The Grand Bhagwati - Pledge for Veg - Case Study

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The Grand Bhagwati, it aims to provide quality, excellent food and great services in food and pledges to have consumers turn Vegetarian.

Transcript of The Grand Bhagwati - Pledge for Veg - Case Study

  • 1.ABOUT THE CONCEPT Food is the soul of any restaurant and the restaurant is the heart of any hotel. We love making good food and when you love doing something, you always give it your best shot. This is why, probably, our vegetarian food turns out to be so interesting that you dont miss the essence of any cuisine even if it is predominantly a non vegetarian cuisine like Mughlai or Japanese. This calendar is a mere reflection of our love for good food. -Narendra Somani,CMD, TGB Group.

2. THE OBJECTIVE Turning Facebook fans to Pledge to become Vegetarian 3. TGBS INITIATIVE 4. Posting updates about and promoting vegetarianism in the form of quotes, food shots and listing celebrities who have embraced vegetarianism 5. The application was launched and inspired 3,00,000 people across the web. The live tickr showed the recent pledgers and inspired friends of friends to pledge to go Veg. Successfully received 150+ vegetarian pledges and the number still grows 6. VEG PLEDGERS 7. CAMPAIGN REACH 280,000+ NUMBER OF PLEDGERS 150+ NUMBER OF NEW FANS SINCE LAUNCH 1000+ THE RESULT 8. THANK YOU