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3003.8.1 –I can identify characteristics of the Modern and Contemporary Period . 3003.8.3 —I can determine how the conflict in Gatsby impacts the characters . 3003.8.5 —I can analyze characters to determine their roles/functions in Gatsby . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Great Gatsby

The Great GatsbyChapters 1-2 Discussions3003.8.1I can identify characteristics of the Modern and Contemporary Period.

3003.8.3I can determine how the conflict in Gatsby impacts the characters.

3003.8.5I can analyze characters to determine their roles/functions in Gatsby.

3003.8.16I can identify specific symbols and passages of foreshadowing in Gatsby.Beginning QuoteWhenever you feel like criticizing any onejust remember that all the people in this world havent had the advantages that youve had (Fitzgerald 1). Why do you think (through Nicks narration) Fitzgerald stated this at the beginning of the book?Establishes an optimism in NickShows his compassion, tolerance, and reliabilitySomeone we can trust.Chapter 1CharactersNick Carraway narrator of the storyDaisy Buchanan Nicks cousinTom Buchanan Daisys husband and fellow Yale graduate of Nicks

Chapter OneCharactersJordan Baker friend of Daisy, and eventually, a friend of NicksJay Gatsby Nicks mysterious next-door neighbor

Fitzgeralds Allusion of Wealth (4)Nicks volume of books on finance red and gold new money from the mint (green)Midas, Morgan, and Maecenas Midas was the legendary king who was granted his wish that everything he touch change to gold. Morgan refers to J. Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913), the famous New York financier. Maecenas was a wealthy Etruscan patron of the Roman poets Horace and Virgil. All three are examples of Fitzgerald's fascination with wealth and the very wealthy. Long IslandWest EggEast EggHome of the New RichOld bungalows next to large mansionsThe less fashionable to the two (5)Gatsby (war veteran)Nick (war veteran)Glittering white palacesRed colonialsOld money that is well-groomedPoloWell-bred occupants/fashionable (5)Buchanans (spoiled; family money)Thinks he is well-read

Valley of AshesColor as a SymbolRed and goldHouses at the fashionable East Egg (Georgian colonials)Rosy colored porches (11)Crimson room (17-foreshadowing to future bloodshed)Described in golden lightYellow hair (17)Red gas pumps (20)WhiteHouses at the fashionable East Egg (5)White gleaming windows (8)Ladies wearing white dresses (8)Daisys name suggests whiteNordic race (TomGreen Ivy on the colossal affair (Gatsbys house)Fresh grass (8)Black You did it, Tom (12) The Rise of the Colored Empires Goddard (12)Racist book, white-supremacy (Tom)

RelationshipsNick and DaisyNick and Tom Daisy and JordanDaisy and TomTom and girlfriend from NYGatsby and ?Remember we havent been formally introduced to him yetHow are they connected?

What can you foreshadow in this picture?Chapter 2CharactersTomNickDr. T. J. Eckleburg oculist (optometrist, or ophthalmologist)George Wilson owner of an automobile repair shop, provider of gas, and husband of Myrtle (faintly handsome)Myrtle Georges wife and Toms mistress; mid 30s, faintly stoutCatherine Myrtles sister (slender), worldly girl, 30s, sticky bob of red hair, Nicks companion at Myrtles requestMr. and Mrs. McKee a couple who live in the hotel where Tom, Myrtle, and Nick go to a party (hate each other)

Billboard that hoversSettingChapter 1 East Egg (old $) and West Egg (new $)Chapter 2 Valley of Ashes (worst) and New YorkWilsons GarageMorningside Heights Apartments (Love Shack)Discuss the contrasts Green (chapter 1) with the grayness of the valleyGreen (envy, go, chasing dreams)Gold (money, power, secrets)Fitzgeralds attempt to establish the rich and the poor

Steamy AffairRelationshipsGeorge and TomMyrtle and TomCatherine and NickMrs. McKee and MyrtleMr. McKee and NickHow is Myrtle always able to get away?How does Tom feel about George? Hes so dumb he doesnt know he is alive (26).What is ironic about what Myrtle bought at the news-stand?She bought a copy of the Town Tattle .Do you wonder if she was going to find her name and/or picture in it?

I want to see youget on the train.All right!Ill meet you by the news-stand

Big PartyDouble LivesTerrible liesMaterialism evidentTransformation of Myrtle with every change of clothesLavish party with the introduction of Catherine and Mr. and Mrs. McKeeSmall talk; McKee is looking to get into photographing the rich and famousWhat do we learn about Gatsby (32)?Subject of gossipNot been introduced yetFitzgerald forges a sense of excitement hereDiscuss Tom hitting Mrs. Wilson

Relevance TodayWhich events in Chapters 1 and 2 are relevant to situations that people face today?

