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The great Gatsby. Chapter 5 Discussion Questions. 1. Gatsby’s offer. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The great GatsbyChapter 5 Discussion Questions1. Gatsbys offerIf Nick had need of money Gatsbys offer could cause Nick to compromise morally and involve himself with Gatsbys illegal endeavours. Being that Nick prides himself on his morals Gatsbys offer could cause Nick to be thrown into a moral crisis.2. QuestionsBoth questions could suggest that things that had previously seemed crucial to Gatsby and Daisys lives are now insignificant in the light of new (or revisited) interests. However, given that Daisy did not know the real reason for the invite her question seems to be more playfully devious and mock innocent. Gatsby is just distracted. 3. Disappearance It could indicate that Gatsby is uncertain about himself in these moments and finds it easier to disappear instead of confront the awkward moments of life. Fitzgerald could be suggesting that Gatsbys presence is always on his terms and is a carefully crafted faade. 4. Awkward reuniona. The description of Gatsby is very different to what the audience has previously seen- he is pale as death, drenched from the rain and miserable. This is the first time we have seen him physically in an awkward situation and the contrast of his appearance is somewhat jarring. He is immensely vulnerable and uncertain. His self-centred, sulking behaviour is embarrassing.

4. Awkward reunionb. There is a prolonged silence when Daisy and Gatsby meet and the fact that we arent in the room (as we are bound to Nicks presence) only heightens the awkwardness. c. use of adjectives and adverbs to emphasise the awkwardness choking artificial horribly strained defunct distraught.

4. Awkward reunion d. the stopped clock is symbolic as time has stopped for Gatsby five years ago. He is trapped in moments- realising he wasnt wealthy enough for Daisy; his life was put on hold as he began pursuing his dream of reuniting with her in a sense he has missed out on time/life. Perhaps he has also stopped growing as a person due to being stuck in a moment.5. EmbarrassmentHe cant believe she is embarrassed. It shows how caught up in himself and the idea of her he is. In the five years she has ceased to be a real person and has become an idealised version of herself in Gatsbys mind. Hence when Nick suggests her embarrassment, Gatsby does not quite understand how she could be so. In his fantasy he has neglected to provide her with real emotions.6. Nicks thoughtsIn his thoughts Nick references the German philosopher Emmanuel Kant who would look at a church steeple through his window while he was working/thinking. It tacitly alludes to Nicks education but could also suggest Nicks own position as a philosopher of his time- he thinks about the culture he is in rather than get sucked up into its glamour and vice. 6. Nicks thoughtsHis recollection about the brewers hope that the villagers would also have their roofs thatched but declined because they did not want to return to peasant living, suggests his interest in West Eggs history. He does not judge the brewers children selling the house immediately on their fathers death, but the fact that he mentions it does suggest some unspoken moral judgement.7. Celebrated peopleGatsby could be trying to impress Daisy with his importance and connections. Perhaps he feels that Daisy can only be won through material/superficial objects, which she certainly responds favourably to later with his shirts and the response it (his house) drew from her well-loved eyes.8. daisys responsesDaisy is immensely emotional. Her reactions to the beauty of the immense wealth the shirts represents is to cry somewhat irrationally. Her statement about the clouds reveals the dreamlike state in which she seems to live and is also an emotional response to the scene before her. Daisys desire to push Gatsby around in a cloud as if he were a child reminds us that she is a mother but quite an absent and irresponsible one- she is caught up in the romantic emotional response of things, not the hard truth and demands that reality brings.9. Enchanted objectsPerhaps there is no more need for an enchanted object since the reality is there on Gatsbys arm utterly absorbed by him. To a human eye or perspective a star appears close to the moon but in truth it is many light years away. 10. Satisfactorily aloneA paradoxical statement. Perhaps Nicks presence sanctions their union.

11. over-dreamedDaisys voice is so compelling that it is impossible to over idealise it. It is the one aspect of her that lives up to Gatsbys idea of Daisy, a danger as Nick is left feeling uncertain if Gatsby is more in love with the idea of Daisy than the reality. Siren song?