The Golden Age: 1950s Leah Colvin, Lauren Tidwell, Kasyn Ryan & Damon Melton.

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Transcript of The Golden Age: 1950s Leah Colvin, Lauren Tidwell, Kasyn Ryan & Damon Melton.

  • The Golden Age: 1950sLeah Colvin, Lauren Tidwell, Kasyn Ryan & Damon Melton

  • Entertainment The Disneyland amusement park in California opened on July 17, 1955 .Marilyn Monroe was very popular, as she was an amazing model and actress. She starred in numerous famous movies such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953).The board game Scrabble was a huge hit in the fifties. The Western style television shoes were very popular such as, Hopalong Cassidy and Rawhide. Barbie was the biggest fad and entertainment for children in the fifties. The Boeling Boom was coined. Dr. Seuss published The Cat in the Hat in 1957.

  • Music The 1950s saw the emergence and rise of what would come to be known as Rock n Roll.The King of Rock and Roll was Elvis Presley.They would literary tear his clothes off they were so crazed by him (66)Major hit song was Blue Suede ShoesHis first movie was Love Me Tender (69).In 1957 Graceland was purchased by Presley. It is located on the outskirts of Memphis.On Dec. 20,1957 he was drafted into the war.Frank Sinatra produced songs like I've Got The World On A String, I Get A Kick Out Of You and In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning. In 1954, Johnny Cash was signed to the Sun Records label owned by Sam Phillips, who had also discovered rock 'n rollers Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. Philips was impressed with the song "Hey Porter" Cash had written when he was returning home from the Air Force. When Phillips wanted a ballad for the b-side of "Hey Porter," Cash wrote "Cry, Cry, Cry" overnight.

  • Natural Disasters 1950 marked the first public tornado warning and use of radar to track storms.A deadly outbreak occurred between February 11 and 13 across southern states. 19 tornadoes touched down including F4s in Louisiana. The Red River Flood was a devastating flood that took place along the Red River in the Dakotas and Manitoba in early 1950. Winnipeg, Manitoba was inundated on May 5, also known as Black Friday to some residents and was to be partially evacuated. Hurricane Abel or Hurricane Hiki hit the Hawaiian island which formed on August 12, 1950.Hurricane Dog was the strongest hurricane of the season.

  • 50s Fashion

    MenClean cut and preservativeThe grey flannel suit was referred to by the American men.Penny loafers were also very popular for the guys. Hats became less and less popularMens hair was kept cut clean and short, typically a crew cut.Bill Blass coined the style of blue jeans, crew cuts and flat tops for guys

    WomenAfter WWII there was a huge push to get the women back in the home setting as housewives.Femininity was produced through the form of soft shoulders, stiletto heels, wrist-length gloves and full billowing skirtsPencil slim skirts and hats with feathers were also very popular.The New Look originated for women with the Christian Dior style.Poodle skirts became a popular hit.Hairstyles were softly curled.

  • FashionTeenagersTeenagers started the age of rock-and-roll type clothing and style.For the first time, young people stopped imitating their elders and begin to transform their own style with inventing new styles of music, dress, and expressing themselves.Many of these young people were looked at as hell-raisers.A leather jacket became popular for a rebellious type attitude.Girls and BoysFor a boy, his first pair of jeans were a sign of manhoodYoung girls wore cotton dresses, blouses, & cardigan sweaters

  • Pop CultureMusic and a dance style known as the jive was very popular.Model airplanesDick Clark was a popular T.V. dance star.Diners were known for many crowd gatherings and social time.Jukeboxes came aboutBaby Boom Drive-in movies was the hit entertainment.

  • Science Inventions/Technology The first colored T.V. and motion pictures were being used.2/3 of all American families owned oneThe first frozen french fries were invented by the JR Simplot Company .Hydrogen bombs were being created.The use of rockets were being experimented.Videotapes and recorders were invented in 1956.Nuclear power was the new source of energy.In 1947 the first transistor was inventedThe very first Polio Vaccine was used

  • Sports HeroesJackie Robinson- Professional baseball player. Broke the color barrier of the MLB.Jim Brown- One of footballs best running backs. Later retired at age 30 and became a movie star.Bob Cousy- Played for the Boston Celtics from 1950-1963. Sugar Ray Robinson- American boxer and 5 time middle weight champ.

  • 1955Disneyland opensEmmet Till murderedMcDonalds corporation foundedRosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on the bus.

    1956Hungarian RevolutionT.V. remote control was invented

    Headlines1950Credit Cards introducedKorean War started1951Color TV introducedWWII officially ends1952Polio vaccine created1953DNA discoveredFirst Playboy Magazine1954First Atomic submarine launched

  • Headlines1957 Dr. Seuss publishes The Cat in the Hat. Soviet Satellite Sputnik launches space age.1958Lego toy bricks introducedNASA foundedPeace symbol created1959Castro becomes Dictator of CubaKitchen debate between Nixon and Khrushchev

  • Family Roles Consisted of a bread winner father, homemaker money, and several children.Most lived in the suburbs on the outskirts of a larger city.The model familySimpleStill segregation and racism

  • 50s TransportationRailroads and later long-haul trucking lines were the connection from local markets to the consumers in the cities.In 1950 the average cost of a new car was $1,510.00 .

  • LiteratureThe main part of Literature in the 1950s was novelists and poetry.Literature was a method of communication for the writers. Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.Other authors were writing novels that dealt on a personal level.Many of Hemingways works are considered classics of American Literature.

  • Communication

    Not everyone had a phone.Television was not like it is today.Radio and letters were still considered a primary source of information.During this decade the telegram became outdated.People wrote letters to everyone they knew.

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