How would the outcomes of today differ from those in the text?Chapters 3-4The Great Gatsby3003.8.1 I can identify characteristics of the Modern and Contemporary Period.

3003.8.3 I can determine how the conflict of Gatsby impacts the characters.

3003.8.5 I can analyze characters to determine their roles/functions in Gatsby.

3003.8.16 I can identify specific symbols in Gatsby.Agree or DisagreeDishonesty in a woman is a thing you never blame deeply (58). Double Standard?

CharactersChauffeur wears robins egg blueStage Twins women in yellow dresses; knew Jordan previouslyOwl eyes drunkard with large spectacles who sits in Gatsbys libraryHe was BROUGHT by a woman named RooseveltWas in the car that hit the wallGatsbyGerman spy/killed a manIntroduced to him Jordan distrusting of GatsbyLoves large parties (intimate)Find out that she is dishonest She is a rotten driver

SettingGatsby Jazz Party (All summer long)Eight servants and a gardener (cleaning up the mess)5 crates of oranges and lemons (machine 200/hr)Lights (Gatsby place looked like a Christmas tree)Buffets Harlequin designsImportant peopleLibrary real books Not a cardboard faadeBooks are uncut though showing us that they are only for appearances Conducted themselves according to the rules of behavior associated with an amusement park (41)

Yellow Cocktail MusicHow do the Gatsby parties compare to events/parties of todays society?Symbol: AutomobileDominant symbol in Chapter 3Extreme wealth of the Rolls Royceomnibus bearing people to and from the partyGreen leather seats (64)Parked five deep in the drivewayCar accident at the party with Owl Eyes (blames the mechanics)Who was driving? Foreshadowing???Jordan leaving a borrowed car unattended (57)

Symbol: EyesOwl EyesPossible repeated message of T. J. Eckleburg billboard sign?Watching, spying, looking for somethingWe are witnessing all this through Nicks eyes (narration)We are seeing that Prohibition is not working for AmericaHow do todays teens treat rules?Gatsby was standing on the marble steps over his guests in looking around in approval.Guests All eyes on Gatsby

Chapter 4Meyer Wolfsheim a business connection of Gatsbys who uses Gatsby as a front man; fixed the 1919 World Series; small flat-nosed Jew

Klipspringer Gatsbys boarderseems like he lives there all the time

Gatsby nephew to Von Hindenburg and second cousin to the devil

Gatsby ExplainedSon of wealthy people in the Midwest (San Francisco???)Inherited moneyStates he is Oxford educatedWorked his way around EuropeLive in all the capitalsExtravagant tripsWWIReceived a medal from Little MontenegroFor Valour ExtraordinaryPicture from Oxford with his buddiesTells him he is going to asks huge favor of him later on with JordanWolfsheim says that Gatsby is one you want to take home to your mother or sister.

Wealth allusion againSunday morning party with lots of important namesLuncheon with WolfsheimNick is getting closer to the truth of how Gatsby makes his money.Gatsby gets pulled over by the copMoney is powerAbove the law

Symbol: Automobile AgainGatsbys car gods chariotRich cream color and green leather conservatory (64)Bright with nickelSwollen here and thereMonstrous lengthTriumphant hat boxes, supper boxes, tool boxesTerraced with a labyrinth of windshields that mirrored a dozen sunsFenders spread like wings as it drove through the valley of ashesDaisys white roadsterHearseLimousine

FavorWhat was the favor?What do you foreshadow will happen?WWYD?Chapter Summaries (TTH)Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6

Group Activity (3-6) Each member must have a role in todays activity. I will monitor this as I observe each grouppoints will go towards your 70-point participation grade for the unit. Each group will have a chapter.Members will focus on the following:Characteristics of the time (min. 2)Themes and symbols (min. 3)Character traits, roles, and conflicts (variety)One real world/relevant question to ask the class during your presentationChapter 2: Infidelity is a timeless act in literature and in the real world. What is the allure for someone that has it all to step outside a marriage and cheat on his/her spouse?Impromptu performance of one small scene (no more than 3 minutes)You will only have 15-20 minutes to work in your groups. Do not waste any time.Closure: PresentationsEach member of the group will present a finding to share to the class. Identify at least 2 characteristics of the timeDiscuss at least 3 themes and/or symbols.Discuss the main characters briefly from your chapter.Discussion on the real-world or relevant question can only last 1-2 minutes per group. Impromptu scene can only last 3 minutes.