The Goal and Soul of Powerful Teams

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Transcript of The Goal and Soul of Powerful Teams

  • Goal+Soul

    Powerful Team

  • Goal


    The hard side of the team which creates purpose and

    executes its strategy.

    The soft side of the team which creates

    healthy team dynamics.

  • GoalPick the right team

    SoulBreak the ice

    1. Purple Stage

    Conception of the Team

  • GoalCo-Create Aspirational Goal

    SoulTake a Personal Deep Dive

    2. Blue Stage

    Creating the Future

  • GoalAlign the Right Strategy

    SoulEstablish Ways of Working

    3. Green Stage

    Make the Plan

  • SoulCare and Manage Conflict

    4. Yellow Stage

    Be in the Zone

    GoalDeliver Results

  • SoulCelebrate and Grow

    5. Orange Stage

    Collaborate and Reinvent

    GoalLearn and Persevere

  • Goal+Soul

    Powerful Team

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