Setters for 50 years. He is retired from a career in Law Enforcement in Ohio, and currently has 2 Irish from Shelly DeChambeau. He is a member of ISCA, and is interested in show, obedience, and rally. I know that the membership will join me in giving Sam a warm welcome. Geri Payne, Membership Chair

  • Meet ISCNE Members Susan and Aimee Wilson By Gina Hayes

    Page 4 The Green Sheet

    This morning I had the wonderful opportunity to briefly interview a new ISCNE member. Susan Wilson and

    her daughter, Aimee Wilson were officially accepted into the club in March of this year. At the same time

    Susan joined ISCNE, she also became a member of Irish Setter Club of America.

    Since joining our club, Susan has already moved on to a very important volunteer task of Treasurer! As a

    CPA, she is well suited for this job and we cannot thank her enough for stepping in to this role!

    Susan and her family moved here to North Easton from Orange County California about 3 1/2 years ago.

    Both Susan and her husband were originally from Rochester New York, but moved to California for work

    reasons. And after almost 31 years there, now to Massachusetts for the same reason.

    Susan and her family have had many wonderful breeds of dogs over the years ranging from Saint Bernards

    to Poodles and more. They initially had their first Irish, a field bred girl when they first got married. And then

    on to other breeds and dogs. To this day they still have two poodles: 11 year old Standard Poodle, Sophie

    and a 16 year old Toy Poodle, Sam, who they rescued many years ago. Now Sophie and Sam have enriched

    their lives by sharing the family home with two male Irish Setters, Duke and Brady!

    After moving here, Susan was in need of a groomer for the Poodles. She, of course, found Shelly

    deChambreau. And that started the Irish Setter connection! Susan fell in love with Shelly's female,

    Bianca. When Bianca was bred, Susan kept a show prospect male, Duke, from the litter., who is now just

    shy of 2 years old. Duke finished his Championship in New Jersey this past September.

    And then along came another show prospect male, Brady, also from Shelly, who is about 18 months old.

    Both dogs are co-owned, loved and shown by Shelley DeChambreau as well! The Conformation ring is a

    new venue for Susan and Aimee. Susan says that she has met some of the most wonderful,fascinating

    people from around the world through showing.

    I had asked Susan at one point, what the biggest differences were between her Poodles and her

    Irish Setters. This brought a few chuckles as she related the differences:

    1). Irish Setters are more high spirited

    2). Irish Setters are more energetic!

    3). Irish Setters are more high spirited

    4). Irish Setters are more Rascals!

    5). Irish Setters are more high spirited!

    But both are very smart!

    When the family brought Brady home, Sophie looked at Susan as if to say " Oh no, not another one! "

    However, the Reds are keeping Sophie young through their high spirited play!

    Susan told me the story of how her family had to return to California for a week. Having to kennel the dogs

    was very difficult for them. However, Kathy R and Joanne walked the boys and took them over to

    Shelly's for some spot cleaning! We both agreed that no matter if a member is involved in showing, field,

    therapy, rally, obedience or just having the most wonderful companion dogs - Irish Setter owners are

    amazing in how they care for each other!

  • Meet ISCNE Members Susan and Aimee Wilson By Gina Hayes