The Future of Marketing is Inbound Marketing

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The Future of Marketing is Inbound Marketing Mike Volpe VP Marketing @HubSpot Twitter: @mvolpe

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What is the future of marketing? How will inbound marketing change how you reach new customers? Learn about inbound marketing and social media marketing and blogging to expand your brand and sales. (Brandsource Convention Presentation by Mike Volpe.)

Transcript of The Future of Marketing is Inbound Marketing

  • 1.The Future of Marketingis Inbound Marketing
    Mike Volpe
    VP Marketing @HubSpot
    Twitter: @mvolpe

2. Marketing is Changing
1950 - 2000
2000 - 2050
3. Outbound Marketing
4. Outbound Marketing is Harder
5. More Bad News
6. The Good News
7. Inbound Marketing
8. Inbound Gives Leverage
9. Budget vs. Brains
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10. NY Parking Tickets
Blogging + SEO + Social Media

  • 7x more website visitors

11. 25x more visitors from Google 12. 8x more links to websiteWebsite Visitors
13. Music Videos

  • Video

40,000 views first week
10,000 views first day

  • Social Media

#1 source = StumbleUpon
#2 source = Twitter
#3 source = Facebook

  • SEO

Page 1 for inbound marketing
50+ inbound links to blog article
14. BlendTec - Will It Blend?
Videos + Social Media
55,000 inbound links
83,000 YouTube subscribers
500+ Facebook groups
5 Digg front page stories
3x Sales Increase
15. Questions to ask yourself...
16. How am I expanding my online footprint?
17. Am I publishing
share-worthy content?
18. How can I start and join relevant conversations?
19. Am I present
everywhere that people
discuss my industry?
20. Stop thinking like a
marketer or advertiser.
21. Start thinking like a
publisher and socializer.
22. Some Ideas
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23. Publish Everything
News Releases
24. Publish Everywhere
25. Target Content to Your Personas
Kadient photo by: David Meerman Scott
26. 1,000s of Tweets about report - Twitter drove 30% of traffic
Link-Worthy & Share-Worthy
27. What Gets Shared?

  • Product info

28. Free trials 29. Software documentation 30. New market data 31. Educational content 32. Top-notch blog posts