The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald. Key Facts. Setting: Summer of 1922 on Long Island and in New York City Point of view: First and Third person Narrator: Nick Carraway Protagonists: Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Great Gatsby

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • Setting: Summer of 1922 on Long Island and in New York CityPoint of view: First and Third personNarrator: Nick CarrawayProtagonists: Nick Carraway and Jay GatsbyMajor conflict: Gatsby attempts to regain the love of Daisy by dazzling her with his great wealth that was amassed illegallyRising action: Series of events that lead up to Gatsby reuniting with DaisyFalling action: ??? To be filled in later.I dont want to spoil the ending.

    Climax: To be filled in later.I dont want to spoil the ending.Themes: 1. The Decline of the American Dream2. The Spirit of the 1920s3. The difference between the social classes4. The role of symbols in the human conception of meaningThe role of the past in dreams of the future (provided by Spark Notes)

    Symbols: Colors, East/West Egg, The eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg, The valley of ashesMotifs: (To be covered as novel is read. Please leave space open in your notes.)

  • Narrator: Nick Carraway (Cousin of Daisy Buchanan) Home is Minnesota, studied at Yale, fought in WWIGoes to New York to learn the bond businessNon-judgmental, extremely honest, sincereA good listenerNext door neighbor and friend to Jay Gatsby at West Egg

    Protagonist: Jay Gatsby (in love with Daisy Buchanan) Mysterious, absurdly wealthy young manNeighbor of Nick CarrawayFamous for extravagant partiesGuests are the wealthy: old rich (East Egg) and new rich (West Egg), famous celebrities and their managers, great athletes, and those who want to be seenWealth achieved through ill-gotten gainExtreme optimistDeveloped/lived a five year plan to get DaisyBelieves her to be more worthy, wonderful than she really is

    Daisy Buchanan (Cousin of Nick): Married to Tom BuchananPromised to wait for James Gatz (AKA Jay Gatsby) before he was shipped to Europe in WWI.Emotionally could not keep her promise as she felt a need to be loved and courtedMarried Tom Buchanan, a wealthy, egotistical , self-absorbed man of questionable morals.Lives across the water from Jay and from Nick in the more fashionable district of East Egg on Long Island

    Tom Buchanan : Married to Daisy BuchananWealthy, egotistical Yale man (like Nick)Arrogant, hypocritical, violent, adultererRacist, sexist, believer in the superiority of the white race

    Jordan Baker: friend of Daisy BuchananWealthy, competitive golfer. Lives with her great-auntLiar/cheat to get ahead in golf or to cover up mistakesLove interest of Nick Carraway

  • Myrtle Wilson (Toms lover)Married to George Wilson (garage/gas station owner)Big, sensuous woman who openly flaunts her affair in New York (George does not know) where she and Tom have a love nestTom gives her everything she wants as long as he is physically satisfiedCauses Daisy grief by phoning for Tom at home during the dinner hour

    George Wilson: faithful, non-motivated husband of MyrtleMinor character that plays an important rolegarage/gas station owner across from the industrial ash dumpIdolizes MyrtleHas no vision about his futureLived above the garage for eleven years

    Owl Eyes: very minor characterGreat reader who is a guest at one of Gatsbys luxurious partiesEnamored by Gatsbys library

    Klipspringer: very minor characterA free loader who frequently spends the night at Gatsbys mansion.No honorable characteristicsVery shallow character of no redeeming value