The great gatsby

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The great gatsby. Form: Film Genre/s : Romance and Drama - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The great gatsby

PowerPoint Presentation

The great gatsby

Form: FilmGenre/s: Romance and DramaInterpretation: I have chosen to interpret Chapter 5 from the novel (see slide 4) Setting: The adaptation of chapter 5 will be set in Nicks house in scene then Gatsbys mansion and pool in scene 2Tagline and advertisement: (see slide 2)Directors notes: (see slide 4- about omissions, additions, actions and gesturesScript and stage Directions: (see slides 5-7)Casting: (see slide 3)

Even time cant keep love away


Eddie Redmayne as Jay GatsbyPersonality: assertive, independent, quietReason for choice: Eddie plays the charming, classy guy very well. In Tess of the DUrbervilles he played quiet but confident guy perfectly. Keira Knightley as Daisy Buchanan Personality: graceful, cheeky, sophisticatedReason for choice: Keira can pull off being elegant and cheeky at the same time, shes such a good actress and can adapt herself into any characterJoseph Gordan - Levitt as Nick Carraway Personality: observant, loyal, cynicalReason for choice: Joseph is smart yet his sarcasm gets in the way. In 500 days of summer, he plays the loyal, Ill be there for you guy really wellNick invites Daisy over for tea to reunite her with Gatsby. They return to Gatsbys mansion where he confesses how long he has waited for her.Omissions:Instead of rainy weather, it is sunnyTake out the scene where Gatsby (Eddie Redmayne) says he has a lot of clippings about Daisy(replace with Gatsby taking Daisy to the pool and Nick(Joseph Gordan Levitt) leavingAdditions:At the pool show a flashback of Daisy and Gatsby meetingActions and gestures:Daisys (Keira Knightley) expression less exaggerated when she sees Gatsby. Instead she is more shocked (allow the audience to evidently see her surprise as she walks through the doorway ands holds back her tears pretending that she doesnt know Gatsby)Daisys gestures are more soft and elegant- she talks with more class and sophistication rather than high pitched and chirpyGatsby shows more of his shy personality and shows more expressive facial expressions rather than being stiff and cold

Summary of Chapter 5sceneScene 1(Nick goes outside to help Daisy while Gatsby waits inside sitting uncomfortably)Nick: (talking to Daisy) how was the ride over here? The weather is great, I invited my friend to join us today (Nick waves his arm out to gesture her to come inside, they both walk into the house) Id like to introduce you to Gatsby..(Daisy quickly turns her head to face Gatsby, her delicate smile disappears, her face turns pale)Gatsby: Daisy Daisy: (stutters) Gatsby *breathes in softly* we havent seen each other in (Gatsby cuts her off)Gatsby: 5 years its been 5 years since we havent seen each otherNick: (silence in the room)Nick: give me a minute to make some tea for us (walks to the kitchen)Gatsby: How have you been these past few years? You still look beautiful, more beautiful honestlyDaisy:(abruptly replies) I couldnt wait for you Gatsby! I tried, I waited so long for you to come back but you never did (tears roll down her face) -cont next slide

Re-written scriptGatsby: you disappeared when I did all I ever did was wonder where you were, what you were doing, if you would come back not a day went by that you werent on my mind Daisy not a dayDaisy: I tried I, Im so sorry Im so sorry Jay Gatsby: Forget it, its in the past now we cant change what happened I missed more and more each day that I was awayDaisy: (wipes her tears away and smiles) I still missed you when I got married and I still do now(Nick returns with a tray in his hands)Nick: so whos hungry?(Gatsby and Daisy laugh)Gatsby: How about we all go back to my house? Id like to show Daisy aroundDaisy: Id love that very much! Nick could you show me where your bathroom is please, Id like to clean myself upNick: uh sure, just go all the way down and turn left, itll be on your rightDaisy: Thank youNick: (turns to Gatsby) Im guessing that went wellGatsby: Better than I expected

Scene 2

Daisy: (points to Gatsbys mansion in awe) Is that your house over there?! Its absolutely gorgeous!Gatsby: Glad you like it Lets head over shall weNick: I think Ill just stay here, let you two have your momentGatsby: Dont be silly, come with us -Cont next slideDaisy: Dont leave Nick, stay with us(drive over to Gatsbys mansion)Daisy: It must have taken you years to pay this house off, its simply beautiful, just beautifulGatsby: It just took me 3 years to get the money to pay it offNick: Youre one lucky guyGatsby: Lets go to my room, the view from there overlooks everything(runs up the stairs excitedly and opens his closet)Gatsby: I have a man from England who sends clothes over for me every season from silk to cashmere, hell send me different shirts from across the world(Throws them one by one on the bed, Daisy grabs one and feels the material)Daisy:(smiles to herself) Everything about your house is splendid Jay youve created a good place for yourself but I cant believe you live here all by yourself, it must get so lonelyGatsby: Hardly I always throw parties.. I thought eventually you would hear about them and surprise me butDaisy: Im sorry JayGatsby: *laughs* theres no reason to be sorry Lets go outside to the pool. From there you can the green light at your dock you always have a green light that burns all night at the end of your dockNick: Actually I have to go, you two have fun, I have to meet up with JordanDaisy: Correction, (EMPHASIS ON) You and Jordan have fun! (winks)(Nick laughs and walks out the door, Daisy and Gatsby walk to the pool and stare at each other *flash back plays*)