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Jay Gatsby

Daisy Buchanan

Tom Buchanan

Nick Carraway

Myrtle Wilson

George WilsonReview Question

F. Scott Fitzgerald

ThemeJay GatsbyObsessed with Daisy and throws extravagant parties to get her attention that had alcohol even though it was during prohibition.He made all of his money by bootlegging which you dont find out until later in the story. Gatsby and Daisy soon start to have an affair and he starts to think that Daisy is going to leave Tom so that they can finally be together.His entire life he is hoping that he will rekindle the love that him and Daisy once had.When Jay Gatsby gets murdered only 3 people come to his funeral, one of them being Nick and another is his father.

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The Great Gatsby11th Grade EnglishMs. SerraClick to Continue

Daisy BuchananWhen Gatsby comes to town, Daisy is overwhelmed but the amount of devotion that he has towards her so that is when their love affair begins because Daisy always wants to be the center of attention.Daisy never truly loved Tom, she only married him because he had so much money and she got wedding jitters so she went through with it.She was driving and she hit Myrtle Wilson, and her and Tom conspire together to give Gatsby the blame so their name wouldnt be tarnished.She ran over Myrtle because she was drunk and Myrtle knew about the affair she was having with Gatsby. Return to Main Menu

Tom BuchananTom is a millionaire who lives in a very wealthy area and was a very proclaimed man and attended Yale.When he wants something he gets it so when he finds out that his wife, Daisy, is having an affair with Gatsby he is determined to get her back. It is never mentioned but Tom is abusing Daisy physically, but more so emotionally. He does this because he wants to be know for being the on in charge.Tom had an affair with Myrtle Wilson and once she got him so mad that he hit her in the face and ending up breaking her nose. Return to Main Menu

Nick Carraway Nick is the narrator of the story.He is a people pleaser and always tries to help everyone. He graduated from Yale with Tom and he is Gatsbys neighbor and always witnesses the parties that Gatsby holds.Daisy is his second cousin and he seeks her out when he moves to New York City for a new job.Nick is the one responsible for Daisy and Gatsbys affair.Nick warns Gatsby to leave town after Myrtle was hit because he knows Daisy will try to blame him.Since Gatsby didnt have any friends, he took care of all of Gatsbys arrangements after he died.Return to Main Menu

F. Scott FitzgeraldFitzgerald is the author of the book. The book paralleled to his life in many ways which is one reason why he did write this book.He started writing books so he could get the attention of a woman and knew that she would only see him if he had more money. Writing was his way to earn his money.After his book became very popular he got the money that he wanted and he also then married Zelda Fitzgerald.He showed off his money so he could get her attention just like Gatsby did to Daisy.Return to Main Menu

Myrtle WilsonMyrtle is having an affair with Tom and she believes that he truly loves her and he isnt just using her.She doesnt love her husband, George, and doesnt like how passive he is. She is attracted to Tom because he isnt passive like George and he shows that he is in control of their relationship and also because he is from a better class then George.Myrtle runs out to Gatsbys car because she thinks Tom is driving it, and is run over and killed.

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George WilsonOwner and mechanic of a garage.Married to Myrtle Wilson.He comes off like a damaged man when he finds out his wife is having an affair with Tom.He seeks out the person who was driving the car that killed Myrtle and found it was Gatsby. He goes to Gatsbys house and kills Gatsby along with himself.Return to Main Menu

Review Question What is one way that F. Scott Fitzgeralds life paralleled to the book?He showed off his money so he could get the attention of a woman.He hit someone while driving.He owned a garage like George Wilson.