The Great Gatsby

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby

  • 1. English 11Mr. SheaTiffany Calabrese

2. Gatsbys car is significantbecause it is flash and showyjust like Gatsbys personality.On week-ends his Rolls-Royce became an omnibus,bearing parties to and fromthe city between nine in themorning and long pastmidnight while his stationwagon scampered like a briskyellow bug to meet all trains. Id seen it. Everybody hadseen it. It was a rich creamcolor, bright with nickel,swollen here and there in itsmonstrous length withtriumphant hat-boxes andsupper-boxes and tool-boxes, and terraced with alabyrinth of wind-shieldsthat mirrored a dozen suns.Sitting down behind manylayers of glass in a sort ofgreen leather conservatory ,we started to town. 3. My house was at the very tip of the egg, only fifty yards from the Sound, andsqueezed between two huge places rented for twelve or fifteen thousand aseason. The one on my right was a colossal affair by any standard-it was afactual imitation of some Hotel de Ville in Normandy, with a tower on oneside, spanking new under a thin beard of raw ivy, and a marble swimmingpool, and more than forty acres of lawn and garden. It was Gatsbysmansion.The importance of Gatsbys house is that it was directly across from Daisyshouse. It also was used to show Daisy of his wealth and gain her love. 4. he stretched out his armstoward the dark water in acurious way, and, far as I wasfrom him I could have swornhe was trembling. I glaredseaward- and distinguishednothing except a single greenlight, minute and far away,that might have been the endof a dock. When I looked backonce more for Gatsby he hadvanished, and I was alone againin the unquiet darkness.The significance of the green light is that it is the location ofDaisys house and Gatsby loves her so much that he holdsonto the image of the green light hoping to be with Daisy. 5. This is a valley of ashes- a fantasticfarm where ashes grow like wheat intoridges and hills and grotesquegardens; where ashes take the forms ofhouses and chimneys and risingsmoke and, finally, with atranscendent effort, of men who movedimly and already crumbling throughthe powdery air.The eyes of DoctorT.J. Eckleburg are blue and gigantic-their retinas are one yard high. Theylook out of no face, but, instead, froma pair of enormous yellow spectacleswhich pass a non-exisitent nose.This is were Toms mistress Myrtle lives with her husbandTom. 6. Every Friday five crates of orangesand lemons arrived from a fruitererin New York-every Monday thesesame oranges and lemons left hisback door in a pyramid of pulp-lesshalves.In the main hall a bar withreal brass rail was set up, andstocked with gins a liquors andwith cordials so long forgotten thathis female guests were to young toknow one from another.The significance of Gatsbys party is that is big, grand,fancy, and rich all like the young Gatsby. Also Gatsby islike the oranges and lemons. His party guests useGatsby for his parties and alcohol and when its all doneand over they want nothing to do with him. 7. I want to get one of those dogs,she said earnestly. I want to get onefor the apartment. Theyre nice tohave a dogThe significance of the dog is that Myrtlewants to be more in life and Tom caters toher and it makes her feel high and mighty. 8. In the music room Gatsby turnedon a solitary lamp beside thepiano. He lit Daisys cigarette froma trembling match, and sat downwith her on a couch far across theroom, where there was no lightsave what the gleaming floorbounced in from the hall.I find this significant because Gatsbypressures Killspringer to play thepiano to show off a little for Daisy.