The Genre: Many other genres of photography come under the umbrella of â€Fashion...

download The Genre: Many other genres of photography come under the umbrella of â€Fashion Photography’  Editorial Photography  Advertising Photography  Beauty

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Transcript of The Genre: Many other genres of photography come under the umbrella of â€Fashion...

Fashion Photography

Fashion PhotographyWhat is Fashion Photography?The Genre:Many other genres of photography come under the umbrella of Fashion PhotographyEditorial PhotographyAdvertising PhotographyBeauty PhotographyWhat Do We Need to Think About?Lighting: A lot of fashion shoots are done in studios, but why not use the light around you? Torches and desk lamps can be used to highlight specific areas or objects that you might be advertising.

Colour: Bold colours are very popular in fashion and advertising photography. You can control the viewers eyes by drawing them to specific areas of the photograph by the use of colour.

Location: Studios are used, but a lot of photographers are moving outside into the worlds where people wear the items they are selling. Some photographers also contrast the garments with the location; for example, they will shoot a model in a glamorous ball gown underneath a motor way bridge. Something beautiful and expensive in a grotty dark area.

Narrative: Adverts are often shot with a fairy tale quality, or as if there is a story to be told. Can u make your fashion shots look like they are part of a story?

Poses: Models are often holding very awkward poses that best show the garment or accessory in one photograph. Capturing models suspended in the air is a common pose to show the fabrics qualities.


Back lighting adds a beautiful, flattering and fairytale quality to you photographsAs we can see here it can be done to emphasise the qualities of the fabric. The two images on the right are taken using natural light so you do not need a studiojust some sun!LIGHTING

Down lighting really accentuates the mood of the photograph. They become very dramatic with obvious shadows and highlights. It works beautifully with sheer fabrics.LIGHTING

Using natural light can give you some of the best results. It shows true colours and true form. If you use natural light, make sure it is noticeable, cloudy days are useless!COLOUR

Colour is one of many strategies fashion photographers use to catch the eye of the consumer. Think bold over stated colours. David LaChapelle and Nick Knight are great examples of photographers that play with colour.COLOUR

Muted colours can create a different vibe, it depends what atmosphere you want for your images but also what suites the garments?COLOUR

Black and White photography is not lost in Fashion. In a magazine full of colour-sometimes the only way to stand out is to be different. Black and White photography is also seen as traditional and more classy, so depending on the theme, it can make and image sophisticated.LOCATION

The Studio. When we think of fashion photography we think of big flash lights, plain walls and expensive equipment. There is nothing to stop you setting up your own studio at home with a plain bed sheet, a desk lamp or torch and your camera!LOCATION

Why not take your fashion and beauty into the world around you. From the bazaar to the everyday situations.The above image is a perfect example of contradictory locations. Vibrant elegant clothing in a dingy location. This image also has a story to tellNARRATIVE

Narrative: By this we mean a story. Could your collection tell a tale? A modern Fairy tale, a love story , a religious story or just something completely imaginary?THE POSE

Think about an interesting quirky way to show the garment or model. You have to sell the product so make it as exciting as possible.THE POSE

The poses seen here look very uncomfortable, but they need to show of the garment as best they can in one photo for one page of a magazinehow much information can u give the consumer in one image?Fashion Through The AgesLook at fashion and how its changed. Look at the way models are photographed and how that has changed as well as style.Look at the covers of Vogue1920s1940s1950-60s1980s1990sUp to today's trends.