The Great Transformation - 33 Top Quotes from Global Peter Drucker Forum 2014

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  • Quotes selected by: Vladimir Vulic @vulicvladimir

  • The main challenge for management is how to free up the potential of people. - Richard Straub

  • Peter Drucker's favourite sentence was Let me be brutally honest... Cecily Drucker

  • Investing in our people is going to be costly and scarce - we need to start doing that! - Clayton Christensen

  • I don't think it was God who said Lets measure our success by IRR. Someone said it, but it was not God. - Clayton Christensen

  • Our biggest challenge is how to create a self-renewing company. Gary Hamel

  • Your organization can start tweeting, but that won't change its DNA. Gary Hamel

  • Organizational structures of today demand too much from a few, and not much at all from everyone else. Gary Hamel

  • Business schools and businesses of today are not building infrastructure for tomorrows management fast enough. Roger L. Martin

  • Highest rewards in todays economy go to people who trade value, and not to people who CREATE value. Roger L. Martin

  • We have structured our world in a way that facilitates the operation of bandits. Roger L. Martin

  • Innovation is like a natural resource for a company - it has to be mined. That should be the primary responsibility of management. Nancy A. Tennant

  • There is no room for being creative in todays business... Except for finding creative ways to be inefficient. Martin Wolf

  • In order to change the system, we need to change our ideas. Martin Wolf

  • Business schools are failing to teach the students about the risks of market failures. We need to include some material on market failures in the core of curriculum. Pankaj Ghemawat

  • The system made me do it is the perfect cop-out for todays managers. Pankaj Ghemawat

  • Thanks to big data, machines can now be programmed to do the next thing right. But only humans can do the next right thing. Dov Seidman

  • I have never seen an employee who jumps out of bed in the morning in order to create shareholder value. Dov Seidman

  • The world no longer looks to the US as the model of democracy, but to China as the model of efficiency. Adrian Wooldridge

  • The key relationships in the future will not be between people, but between machines and people. Andrew Keen

  • For a majority of employees going to work every morning feels like going to the dentist. Dan Pontefract

  • Its not a question of whether the transition from old to the new goals, practices and metrics is going to happen. Its already under way. Steve Denning

  • Exploiting a sustainable competitive advantage is great... If you can find it. Rita Gunther McGrath

  • Generating ideas is not a problem. Incubation is. Acceleration is. Rita Gunther McGrath

  • Social has nothing to do with technology, but everything to do with humans. Nilofer Merchant

  • We are only capturing engagement - not whether someones full capacity is being brought to bear. Nilofer Merchant

  • We don't yet see an alternative to the heroic leader. Herminia Ibarra

  • If you are not trying new ways every single day in your company, you will not get to your optimal point. Vineet Nayar

  • People are not driven by perks - they want interesting problems. Georg Polzer

  • We need complexity sciences, not just management and economics. Fredmund Malik

  • Culture is like a rubber band that wraps around the organization. Without a strong culture, the organization would drift apart. Marc Merrill

  • We need different structures, different metrics, but above all - we need different leaders, that create context for adults. Tammy Erickson

  • You don't need to transform... if you don't want to build a great company. Tammy Erickson

  • Lets take the best of our ideas from Global Drucker Forum, and the best of our language, and then focus and clarify. - Clayton Christensen

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