The Great Gatsby

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby

  • 1. The Great Gatsby Trailer This trailer uses montage shots which shows the narrative of the party scenes. This trailer will attract an audience who likes the director or cast like Leonardo DICaprio This trailer will attract an audience who likes the director or cast like Leonardo DICaprioThe are shots of guns which later developed to love and sexual scene Even though this film isn't shot in l 1920s, it still gives the effect of that year. They do this by the titles, as they are flashy and having a cinema view of 1920 at deco The slow motion emphasises the pleasureThe voice other in this film gives the audience a anchoring meaning In this trailer we can see lots of shots of Leonardo DICaprio. The director accentuates the character a lot because so people watch the film as he is a major star in Hollywood This trailer shows some sexual scene, this will attract an certain audience who like the sexual attention The audience will watch this film because they like the cast or directorThe motif of the glass, this will appear to audience to the audience who has read the novel The narrative structure are not in order Each shots are juxtaposed Lots of situated colours Hyper real fantastical qualityMusic - The music is contrapuntal which gives it contemporary feel which appeals to young audience - The music drops out every time e.g. One music emphasises the love and the other emphasises the party scenario. - When the music is building to climax there are shots of depressing scene Director Baz Luhrmann - This trailer is Auteur because the audience instantly recognize the director because of his style which he applied in this trailer. - The slow motion shot of Luhrmans style establishes New York. Also it mirror the voice other of Nick Carraway (Toby Maguire) which also establishes the setting Sound - The director uses sound bridge of thunder, this gives the audience a sense that something bad is going to happen. As well foreshadowing the later event

2. At the beginning of the trailer audience can recognize the director, for example the use of slow motion establishing shot of New York. This shows that if the audience is aware of the director in this case Buz Luhrmann, they will distinguish his style. The establishing shot is mirrored by a voice other of Nick instituting the setting. later, the music starts with longshot of house party. This trailer uses montage shots which shows the narrative of the party scenes. The music is contrapuntal this gives it contemporary feel which appeals to young audience. This relates to Blumer and Katz and uses of gratification as the audience will watch the film because for the pleasure of it and be inspired to be them characters. The voice other is giving the audience an anchoring meaning for every shot. This shows that the trailer is telling the story to the audience but without exposing to much.. Then we are introduced to the character of Nick than Gatsby but in different shot. This shows that they are the main two characters in the film. Furthermore, the house party music drops and love song starts, the music emphasises on love. Then it cuts to the party scene where everyone is looking for Gatsby this accentuates that Gatsby is the main character on this film. Also there are so many shots of Leonardo DICaprio, this implies the director wants to emphasise on him so people watch the film because he is a major star in Hollywood. This is followed by the directors name Buz Luhrmann, title is very flashy and having a cinema view of 1920s deco. This connotes that even though this film isn't shot in 1920s, it still gives the effect of that year. As the music is building to a climax, the director shows depressing shots, sexual scene etc. The pace of the shot is very fast, this implies that towards the end the director wants to build tension towards the audience. 3. The great Gatsby trailer can be found in YouTube as this is public domain site where everyone goes on. This shows that by putting their trailer in YouTube can attract a wider demographic. In YouTube you can share the video to your friend or any other social networking sites. This shows the uses and the gratification becomes part of the personal identity when the audience do something with the video. Also by sharing the can allow to attract more demographics. This trailer has over millions view. This shows that they have reached to their audience.Here are some comments in YouTube about the trailer. These comments about the film is very positive, this shows that they have been successful of making awareness of their film to their target audience; therefore the audience is going to go and watch the film. Furthermore it shows that they have given all the information about what the film is about. This trailer relates to Blumer and Katz and uses and gratification as the audience is like to watch the film as they delivered the information in an entertaining way. Also the audience will watch this film this film because for entertainment and pleasure. Some of the audience commented on the novel that they read, this is negotiated reading because they have read the novel and thats why they want to see the film. Others comment on the director and the cast due to the previous film that they watched e.g. Romeo and Juliet. The same director of this film directed Romeo and Juliet and one of the cast was Leonardo DICaprio.. This comment here is aberrant reading this is because this person doesnt understand the text, in terms of the music. This may be because this trailer isnt their type. 4. you can also find the trailer on online websites like IMDB. In this websites it shows the rating of the film as well as the cast, summary of the film, reviews, rating, age certification etc. The age certification of this film is 12A. This website is very helpful to audience as it allows them to say what they think about the movieIn this result the audience that watched the film most is the male gender however there are rating for females as well. it also shows that young people also watched this film, this shows that even though is set in 1920s it has a modern touch to influences young audience. This result shows that all classes watched this film from age 18-45. 5. This is a review for the film by The GuardianThis is the blog for the film. In this blog they have included trailer of the film and pictures etc. Also in the background they have the picture of glass this refers to the novel.