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Transcript of The Glenville · PDF fileof three popular Mancini tunes­ "Moon River" ,...

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    The Glenville Mercury Vol. XXXIX, No. 25 Glenville State College , Glenville, West Virginia Wednesday, May 8, 1968

    'Spoon River' Begins May 9 Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon

    River Anthology will provtde the text of an mterpretau ve recttation to be presented tn our audttorium at 8 :00 o 'clock Thursday, Fnday and Saturday ntghts under the dtrect.ion of Mr. Stewart Be ach.

    Poems lD Spoon River An &bology are of an unusual kind, posseuing no poetic diction or poet.ic devices. Masters captures the spirit and essence of the Midwest in the late Dineteentb century much as Robert Frost did for New England. His plain, sa.tirlcal yet rom&ntlc verses are a col-lecUon of epitaphs tbat the residents of the Spoon River graveyard presmnably would write for &bemsel ves if they could.

    Spoon ostensibly

    is .. fictitious towu in

    Southern lllhwis , but it is in tereettng t.o note that tbe a.n-tb.ology made Masters highly unpopular with ma.ny of tbe people to Lewistown, Illinois, wbere be lived for a time.

    A cross-section of the people IS revealed, showmg the uoni-cal tnvlallttes that change human lives, the capricious ways nature bnngs them to theu deaths, and the simple, personal joys that provide the only stgnificant memories in a lifetime.

    Rabbi Helman Presents Twelve Judaica Works

    RabbJ Leonard He lman of the Wheelmg Temple pres ented, on behalf of the Jew1sh Chautauqua Soctety , twelve Judaica works to the Robe rt F . K1dd L1brary . The twelve ti tles bad been selected from a bibliography on Judai sm by Miss Hatfield and Mr . Gilles pie.

    The main Visual feature of tbe production is its lighting, which is used to heighten the effects of the poetry. Appropriate fol k songs are Interspersed , adding comedy, tra.gedy, and credi bility to tbe show. One leaves the auditorium with the feeling o f having visited a. colorful, picturesque sma.ll town.

    R. Kennedy GSC 's Choice

    By J im Bull Choice '68 was a tremendous

    success a.t Glenville, despite the fact that no single candi date rece1ved a majority or the votes cast. A total or 794 stu dents parttcipated 10 the votmg.

    Rober t Kennedy polled 242 votes to lead the other oa.ndi-da.tes on the ticket. As a Demo-cratic senator from New York, be Is a. liberal who advocates wlthdra.wal from Viet Na.m, a more cetltra.Uzed form of govern-ment, s upport of ci vtl rtgbts movements and better relations with Communist countries.

    Senator Kennedy made a recent visit to seven coun ties in the southern par t or the state and received a warm welcome at each stop. In a recent "Meet the Press" interv1ew, he expressed the opinion that college students should not be exempt from the draft.

    Rtcba.rd Nixon reoel ved 212 votes , receiving mos t of his s up-port from commuting students. As the leader contender for the Republican nomina.tlon, be a.d-vocues ma.sslve pressure, s hort or ouolea.r power, to end the war in two years . Be calls for a.n in with Communist c ountries . On the subject of riots ln ow cities, Nixon, " We must restore the rule or la.w combined with t he programs or compassion and reconcilia.tlon. ''

    Senator Eugene McCarthy s howed an impressive vote of 103, desp1te the fact that be is a fairly new hgbt in the Demo-c rati c party. In a recent addres s a t Moms Harvey College, Sena-tor McCarthy reinforced his s u ong base or support among co llege s tudents m the state. He has been described by some of h1s supporters a s the one who is takmg the "wind in struments" out of politics. McCarthy ad vacated Withdrawal from Viet Nam and a general change 10 runmng the country. He 1s for

    (Continued on Page Four)

    GSC Holds

    Stage Pop

    Band Show

    The Music Department of Glenville Stue Coll ege is pre-sen ting the Concert Band and Stage 'Band in a 'pop' ' concert on Mothers' Day, Sunday, May 12 at 6:30 p.m. The concert will be held in the Ampitheater , or in case or inclement weather, in the Auditorium.

    The annual "pop" concert is becoming a tradltion on campus as it cl imues the Mother' s Day festivi ties. In pas t years , many parents have flooded to the campus for the Mother's Da.y Sing in which fraterni ties , sororities, and dormi tory groups present choral selections. The concert band attempts to add the final and yet contrasting touch to the day ' s events by its ligh t and appropriate selec tions.

    Numbers tbts year in elude: "Stteet of Athens", by John Cacavas, " Ciarmet on the Town", by Ralph Humann featuring Christy Howard , freshman clannet maJOr from Mason, W. Va . , " Men of Ohio" , march by Henry Fillmore, and "Mancini Medley', a mon tage o f three popular Mancini tunes-"Moon River" , "Baby Elephan t Walk", and "Hatari". Also featured will be the trombone section in David Rose s "Holi-day ror Trombones", and the trumpet s ection in ' 'Magic Trumpet' ', by Bert Kaempfert. Closing the band's portion will be two tunes rrom recent Broad

    An additional attraction or this year's "pop" concert will be the appearance of the stage band. Tbe Stage Band was rorm-ed last year for the purpose or performing j azz music, especial ly music of the "Big-Band" era. Special arrangements from the bands of Shorty Rogers, Count Basie, and Neal Heifti will be mixed wi th popular selections such as "Tonight" from "West Side Story. " The inst rumenta tion or the Stage Band, in e luding five saxophones, fo ur trumpets, four trombones . and rhythm section, is made up of concert band members.

