The Great Gatsby

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby

  • 1. Ken, Farhana & Simer ProductionsPvt. Ltd. presentCHAPTER 6 THE GREAT GATSBYBY F. SCOTT FITZGERALD

2. PLOT Climax: Tom andRising action: Daisy attendGatsbys pastthe party,is revealed, Tom accuseshis blurredGatsby of Introduction:identity isbootlegging The reporters cleared presence disturbs Gatsby 3. Falling action:Gatsbycomplaints thatDaisy is nothaving a goodtime, he wantsConclusion:to go back to Gatsbythe pastremembers hisfirst kiss withDaisy 4. Character Development1. Nick: He is a good friend of Tom and Gatsbys although he disagreeswith them pretty much all the time. He does not like to be around Tom because of his snobbishattitude. He is the middle man for Gatsby and Daisy and between Gatsbyand Tom. He tries his best to help Gatsby to be happy.Behaviour :- Nick is a caring friend where he constantly helps Gatsby. Hedefends Gatsby when Tom accused him for being a bootlegger.He also constantly reminds Gatsby that what passed is historyand time cannot be brought back. 5. 2. Daisy: She attends Gatsbys party accompanied by Tom. She does not enjoy the party due to Toms presence and Tomsconstant harassment towards Gatsby. She enjoys dancing and spending time with Gatsby.Behaviour :- She does not respect or care about Toms feelings; she dances andgets close to Gatsby because she wants Tom to feel the way hemade her feel when he spends all his time with other girls insteadof her. Kind of making Tom jealous. She feels unpleasant when she sees Tom go for other girls in theparty and she answers Toms questions sarcastically. 6. 3. Tom: He attends Gatsbys party just to keep an eye on Daisy because he dislikes Gatsby. He constantly harasses Gatsby by accusing him with all sorts of illegal activities. He talks and dines with other girls during the party while Daisy is there. He even asked for her permission! Behaviour :- He is a coward and he wants to ensure that his wife is not having an affair with other even when he himself is. He is not respectful to both the host, Gatsby and his wife, Daisy. He was invited to a party and he constantly talks about the host. He paid attention to other girls more than his own wife. He is very arrogant and snobbish. He only sees himself as a worthy being. He mistreats almost everybody. 7. 4. Gatsby : Past: - His real name is James Gatz. Changed his name legally to Jay Gatsby at the age of 17. He was from a poor farmers family from North Dakota. He went to Lutheran College and worked as a janitor there but left after 2weeks. He has worked as a fisherman before. He worked for Dan Cody on his yacht. He was supposed to inherit fortune from Dan Cody but his mistress, Ella Kayeinterrupted and claimed the $25,000 for herself. Behaviour :- He was not happy being in a poor farmers family. He had big dreams to become a wealthy man some day. His social status means a lot to him. He was determined and hardworking so that he could be a rich and successfulman. 8. Present :- Gatsby is still not accepted by the East Eggers even though he became rich and successful. He is still not socially accepted by the more fashionable East Eggers and was considered as new money. He was unaware that Tom and Sloane was not sincere about inviting him over for dinner. He upset about Daisy having a bad time during the party and wants Daisy to leave Tom He wants everything to be like the past when he was with Daisy. Behaviour :- Gatsby thinks that money and fame will make me become socially accepted by the East Eggers but he was completely wrong. His obsession for Daisy had made him think that Daisy will leave Tom once he has the money and they will be together like in the past. He is sentimental about the past and thinks that he can re-create the past. Gatsbys dream of success is focused entirely on Daisy and he thinks that Daisy is a sign of perfection. He will do anything to be with her. 9. THEMES 10. True friendshipGatsby would doanything for Dan Cody.Example : He was Codys skipper, steward, mate ,secretary 11. Illegal activityGatsby was a bootlegger 12. BetrayalGatsby was supposed to inherit Dan Codys money but instead, nevereven seen the money. 13. Recreating the pastGatsby is trying to recreate what he and Daisy used to have. Love 14. I m a g e& rS y m b o l s 15. Daisy perfection,luxury, hisultimate goal 16. East Egg andWest Egg difference insocial status 17. Bootlegging wealth,rebellious 18. Style (Literary Techniques)a) Allusion: "Listening for a moment longer to the tuning fork that had been struck upon a star. Pg 118 Its creating the scenery for Gatsby and Daisys first kiss. Tuning forks have to be in perfect resonance so it is symbolism to Gatsby and Daisys connection.b) Metaphor: "But his heart was in a constant, turbulent riot. Pg 105 This metaphor compares Jay Gatsbys personal turmoil with a riot. Both are fierce, uncontrollable and rebellious. 19. c) Personification: "He stayed there two weeks, dismayed at its ferocious indifference to the drums of his destiny, to destiny itself, and despising the janitors work with which he was to pay his way through." Pg 106 Ferocity is a human quality given to indifference to enhance the emotional effect of the description of the school and its atmosphere.d) Flashback: Flashback was constantly used in Chapter 6 to describe and explain what happened to Gatsby before he became rich. It showed us the harsh life that Gatsby went through after he left his town and work as a janitor in the college he went to. He then left college and work as a fisherman until he met Dan Cody. He worked for him until he died and became more dedicated to be a wealthy man. Flashback was also used to describe the scene where Gatsby and Daisy kissed 5 years before they met each other again. 20. THANK YOU!!! NOTHANKS!!!