    There will be no admission charge.

    Women Gain Later Hours

    All women livmg in women ' s resi dence ba11s will be under new regulations beginn ing September 1, 1968.

    According to the Dean of Wo-men, Mrs. Jean Wrigh t , the Com mi ttee on Student Life and Wei fare bas approved twelve o ' clock permiss ions ror all wo-men on each Friday and Satur-day nights. Informal attire for dinner on Friday and Saturday nigh ts has al so been apporved .

    literary Issue Planned Holding the rradi tion of the

    way musicals-" Mame" and campus, The Glenville Mercury "Cabaret" w1ll publish a li terary 1ssue

    May 22 . En tri es wtl1 mc lude

    SUMMER SCHOOL BEGINS ON 19th short stories: sketches , and photography. Fust place wmners Summer Schoo l 1968 will begin will be awarded S5.00 ee.Cb.

    with registration on June 19 10 the Any student who wis hes to P ioneer Center, accordmg to an s ubmit work for any of the cata-announcement from Dean D. K. gorles s hould turn in his work Somervi lle. Dormitories open on no l ater tha.n May 10. Only June 18 and classes begin on June those works which meet the 20. approval or a selected committee

    wUl be published.

    RCIE Final Session At Pitt On Friday, April 26, 1968, th e

    Regional Council o r In tema tiona! Education closed its yearl y meetings a t Gl envtll e State Colleg e. Tb ts year' s topic or discu ss ion was Eas-tern Europe and the Soviet u mon.

    Dr. Dorothy Roberts, Dr. Catherine Gun zaJes and Dr. Bernard Ki erman were the main speakers at the 1 ast meeung. Dr. Roberts spoke on "Theo-reti cal Basis for the Policy or Co-exi stence," Dr. Gun-z al es on, "Attitudes o f We stern Churches Toward Commi ttees, ''

    a nd " Tbe Htstoncal Rou tes of Commumsm in Eastern Europe, " was Dr. K1erman 's topic.

    Al l of the members will parti ci-pate m the closm g conference a.t the Uni versi ty of Ptttsburgh this F riday. The UDl vers tty or Pittsburgh i s the sponsor or RCIE wh ich has four divisions .

    Mr. Nichol a s Murin , as soc1ate professor or social s ci ence, wa s th is year' s semi-nar di rector. Other members from GSC are Mr. Will i am Morro w, Mr. Lloyd Brown, Mr. Ro bert Bence, Mr. Kenne th Sewell and Mr. Loren McCartney.

    'Sing' Honors Mother's Day For the s ixth consecuuve

    year, Mother's Day at Glenville State College will include the annual Mother's Day Smg, sponsored by Al pha Sigma Al pha Sorority.

    The Smg on Mo ther's Day, May 12, 1968, will begin at 2:00 p.m. i n the amphitheatre , weath er permitting. All s tudents are asked to lDVlte their fami lies to attend the Sing.

    This year the theme is an "Old Fashioned" or "Gay Nineties'' Sing. Each organiza-tion competing in the Sing is re ques ted to present one song with this theme in mind and to pre-sent one song appropriate for Mother's Day. Each group must present two selections.

    Dr. D. Banks Wilburn, presi-dent or the College will intro duce the Si ng. The invocation will be given by Rev. Bayer, minister of Triuity Methodis t Church and duector or the Wesley Foundation . There will be three judges for the Sing. The names or the judges were not available at press time.

    Awards will be given to first , second and third place winners . En trants ;.ri ll be judges on the basis of origionali ty and ap propriatenes s of selection; general appearanc e or the group; the actual p[esentation ; and percentage of the group partici pating. From zero to rive points may be received by a group in each of the four categories.

    Following the Sing, Tau Kappa Epsilon and Theta Xi F raterni ties will have open bouse. There will be a rec eption afte r the Sing at Women's Hall ror the families and friends or Women's Hall residen ts .

    All organiza tions planning to co mpete should turn their enu y blanks in by this evening to Je an Burke, pres ident or Al pha Sigma Al pha Sorority, a t Verona Ma pel.

    Weidlich Is Home Ec. Pres.

    Barbara We1dhc h and Marilyn Sm1th were ini tlated as new office rs or the Wes t Virgim a Home Economics College Cha pters a t the Apri l 26-27 con ven tlon or W. Va. Home Eco-nomtcs Assoctatlon ~n Charle s-ton. Barbara. pres1den t or Phi Del ta Phi, s assuming her duues as president and Marilyn wil l serve as secretary. Miss Elma Jean Woofter, associate professor or ho